Journey Of A Corporate Guy

Hi I am Praveen (name changed) 26 years of age, Bangalore and this is the incident that happened with me 4yrs ago. So first of, I am normal always outing partying with everybody in my circles so you can imagine how my body would be.

Guys this a very lengthy incident, hope u guys bear it as it fun being sharing all the things.

Life was going smooth but there wasn’t any spice, My Routine was like a simple dead lane. Once it happened such that I had to stretch my working hours to late night, I left the office around midnight 2:30AM. Was driving back to my place, somewhere near to BTM, I saw a lady who had met with an accident and was fallen on the road with her moped broken into pieces. Felt pity for it. I thought it not go with these things.

I drive for another kms but again couldn’t move forward. I went to the spot again. I saw that she was sweating blood there. Couldn’t look. Took my first aid kit from the vehicle cleaned up her wounds. I searched for her wallet or any ID for make out who is it and call for help. I got to know her Name as Smitha. Believe me guys till the time she was unconscious. Called up ambulance & to get her treated and to avoid unnecessary queries I told the hospital authorities as she is my wife she has fallen from the vehicle. This all completed. She got discharged. She was shocked to see me. Who im! &all!

I asked her for her home address to drop her, knowing that I took her to her dropped her and was with her for a day, then I came to know she is single lady unmarried, she is bit kind of attitude lady. Doesn’t speak much. She asked me who im and why I got involved into this, she even put a checkmate that why did I told the hospital people that she is my wife. I just confronted her with valid things, she was ok. I introduced to her then.

After some weeks she fully got recovered. She was very much thankful to me. She liked my presence. Then it all started like she was liking me. We were texting day and night. But never had it come like sex and all. It was good being with her. We both like each other’s company. We were having fun every weekends with parties and all.

It was fun. Once she proposed me her love to me. I rejected it saying I can’t be her love for her life. As I didn’t wanted to get into unnecessary relations where love is just attraction/lust. Even she was upset. So settle this I said I can be Ur best buddy. She was ok with it. It was nice thing.

After this incident we both started moving very closely like married couples everywhere. Being together all the time. It was good. We both introduced to each other’s friends circle as friends. It was good,

One weekend we had went to studio Bar in Orion mall. We both were pretty high. Had too much fun there. We got back to her. I was about to leave to home. She said better stay her it’s already late. So I got back. It was like fun. We started playing pillow fight. We both were jumping, running hitting each other all over the house. In a matter of second. She got too emotional. Hugged me tightly and started crying a lot. I couldn’t make why this crying. Started to console her. After sometime she was ok. She started sharing about her. She was only girl to her parents without any relatives. Kinda alone. Have some friends that’s her life. No work and all.

I felt pity I too just hugged her and consoled her not to cry. I’m there for u ever. She was ok. I was about to sleep on the couch, but she pulled me into her bedroom and told me to sleep here. I was shy. As we both were drunk. I too felt ok. I just laid beside her. Till the time my junior was erect. Was able to control. I controlled it a lot. But at the night she was sleeping showing her face tome. I just hugged tightly and kissed her forehead. She was like shocked. But out of the lust. She too hugged me tightly and started kissing me. It was nice. At that moment I observed her fully. She was little chubby lady. May b same age as me. Fleshes at right places. She was wearing maxi. I was just wearing shorts and baniyan.

Out of lust we started kissing each other. Sucking each other and exploring each other’s body on clothes. My blood was rushing like anything. She was shocked with my behavior when I said I love u baby. She too accepted me and hugged. At this moment I was not in a mood to do sex with her. She got really pissed off when I said this. But I consoled her saying we can have tomorrow as we both are free. As I didn’t want to have a girl being drunk. So we just hugged each other and slept.

Early morning when we woke up. Kinda excited. She was dam happy as I could see in her face. She was too happy. She had already done with bath and was fresh wearing 3/4th pant and Tee. I got up from bed and hugged her once tightly. She pushed me to bathroom to get me ready. As I was also fully excited to have her. I cleanly shaved my crotch and bread armpits and made myself ready for the real fun. Done with my bathing and came back to have breakfast. As I started asking about her sexual fantasies if any she has. She was like blushing fully. Again I asked to say if she has any. Only words from her mouth was just “surprise me dear”

After breakfast I was waiting for her in bedroom. She came to bedroom shivering completely. It was nice fun. I stood beside her. Hugged her tightly proposed her with a rose. She was like wow. I took the lead & smooching her lips deeply biting them she had her hands on my head moving my hairs and moving on back. We enjoyed smooch to the heaven and separated. I started undressing her she wasn’t wearing any inners inside her dress even I got naked. Just hugged once more to feel her body. She was fully shy hiding behind me. Her breasts were the most beautiful things then her eyes. We laid on the bed. We were rolling on each other’s body one after other. She was fully excited she again initiated for smooch was biting my tongue like a tigress waiting for flesh.

After a small smooch. I started kissing from her forehead then to her earlobes then on her neck moved to her breasts. Was sucking her breasts like a small baby. Feasting on them. She was just laying down like that. I took her hands moved towards my junior but she was shocked, removed her hand due to shyness. Again second time she just held it in her hand. Was kissing over her whole body. Moved down. Saw the women hood. Fully shaved. Wheaties in color ready to ramp on it. I just touched it. She was whirling like a snake. and then moved towards her knees, toes eating them. Then came back kissing her thighs.

Finally moved to heaven. She was pulling me on top of her but I wanted to see the nectar of her. I spread her legs to see the vagina. I was kind a good. I smelt it kind a foul smell. I just got up from the bed. Moved towards the kitchen. She was like what the fuck now..! I came back with dabor honey and chocolate syrup. I spread her legs. Poured the mixture of two tubes on her vagina. Started eating her vagina.

She was moving her hips in rhythm to my finger strokes and my tongue. It was like I was eating her for more than 30mins she drained her juices thrice in that. She was like straight dead. She pulled me on top of her and started smooching me again. I was eating her lips like anything. It was nice. Again I poured that chocolate syrup on her body and started eating her once again we both were drenched in that syrup. She was like making sounds which I never heard in my life. It was nice. We had nice sucking then.

Finally thought of making a last move to ask her to suck my penis. She rejected. As it’s her first time. So came over her. Looked into her eyes to confirm to go ahead. She just kissed me and took my penis and direct it to her hole of vagina and signaled mine to push. It was very tight. I couldn’t go inside. It was paining for both, asked her let me stop? She was like push it in u asshole. Out of anger. I started to give her a pretty hard stroke. It broke her virginity she was crying and was biting on my lips fully and scratched my back with nails. It was like heaven then I started smaller strokes. It was good. Had the complete play. I just let my seeds into her body. And laid on her.

She was kissing me along saying thank u dear, I never thought sex used to be so much fun. Till now we are happy couples and having fun. Once we had though to me video of our love making to keep it as symbol of love for our memories and accomplished it also, I have posted this saga asking her permission and this isn’t end

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