Sex With Friends Cousin

Hello everyone and a special shout out to all the hot sexy girls around here. This is Aman here from delhi. I am a fun loving guy interested in friendship and casual sex. Its my first story here so bare with me if i make any mistake.

The incident took place around a month ago when i was in lucknow to attend a friends wedding. As we are close friends i went to lucknow a few days earlier than all the other guests. He came to pick me up at the station and before going to his place he said we have to take a detour to his aunts place. We reached his aunts place in 10 mins and he introduced me to everyone there. Suddenly he started looking for someone and asked his aunt “where is Ananya”?. His aunt said she is inside and shouted her name to come out.

There she was, the first time i saw her my mouth fell open. She was amazing about 53″, dusky complexion and figure must have been 34-28-32. My friend introduced me and we said hello and shook hands. She was so soft i could have kissed her hand right there if not for all the people present there. Everyone started asking me all kinds of questions to which i could barely reply as my only focus was on her and i got a feeling that she was also looking at me at regular intervals.

Soon we left his aunts place and reached his place and got introduced to uncle and aunt. I freshened up and we left for the market as there was a lot of shopping to be done. We returned from the market after about 3 hours and to my rejoice ananya and her parents were at my friends house. I got really excited but had to hide my excitement as someone might suspect something. I said a casual hello and went upstairs to smoke. As i was smoking i heard footsteps on the stairs and before i could get rid of my cigarette i saw ananya, and decided not to get rid of the cigarette. She came over to me and said, “so u smoke”.I Simply said yes and asked her if she smokes, she said “i do but no one here knows and dont you dare say anything to anyone”. I smiled and said “our first conversation and you already told me a secret of yours” to which she replied “i dont know why i did that” and smiled back,and went downstairs.

From that day onwards we grew really close really fast, we started telling things to each other that only our closest friends knew. One day while talking i asked her if she ever smoked weed to which she said that she does it occasionally with her boyfriend. I was taken aback by hearing that she had a bf but i ignored the information. Surely and slowly we grew close to each other and started sharing adult jokes on whatsapp.

My friends wedding day arrived and went, i was simply not aware of anything else but her. And then the reception day came. Since the no. of guests increased a lot me and some other friends were shifted to a hotel. I requested him to get me a single room and i got one. On the afternoon of the reception me and other friends were thinking about smuggling booze to our hotel rooms and i told ananya if she wanted any booze at night she could ask me to which she said she will if she felt like it. So we arranged booze and since my room was the single one we kept all in my room.

In the evening we all got dressed up and drank a bit in the room and left plenty for later and headed for the reception venue which was at the walking distance from the hotel. We arrived at the venue and i immediately started looking for Ananya, but she was no where to be found, i got restless. After some time i saw her. My god she was looking ravishing in a black low cut suit and red dupatta that could barely hide her boobs. She came towards me and asked ” How am i looking”?, and i said “if no one could see us right now i would kiss you”. To my astonishment she smiled and hit me playfully and said ” you wont dare” and then added “by the way you are not that bad yourself”. And then she just turned around and started walking, i couldnt help but stare at her ass as she walked away.

The night progressed and the bride and the groom sat on their respective chairs. A dj was arranged we hit the dance floor, everyone was dancing and i asked ananya to dance with me, we danced a bit casually and then sat down exhausted. She suddenly says ” its so boring here”, and i agreed with her. Then she asks “do you still have some booze left with u?”, i looked at her and said with a mischievous grin “i do, but you will have to come to the hotel room with me” and she simply said ok. We looked around and everyone was busy so we slipped out of there seperately. Once out of the venue we went to the hotel together. My room was on 5th floor so we took the lift, it was dead silent and she was breathing heavily and sweating around her neck and sweat was dripping towards her cleavage and i was looking at it. She suddenly says ” like what you see?” , i got startled and said “they are really nice”, by this time we reached our floor.

Once in the room i got rid of my jacket and tie and undid two buttons of my shirt and she got rid of her dupatta. My god her boobs were amazing right in front of me in full glow. She said ” i thought we came here to drink” and said “yes we did”. I started pouring some rum in a glass and she says “u might wanna lock the door from inside, i dont want anyone to walk in on us”. So i locked the door from inside and made two drinks and gave one to her and took one and raised it and said “to us”, she also said “to us”.

Before i could take a sip, to my amazement she did a bottoms up and drank the whole thing in a single shot, i was amazed and she looked at me like she was daring me to do the same and i did, now it was her turn to be amazed. I again made two drinks and said to her “go slow this time lets savour this moment ” she agreed. So we sat down with our drinks and started talking about random stuff. Most of the time i was looking at her boobs, she suddenly caught me and said pointing to her face, ” hey, my face is up here”. I said ” sorry but i just cant look away from your boobs, they are amazing”. To which she said thanks and proceeded to talk. But i wasnt listening to a word she was saying i was thinking about fucking her then and there. I suddenly said ” Ananya, i know you have a bf and all but the thing is that i like you”.

She looked at me and said ” i was wondering when were you going to say that, i like you too.” i said ” you do?” to which she replied ” a girl doesnt simply come to a hotel room with a guy she met 5 days ago unless she feels something” and gave a killer smile, then added “so we both like each other, what are we gonna do?” I said “i dont know about you but i am gonna do this…” i leaned in on her slowly, grabbed her neck from behind and kissed her.

We kissed for about a minute and then i said ” how about it?” she said ” this would work” and smiled. Now i grabbed her face with both hands and we kissed even harder we were deep throating each other and were going at it like chimps. We were eating each other out. I slowly moved my hand to her neck and then grabbed her right boobs from my right hand and started squeezing hard, she let out such an erotic moan that i just couldnt control myself any more. I broke the kiss, she looked startled and before she could say anything i kissed her forehead then her eyes, her nose, her lips, then i licked her neck and she moaned again i slowly went down and kissed just above her cleavage and licked it. Now she was turned on like a christmas tree. She suddenly grabbed me and started kissing all over my face.

I put her down on the bed and turned her on her belly and unzipped her kurti her bare back with her bra strap was in front of me i started kissing all over her back and neck from behind, i grabbed her hair and licked her neck. I did that for some time and she kept moaning like crazy. I then turned her around and made her sit and took the kurti off. I sat in her lap facing her and she started unbuttoning my shirt, she took away my shirt and vest and now i was bare bodies waist up. I grabbed both her boobs above her bra, the bra was made of a very thin material it was as if i was grabbing her bare boobs. I just put my face in the middle of them and started shaking my head vigorously all the while squeezing her boobs.

She started moaning very loud…. aaaaahhhhhh…..aaaaaahhhhh…..yyyyyaaaaaaa….. aaammmmaaaaannnnn….. suck my boobs baby suck them hard. I started sucking her boobs like crazy and since her bra was very thin i completely drenched it with my spit above her nipples and can now see her hard nipples inside the bra. I grabbed her nipples from my teeth and bite them slowly. She again went crazy and started jumping in my lap rubbing her pussy against my dick making me fucking hard. She felt my dick poking her and asked me to take off my pants. I said ” u want them off so u take them off”. She suddenly pushed me and made me lie flat on my back and started unbuckling my belt and pant hooks.

Once opened she slid toward the end of my leg and grabbed my pant in her teeth and started to pull. My pants started to slid slowly revealing my underwear and my hard throbbing dick inside it. She gave me a wicked smile and pulled my pants all the way off and removed them. I was now just in my underwear. I grabbed her hands and pulled her towards me making her lie flat on top of me and wrapped my hands around her. Now her boobs were crushing against my chest and my dick against her pussy. I kissed her again very passionately almost eating her and she responded with the same passion. I unhooked her bra all the while kissing her like crazy.

After unhooking her bra from behind i rolled over making her on top and grabbed her ass cheeks with both my hands and pushing my dick under my underwear against her pussy inside her pyjama and started rubbing. This made her go crazy and she sat up on my dick jabbing her nails in my chest. I let out a slight moan and grabbed her boobs with both hands and squeezed them really hard.

I suddenly held her back and pushed her flat on the bed. I grabbed the string of her pyjama in my teeth and pulled, opening it in one swift motion. Now i grabbed the upper end of her payjama and started sliding it down revealing her completely drenched g-string. Thats right she was wearing a g-string and my god that site was to behold. I gave her a devilish smile and said ” do you always wear thong inside a pyjama”?, she replied ” ordinarily i dont but i had a feeling that this wasnt gonna be an ordinary night”. I said “you are a dirty girl” and she said “yes i am, i am a dirty dirty girl who loves to fuck, treat me like the dirty girl i am, i cant wait any more, fuck me aman, fuck me hard.”

I didnt even waste a second after hearing this and kissed her thighs just beside her pussy and started fingering her pussy above her drenched g-string and kissed her like there was no tomorrow. I started licking her neck, then i sucked her boobs for a while all the time fingering her pussy.

She has went crazy by this time and was moaning yyyyyyyaaaaaaaaa……….aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……….aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh……yyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeewsssssssssssa…..aaaaaammmmmmmmaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn……………………fffffffffuuuucccckkkkkkkkkkkkkk……bbbbbaaaaabbbbbyyyyyyyhyhhh…………..fffffffuuuuucccckkkkkkkk…..mmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeee…………… She was begging me to fuck her on top of her lungs. I slowly started going down. I licked all the way from her boobs to her belly button and continued going down all the way…..

I finally reached her pussy and kissed her pussy on her g-string. The smell of her cum was just heavenly. I sniffed her g-string and filled my mind with the smell. She suddenly grabbed my underwear and almost tear it off while taking it off. My 8″ thick dick sprung out like a turtles head from his shell. She just grabbed it and pulled and i moaned. “oh ya baby u want it in you dont you, you dirty girl. U wanna suck on it dont you.”

She just grabbed it and gave a little kiss on top of my dick and then swallowed it completely. Guys you have to get a blow job, its the best fucking feeling in the world. She was a pro, she was going at my dick like a pornstar. I grabbed her head from behind and pushed it on my dick, ” ya baby u take it u take it all in”… it was my turn to moan……..ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……..yyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaa…..yyyyyyyaaaaaaaaa….bbbbbbaaaaabbbbyyyyyyy……….suck my dick.

I will fuck u like u have never been fucked before, i made her lie on her belly and asked her to raise her hips and i inserted my dick in her tight pussy. I started fucking her like crazy. I was thrusting with all my might and she was crying like anything…..ooooooooooooooooooooo…………..uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmm…….yyyyyyyyaaaaaaaa…..yyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaa……bbbbbbaaaaaaabbbbbyyyyyyyy…….hhhhhhaaaaarrrrrdddddeeeeeerrrrrrrrr…..ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh………..yyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ooohhhh mmmyyyy gggggoooooddddddd…… She went completely nuts. I grabbed her boobs from behind and was squeezing them. I stood her up and then fucked her standing.

Then i made her bend over such that her ass was on my side and i rubbed my dick in her ass crack without entering her ass hole. I kept rubbing my dick on her ass and squeezing her boobs. Then i turned her around and sucked on her boobs like a baby.. She was going crazy saying…. ” u wanna drink my milk baby”? I said yes and again started sucking them.

I now lay on the bed with my hard dick in my hand and asked her to sit on my dick, she obliged with a smile and sat on my dick. We again fucked for 5 mins in that position. After i said i wanna try 69, to which she replied “u wanna try everything today only, leave something for later”. Needless to say we did try it later, more about that some other time.

We continued on fucking for some time and then we laid exhausted in each others arms for a while. She was just lying there holding my dick for some time when suddenly she asks” do u have any cigarette left?” I had a few and we smoked lying in each others arms. Guys smoking after sex feels amazing u should try it sometime.

We then got up and get dressed and instead of going to the reception venue, i dropped her at her home and told her if anyone asks just tell them u were not feeling well and i dropped her home. We are still in touch and fuck whenever we get an opportunity.

So that was my first story, i know it got a bit long, sorry for that. Please let me know how you liked it by mailing me on / / Any hot sexy girl who wanna have an amazing time feel free to mail.

Sex With Friends Cousin