Patience Pays Off Always

Hello friends.. How are you all doing. I am harry from Bangalore. I have read many of you are sexcapades and this is my third incident here.

After this incident what I realised is patience always pays. In this incident I will tell u how I made out with this girl who I was for years but never involved sexually with her. But it was destined for us to get involved. Neither she nor I have repented for making love till date. In the past I have proposed to her but she could never take me as her guy, but we were always friends. On this lucky day I went to her place as usual. Her folks were at home and we left to work together because we work at the same place. Later logged out. Dropped her and we decided to smoke and went in to her room. We lit the smoke and talks were on random things and she sat on the floor as she del co.for table and I was sitting on her bed.

From nowhere I started to massage her shoulder and she felt good, I mean felt relaxed and stopped after a few mins.. She asked me if I can massage her back too and I said yeah cool. Even now there was nothing sexual. She laid on her stomach on bed and back facing the ceiling. I sat on her bum and started massaging her back. Still everything normal. Later I asked her to sit up and she did and continued with he back massage and I dont why I felt that way and I removed her top and she just lifted her hands and i removed her top. Still nothing sexual happening.

Now i was stretching her in all directions. Her shoulder and her neck and asked to lie on her back. And she lied on her Back with her boobs expodse. I was having a full view of her boobs and still nothing about sex was in my mind. I rubbed her chest very soothingly and asked her how she felt and she said it was relaxing. She lied on her back and I removed all her clothes.I now sat between her feet stretching her legs

across my legs. It was looting like ‘X… I continued rubbing her entire body with my finger tips.. The best thing here is she is baked sm Im fully dressed. I said Im feeling too hot as it was massaging situation and she does not want the fan on.. So I took her permission and became naked on my top. I continued with rubbing her and pressing her everywhere… She let out couple of sighs… Still no sex in mind… While I was rubbing her I accidentally touched her vagina and felt it wet. . I was confused so wanted to get myself confirmed and so touched her again… I was shocked to see her wet… Seeing her wetness I asked her why she was wet

She told me to shut up and continue… I asked her continue what??? She replied massage i again continued with her massage and repeatedly touched her vagina and it was getting more and more wet.. So i told her Im gonna take off my trousers because u r too wet and I Dont want to stain my trouser She
said OK I got up

And removed my pant and sat down in the same position.. She was naked and I was just on my underwear..Now noticing she was wet my dick started growing. It was involuntary I started rubbing her pussy on purpose with my thumb and she gave a very Meeks moans. I asked her..Whats happening to you She replied I m feeling good after a long time I asked.. Why and whats so special about my finger She said its been a while since she had sex with her bf I said .. OK and continued fingering her and changed the finger to my index finger And slowly I was pushing my finger in.. She caught my thigh and started to squeeze it..

I now knew she was getting aroused… But I still didnt wanna push forward and continued rubbing her pussy on the outside and with now two fingers on the inside… She suddenly let a moan when I put two fingers. I asked if she was ok.. She responded saying dont talk and just continue. So kept doing in and out motion slowly and kept increasing my pace… And she start to move on the bed as though she is getting into a mild shock. O dont stop..

Instead I asked has u r guy gone down on u.. She said he does like to put his mouth there.. So I asked her if I can get oral on u r pussy.. She said that she does not know how it feels..I told her it will feel very nice and u will like it.. And without asking her again I went down on her pussy… I started to flick her clit with my tongue and she was moaning… I gave a long lick from the edge of her asshole to the clit and she gasped and I again started to open her pussy lips and started to put my tongue in and flicked inside at a fast pace and she started to wither… I started to suck.. Lick.. Bite and slap her pussy and finger fuck her at the same time… She started to moan and in a while i asked her how she feels.. And she said very nice… I said there is more and increased my speed.. And soon she came…

And honestly not seen anyone coke that much… She was wet and pouring… And all of sudden how starts to pull my head in to her pussy… And I lifted her ass to the level of my mouth and started to suck her… and she was withering and shaking and asking for more and finally her climax came to an end… I asked her how she felt.. And she felt definitely the best and much much better than her guy…I continued to lick her pussy and started to finger her and with rapid speed and in less than 3 mins she started to bounce on the bed like a soft rubber ball… And she calmed after what seemed like eternity…

And when I asked her if she was alright.. He reply shocked me… “Put it inside” is all she said and I needed no more instruction and soon I was sliding in and out of her and she started to clutch her nails on my back… Her pussy was warm and smooth.. felt like my dick was dipped in butter… And i kept ramming her and for god knows how long ans Soon she had her next orgasm and was spent and tired.. But I was still hard… So I want her to blow me as she was tired… And I could jerk off in her mouth and she was anticipating the same I think…

As I moved out of her pussy I came close to her face still with my dick all hard… And she neatly took me inside her mouth and started to gimme head and that was amazing… As she knew I was gonna come…She simply got on to the floor on her knees and increased the speed… And made me cum in her… After that both were spent and she has a big bed and so were both lying like logs on it… And after a while she opened saying it was good.. And I was very happy… Then she suggested we clean ourselves and moved to the bathroom and cleaned each other and went back to bed… we woke up from our sleep like being kicked in the butt.. Will tell u that in my next episode….

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Patience Pays Off Always