Swatika The Mysterious Woman

Swatika was just 24 ,fresh from London who had completed her MBA from a reputed college and worked under as an intern with one of the best financial institution…the only problem she faced was she enjoyed alcohol…just a little too much and that’s the prime reason she had to quit her job and the place and come back to India. She was a sensible woman and she was good at what ever she did!!!

She joined her fathers business,until one day she had to give that up too…reason for the same unknown.she got into severe alcoholism and wanted her bottles of whiskey everyday..

I met swatika in a party through her cousin brother who is a good pal of mine but the state I saw her in at 2 am was very bad..her boobs were seen, clothes all ruffled,she would then put her finger in her pussy and then lick it the same finger like a whore would do…everyone present there were disturbed and some guys wanted to lay her then and there.

I howsoever felt very different of the situation and with help of his cousin,who himself was completely turned on, draped her accordingly and took her out of the party and put her in the car..her cousin ,manu was more of the opinion that I drop her to her flat as he was waiting for a girl to accept him for that night whom he was heavily flirting with..

I very unwillingly dropped her to her bungalows outhouse flat with the help of the watchman ,who himself was waiting to devour her any moment…I made her sleep in her bed and put the blanket on her and was leaving…..”sam your a nice man,I like u..” I was taken aback, was she awake or was I hallucinating

The next day about 12 pm- “hey hottie,your amazing can we meet for a coffee this evening,yours swatika”

I was taken aback with her msg on a social tool for chats…”I am game but only coffee”

“Sure you will be safe and no problem will come to you..Just coffee”

I was smiling and as the time passed by I was getting nervous to meet her-she met me at the said venue much before time and we greeted each other with a tight hug,more from her side..as she hug me hard all she said was “thank you for yesterday, you could have done anything with me in that state ,but you are a true man”

“In other circumstance I would have been giving u pleasure of great sex but then I don’t do drunk a unconscious women as then its like having sex with a body and not with a person”

Wow that was heavy..are u equally strong in bed…and she laughed..time went by and we crossed our deadline without realising it…next thing I know is that I went to drop her to her house and she invited me in for another cup of coffee,this time home made and I did not resist it…

“Should you want some cookies with ur coffee” and I very diligently said “yes pls..”

She came after sometime with the coffee but no cookies ,but I again did not say anything..i was just liking the idea to sit with her and chat with her

As she offered me coffee I pretended to look for cookies and the moment I did that she came close to me ,very close to me and kissed me on my lips…like these cookies…I was taken aback but I kept the coffee mug on the table,held her hair ,pulled her again towards me ,very softly and kissed her on her lips…both our lips opened and as we took each other with our lips our tongues intermingled with each other and both of us explored each other with our saliva and tongues feeling the innermost part of our mouths.

We slowly undid each others clothes as I unbuttoned her top and her bra followed…white bobs with pink nipples..wow…I slowly undid her pants and satin beige panties were removed too..her white toned thighs ,and slight hair in the vagina made it look more sexy…

She too released me of all my clothes and as we lay naked on the living room carpet floor we again pressed ourselves on each other and kissed softly with maximum intensity…

I did not realise my hard on but yes I felt it once she crossed her legs on top of me and slowly positioned her pussy to take my tool in…..no orals nothing fancy,but pure love and ecstasy..

I felt myself completely in her and as I pushed it in her she sighed with a aaaaaahhhhhhhhh..soft and supple…I pushed and gauged more depth in her pussy with my penis and she pushed herself more open engulfing the full meat into her…”youre big she whispered in my ear and your deep my love,I whispered as a natural response to her…we explored each other for another couple of minutes…as she rose her leg there was small sounds made by her trinkets which made me more horny and as I pushed my self more and more…”pls go slow with me..its paining”…”hold it for sometime darling you will enjoy” and I pushed more deep as I said this to her…..”aaaahhhh” again she moaned and clutched my back with her nails and dug in deep..it pained and I pushed it hard this time as in it meant a response of my vengeance to her sexual pleasure….. “oh my god..i will die today with u in me”..i kept on pumping in her as she sighed more and more….

Baby I am about to cum I said …cum in me love she responded …and in sometime she shuddered..her whole body as if quivered and she spasmed “oh my god I am squirting ” and she came…less than 30 seconds I too went through same sensation as I came in her..she felt the warmth of my sperms”your lava is very hot” she exclaimed…

We were done and after sometime as we got lied beside each other she came near my penis and licked it with her tongue..I don’t know what happened but it rose to salute the lady and her lips…she quietly took my whole meat in again and took the whole shaft inside her..in less than 10 seconds a whole 7 inch was in her mouth as she slurped my shaft and my balls with her saliva…oh it was heaven and again she took my hot lava but this time in her mouth..she drank all the cum which she did not expect to come so soon…and by the time she took out her mouth some sperms came out as if to indicate that she had consumed more than she could drink…

This went on for some more months and then something happened which should not have happened..

After 6yrs I realised that swatika is a mother of 3 kids and a wife to someone….i smiled quietly on losing out that swatika whom I had made love to that night..the best ever I ever had
But what the heck she is my wife today and mother of 3 kids….that I gave her…. hahahahaha

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Swatika The Mysterious Woman