My First Secret Sex With Aunty

Hi, I am Rahul now my age is 22 staying in Coimbatore in Ganapathy . Am going to write my first sex experience that happened to me when I was 19 years old. My hometown is Chennai but i studied in Coimbatore so I used to stay with my friends in a rented house.

Near to my house there were one apartment available its for family peoples only. In that apartment there were aunties who belong to rich families and have super physic. We guys used to stare at that aunties and sometimes masturbate thinking of them. Now I will say about that aunty. Her name is sumathi age 39. Black colour. 36 34 38 figure size.

She stayed in that apartment with his children. She has 1 son and her husband is working in Rajasthan. She used to wear transparent sarees mostly. She is fat but has good face and nice dressing senses. The incident happened in one summer vacation she send her son to his mothers house and she was there in home alone. That time semester exams were getting over for us. All of my friends started moving to their hometowns but at that time I have one arrear exam later after 5 days so I stayed in my room alone. That was Saturday morning I used to have breakfast in a mess near to that apartment.

When I was returning to my house one scooty came suddenly from that apartment and hit over me I fell down and blood started flowing from my knee the one who drove that scooty was that sumathi aunty.she does not know what to do.then she took me to her home and applied band aid and asked me sorry.this is how we got know each other. In few days she used to ask me how am I and we became friends. After my exams were over in that day she called me to her home. There she was wearing a blue color transparent sarrie she was 39 but she is completely a sexy aunty with big boobs and she is fatty and have few bulges in her stomach also. But her body makes me tempered.

She asked me to have lunch and then go to your home at night so I agreed and had lunch with her. While having lunch she started seducing me she showed one of her boobs while serving me and touched my hand and asked I have any girlfriend and she asked did I had sex earlier I got shocked and with frustration I said no. Then she said that she had not had sex for past 2 months and looking for hot fun.. on hearing this I get more shock and not able to say my answer and I did not expect she ask for sex so straightly. She came near to me and started kissing in my lips we kissed for 10 minutes. She take my hand and kept it in her boobs and asked me to squeeze it. She is black in colour. And sit on my lap I feel the softness of her back.

After that kiss I completely surrendered to her and started reacting to her. Then she removed my clothes and said I will guide you for sex do not worry then she asked me to remove her clothes. I removed the sarrie there she has 2 foldings in her stomach and I removed her jacket and she was wearing a white colour bra I unhooked the bra her big boobs started hanging out.. I pressed her boobs and sucked.. then I removed her clothes completely in few minutes I saw a sexy structure with in front of me.. I touched it and started sucking her nipples she started moaning and she laid on bed and asked me to lick her pussy when I started licking she pressed my head hard and asked me to lick deep and moaning ahhhhh hmmmmm ahhhhh ahhhhhhhh ahhhh. .

Then she asked me to fuck her she needs my cock badly. Then she caught my six inch thick penis and guided it into her pussy and she opened her legs widely and allowed me to get into flow easily and asked me to fuck hard I started enjoying it and I felt like I was in heaven.. she has juicy pussy I inserted my penis like a sliding piston and also she enjoyed to core and started moaning and said come on dear go hard and moaned ahhh hmmm ahhh ahhh ahmmm and I hugged her and kissed and fucked hard I moved like a piston and both attained peak and cummed on her pussy..

Then we hug each other and started kissing and I asked her is she satisfied she said no I want more from you.. again in 15 minutes my cock enlarged and she sucked it like a lollipop and she came over me and inserted my cock into her pussy and fucked hard she fucked me like a horse riding over me and she bend down and asked me to bite her nipples I sucked her hard black nipple and hugged her tightly and with pain ejected my second semen insider her pussy.

Then we both laid naked for 30minutes and she asked me to take bath. Then we both went to bathroom and took bath there we played for half an hour massaging each other then I dressed up and went to my room. I stayed there for 2 days fucked her and enjoyed and went to my home. After I came back I fucked her continuously for 10 days and she enjoyed with me a lot.

After one month her husband got transferred and came back to cbe so there is no chance for us now to enjoy. But that memories make me horny still now. Am looking now for secret relationship like that with some unsatisfied and widow aunties. I look decent white in colour and maintain secrecy and know how to behave. now I got a job and staying at Ganapathy. My mail id is / / send your reviews here and now am looking for same fun anyone have interest mail me or add me in fb. We can have secret fun. I have interest in body massage and have idea to do different positions of sex fun. So ping me without hesitation.

My First Secret Sex With Aunty