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Hi, this is Ram from Hyderabad, i am big fan of iss, most of the stories published here are real and erotic,coming to my story i am 34 m now with 5.7 height, when i was 26 soon after my pg i was posted in Mysore, i was eagerly waiting to loose my virginity with aunty, i took a pent house near vi jay nagar, one day happened to see a lady during morning walk, she may around 28 yeas with 5.7, her ass was center of attraction for her, i could t get sleep for 2 days, surprisingly same lady is staying just behind my house, everyday i was giving smile but no reply , i got reply with smile after a week, i tried speaking to her during morning walk but she avoided.

One when i was walking thru in front of her house she had thrown a stone covered with paper,eagerly i opened that, her mobile no was there, then we started talking each other every day night, after a week we planned to meet at coffee shop, there she told about her personal life, she was married 2years back no child, `18th day of her marriage her husband got the job in dubai and till date he has not returned, as you know if any body sees the taste of sex its very difficult to sleep without that.

Same day night she told me to come to her house after her brother goes to sleep, it was around 11pm silently i entered into her house and directly went to her bedroom, after 10min she entered into room with lots of flowers, i just hugged her, she had moaned, then lip locked for 20min like there is no tomorrow, we hugged tightly for 10 min without single word, once we felt each others body we separated,then she told she is waiting for this for last 2 years, she tried her best to be loyal to her husband, but she could not control any more, started looking for some company in her relation, finally it was me that luckiest guy, she told her interesting positions.

She learned all these in internet, we undressed each other, she was playing with my cock, she tasted pre cum,i also tried, it was good, her body tone was very good, very smooth, no marks in her body, started eating her body, this continued for 30 min, she was completely on, she was begging me to insert,but i was playing with her boobs and her ass.

She had a very perfect body with proper curves at right place, i could t not resist my self with out hugging her, i started pressing her boobs one by one, she hold my cock and playing with that, we were in 69 position , i touched her g spot with my fingers, she released in my hand, taste was too good, i also released on her boobs, we had bath together, again we were ready for main course, i tried entering in missionary position, it was so difficult, for me it was new and she guided inside with great push it went completely in,she cried with pain, waited for some time with out any moment, after some time her pain vanished, then started with every stroke she was jumping and begging me to finish but i as giving slow and steady stroke,it went on for 12 kin, she tied my legs, she cummed after 3 min i too cummed in condom.

We completely exhausted, we took rest some 30min and went to bath there we had in dogy style, i tried entering her but it dint happened due to pain, then inserted into her pussy, she was on top of me , the way she did i could t forget even now also, it was so pleasurable, after 20 min we both reached climax, and we had 2 more rounds till 4am, then i went to my room, this continued for 3months with different positions, her all holes has become widened.

She started her own boutique, every day end of the working hours i go there and i fucked her for 2rounds, one day when we were in action suddenly her sister had come, she was peeping through the whole and started rubbing her pussy, when we were finished we were surprised to see her, without wasting a second i just hugged her so tight she was so hot, and undressed her, there was lot of resistance from her, she couldnt hold any more, directly i entered into her pussy, she was virgin, with couple of attempts my cock was completely inside, she started crying loudly, closed her lips with my lips, started to and fro, after 5 min she started feeling pleasure, and started enjoying ,

After 15 min i discharged inside , she had cummed twice by now, this continued for couple 4 months,her sister also addicted to me completely, we planned to have three some, and we planned to go some hill station and try there, from then after 10 days when her brother went to Bangalore for 4 days work, we planned to go to coorg which is hill station and very cold there.

We packed our luggage and took a cab to reach there, we reached by 12 noon, we had nice bath in respective rooms and had lunch, around 2 pm we assembled at my room, we undressed each other,, started eating like a mad people, younger one started giving bj, i was speech less the way she did, though she is doing for the first she did it like a very professional, after 10 min her sister taken the charge of bj,

After 10 min discharged my cum in both of their mouths, then it was my turn, i started licking older pussy, mean while younger on was playing with my cock, elder one cummed in my mouth, we cleaned our selves and entered into younger pussy, she was moaning loudly, i was stroking very hard, room was full of sounds, then i entered into her ass, i could enter with 2 attempts,

After 15 min i cummed in her ass, we went for bath, there i entered into elder ass , it was great position, it went completely in, stroked her for 10 min,then changed to younger one, they were fighting for their chance, it went to extent that i inserted my cock in younger pussy and with another hand inserted dildo in older pussy and started stroking in parallel,both discharged same time, we enjoyed for 3 days in different positioned,all their holes completely soaked, i was completely exhausted, both of them squeezed me full extend, this continued till her husband returned.

I had very good session at her office, will share that story after receiving feedback, any interesting unsatisfied auntys can reach me / / for a wonderful experience.

Hot Sex With Sex Starved House Wife