A One To One Narrative

Hey everyone! I’m an 18 year old boy from Bangalore. This story is mainly for all the ladies out there, a one to one narrative, which means you have to imagine yourself to be my partner as I narrate it. I’ve taken a lot of care when it comes to the details, so give yourself up completely to the story. Remember, the success of this story lies in the power of your imagination. You can imagine anybody to be the narrator, so if there is that really hot guy from work that u can’t stop fantasizing about I say go for it!

Oh, and don’t forget to TAKE IT SLOW! Enjoy..!

The room is lit with strategically placed candles. A soft, gloomy, romantic light surrounds the room. The sweet scent of roses fills the air. Smooth saxophone music playing at the background. You can see a full moon outside the window, glaring at us naughtily. The ambiance is set for a night of hot sex.

You are standing in front of me wearing a red top and a tight pair of jeans outlining your beautiful curves perfectly. We are staring at each other in anticipation. I move in and kiss u passionately. U put your hands around me and kiss me back. Your lips are soft and tender, they taste of strawberries. “I could kiss these lips all day” I think to myself.
I kiss your cheek as I move down to your neck. I kiss, lick and bite your neck. I pull u closer as I caress all of your body. I grab your ass with one hand, squeeze your breast with the other and kiss u down the neck bone. You moan and grab your hair and arch back in ecstasy. Your moans are driving me crazy.

My cock is getting harder and harder. You can feel it getting hard against your abdomen. You raise your hands indicating me to take off your top. I can feel your heart racing as I remove your top. Looking at you in your hot black bra, I lose control. I kiss u wildly. I squeeze your breast hard and suck the other one, on top of your bra. You moan erotically as I bite your nipple hard. You like that don’t you. You can’t take it anymore; you dig your hand into my pants and stroke my dick losing all control over yourself. The feel of your soft hands running over my cock is just heavenly. U just made me extremely horny. I turn you around eagerly and unhook your bra. I grab your boobs from behind and pinch your nipple hard as I bite your neck like a blood thirsty vampire.

You wrap your hands around my neck and kiss me wildly. My cock has never been so hard. You can feel it pressing hard against your ass, almost as if begging you to let it inside. You can feel your blood rushing through every vein in your body. I guide my other hand down your belly and into your panty. Your pussy is dripping wet. I rub your pussy while playing with your breast with my other hand, and kissing and biting your earlobe. You are sweating profusely, but it is only adding to your beauty in the dingy glow. You have never been this horny in your life. All you want to do right now suck my hard cock.

You slide away from my grip and get on your knees eagerly trying to drop my pants. You undo the button, unzip the zipper, and pull my pants down along with my trunks with all your might, leaving my hard cock swaying in air. You grab my dick and take it in your mouth like a hungry tiger. You suck my cock so hard, rolling your tongue as you do so. I can’t help but moan in response to the immense pleasure you give me with your mouth. You often stop to lick the pre-cum oozing out from the tip of my cock.

The way you look at me while blowing me, turns me on even more. I know I can’t hold it much longer. You notice this and increase your pace, sucking my dick ever so hard. I feel the intensity within me; I just can’t control it anymore. I burst in your mouth, feeling the highest level of ecstasy, while you continue to blow me, making sure to draw every drop of cum off me. You swallow it all up and lick your finger while giving me a naughty look. You like it don’t you, you NAUGHTY BAD GIRL?

You push me on the bed and get back on your feet, moving your ass like a stripper, as you get up. I sit on the bed watching your hot body. Your seductive moves, to the saxophone music, are killing me. My cock is getting hard again. You turn your back towards me and look back at me with a seductive look in your eyes, as u run your hands over your sexy body. Your hair falls perfectly down your bare back and droplets of sweat roll gently down your back and along your slender waist. I can’t take it anymore; you look at me stroking my cock. This makes u extremely hot. You grab your boobs, bite your lips, and arch backward. “Why are women so sexy?”, I think to myself.

The little whore inside you seems to be swimming to the surface. You slide your hands down your belly and reach for your pant button. You undo your button and zipper, and bend forward as you slide your jeans sexily down your ass, bring your ass right in front of my face. You’ve made me so horny. I grab your ass and eat it making you moan loudly. I spank your ass hard and you scream in pleasure. I bite your ass hard and rub your pussy over your panty. It’s dripping wet.

You grab your boobs and moan loudly. I bite your panty and pull it down your sexy ass. I drop both your jeans and panty, sliding it down your sexy legs. The thought of yourself being completely naked in front of a guy makes you extremely hot. You turn around and get on top of me. Your nipples become so hard that they actually hurt, almost as if craving for me to suck them hard….

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A One To One Narrative