North Indian Client To Munnar

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Secrecy will be maintained. readers who doesnt knows me am Joe from Kerala,doing my degree here in Bangalore. Am frequent visitor of this can know me more by reading (Mallu gigolo for school teachers1&2).


Two weeks back once my sem break started and was planning to move to my hometown.I got a mail from a reader named Shika(name not changed).she appreciated my story and was curious to know from where am I staying in Bangalore?whats my profession blaa blaa.actually she is basically from north but settled in Bangalore. We started to chat regularly and one day she asked me to meet near indiranagar KFC. I got ready with my best dress and reached there 5 minutes before and was waiting.

After that she phoned me and asked about ma dress code and I replied and she said I caught you,there comes a white duster car and a sexy lady was driving,she stopped in front of me and asked me to get in once I entered the car I had no words to describe about this lady and she started to drive to brigade road.on the way she started to ask about my where abouts.and she said her Hus is a business man and is on a trip she has got plenty of money but she is not getting the physical pleasure from him.

One of her friends suggested her about our ISS site and she started reading and fingering.she understood that with fingering she cannot be satisfied and decided to find a guy.we reached brigade we parked our car and started to walk.she said her Huss sister is there at home or else she would have taken me to her house.but she wanted to go somewhere as a trip too.

She asked me to suggest any place and jokingly I asked munnar. Without thinking a sec she agreed.we went to dominos and went for evening 7 she dropped me near to indiranagar kfc and said she will text me d date and time of our departure.n she drove off.that day night after having my dinner as usual I was having a smoke,my Whatsapp sound came,it was shika with the date and time and asked if am free? Near to chimmaya hospital 6am 18/5/2015(day after tomorrow)

After confirming our trip scheduled she asked me to wear track pant or some shorts and sleeveless T-shirt.I asked her what she will be wearing? She said its surprise for me said good night.I was eagerly waiting for the date but guys you know that time wont go as we wish.I slept that night with very difficulty.Next day morning I woke up @ 5 in d morning with the help of alarm got ready and was waiting for her near chinmaya hospital.around 6:10am her car came and stopped and asked me to get into d drivers seat.once I got into d drivers seat I was shocked to see her wearing a pink loose top and pink track pant.

We started our journey and we entered elevator flyover @ silk board and was enjoying our journey.on d way,she started to roam her hands on ma thighs and i caught her boobs over her pink top,I put ma left hand inside her top and caught her naked boobs and pinched her nipple.she asked me many times to stop d car some where in lonely place and could enjoy.but I kept driving and said we enjoy only after reaching munnar in between I rubbed my hand over her track pant between her legs,she widened more for me and I put my hand inside her pant and rubbed over her shaven pussy.(she didnt wear bra and panty on our journey).

That day evening we reached d resort in munnar and logged was soooo cold and rainy.we reached our room it was individual cottage where a jaccussie(pool) and d bathroom was glassed.she asked me to get freshned up and she went out of d room to make calls,once I came back,she went to get fresh.I went out to buy cigarette pack and I came back to room and found she had ordered snacks and drinks (kingfisher ultra beer).she was wearing yellow night gown (which reveals half of her boobs).

We started to have our drinks.she was sitting opposite to mine and I couldnt control my hard dick.she understood my feelings and came next to.she said we came here not to get drunk and caught my head and pressed on her boobs.I could feel nice smell from her body,I slowly pulled out her left boob from her gown and started to kiss and suck she slowly caressed my hair and pulled me more towards her.I then caught d other boob and pressed nicely.she started to moan.then we moved towards our bed by kissing each others lips.

I removed her gown fully and I started to kiss from her head till her boobs.I pinched her nipple badly and she screamed nicely and came top of me and removed my t-shirt and short and started kissing my chest.n slowly came down towards my dick and started holding it and shook it.she said that her Huss dick is half d size and she is seeing like this dick for the first time and swallowed my dick.

When she started to lick my dick I was in other world.I couldnt explain the feelings.suddenly i felt like coming and i said that and she continued licking faster and i came inside her mouth.she swallowed my entire cum and then she came down and went top.she spread her legs as an invitation.

I understood what she meant and started to kiss her pussy first and then started to lick she started and to moan loudly and caught my head against her pussy and wrapped her both legs.with a loud moan she came.I drank her juice (guys try drinking girls pussy juice its really yummy.In the next part i will tell how we both enjoyed the next coming days.but only after getting some encouragement,i meant mail,feedback from housewife,couples,girls in and around Bangalore to / /

North Indian Client To Munnar