Anandhi My Neighbor Married Girl Conceived By Me

Hi ..I am raja 20 year old guy of tamil nadu in melur near madurai…Well i am 5.7 in height fair muscular body and looks handsome and my tool size is 6 inch .. About anandhi she is 20 year old married just 3 months before his husband was drunkard always got drunk and sleep with out satisfy his young new wife hardly he fucks 3 times till now …So she got upset …… She is slim but she has 36 size boobs hip is very curvy 28 and her buttocks wow really amazing one 38 size ….Her assets will make even a small boy to get hard on for an hour she is fair in colour .. Coming to the story i have finished my ug and joined pg in a college near by and sp tha i took a room for me in there there was many families near by at last i got a small house which is enough for me she always wear nighty …When she is in house her husband will go for work in morning 8 o clock nd return after 11 ..

I was very bored to be alone there ..There seems lot of young girls who stare me like anything and i found no girl who is very attractive to satisfy my needs …I dont have g.Friends too because i am not studying in the co ed college..At this time one evening i have taken bath and came out of my house door and i was surprised that she wears a saree in red color with matching blouse that she is going for some temple because it was a Friday evening .She wears saree below navel part and that made me very horny and she wear transparent and low cut blouse …From that day i used to keep an eye on her…Then while washing i used to see her cleavage particularly while washing i can see her nipples clearly she didnt wear any bra s at that time this happened every day ..And one day she knocked my door and for the 1st time asked me that i have any films in my lap top as she was very bored in tv …

I gave my lap top to her and she said thanks and took my lap top …After some 3 or 4 hours she returned my lap top with some naughty smile …I asked why are u smiling for that she said nothing and went to her house ….I have searched the video player which was played last at last i figured out that i forgot to delete porn videos which i have in hd …From next day she daily asks my lap top and one day i copied all porn videos in pen drive and gave her she was very much worried while returning my laptop …And days go by she daily come to my house for chat while bending i will see clearly her boobs ..And our chat slowly entered into g.Friends lve and finally went in to sex ..She asked me have u seen blue film i said casually …Ya at sometimes ..I asked her do u see ? For that she said no …I smiled a bit and told her about that what she had seen in my laptop these days ..

I asked do you like having sex with your husband ..She suddenly cried to convince her i wiped out her tears and slowly whispered in her ears that i love her very much and i masturbate daily thinking of fucking her and said all my needs …Suddenly she hold my hands put her head down and said from the first day she was trying to flirt me but only in these days she found me i was interested in her and she was shy to say these i with a lot of surprise slowly kissed her fore head cheeks eyes nose and lip locked her mean while i caught her one side boobs over the nighty she moaned and leaned her body slightly

Then in a hurry i removed my t shirt and track and made me completely nude and removed her nighty too she was topless and wear only in skirt i removed tha too..I hugged her nudely my tool become erected and becomes like iron rod..I lifted her and throw in my bed .Though she is married she doesnt have belly i was on top of her and hugged her tha both of our body were smooching .

Her body was really very smooth and her boobs woooowww it smooths like jasmine flower i took on of her boobs and sucked violently..Then i sucked next boobs for half an hour then i kissed her neck shoulder and i even bite in neck and shoulder area and i like her boobs very much it was like medium sized water melon with out hanging ..Then i planted my kiss on her navel and tightly hold her hips it was very curvy then i separated her thighs and gave a kiss on her pussy ..It was bushy so i gave her a razor to shave it off then i licked her pussy like a hungry calf drinks milk from a cow at last something very sticky came out then i found he was at her peek ..

While licking her pussy she tightly held my head and forced my head towards pussy and she moaned more and more please da do it more from my puberty that i have not enjoyed like this then after her climax i suggest her to lick my penis for that 1st she refused then on my force she slowly made blowjob to me ..I was in heaven at last i load my cum on her mouth and we two laughed .It went for an hour so for safety i told her wear her nighty and check whether anybody is coming and also informed to lock her house and come to mine so that others will think she gone some where out..

Then again she came then immediately i grab her and removed her nighty and throw her in bed and immediately i asked do you want my child with out any hesitation she nodded yes and i searched for pussy hole she took my penis and keep in the entrance of her pussy then with the first stroke i slowly inserted my penis and she cried loudly to insert slowly and i for a moment kissed her in lips to avoid sound made by her while intercourse .Then after 1 minute i apply some oil and pushed fully inside she was at the peek and after few mins she said to do my action then with continuous fucking of 10 to 13 mins i ejaculated loads of sperms inside her..Then after we hugged and slept for half an hour nude then she promised that she will daily come to my house .This fucking session lasted till she was confirmed she was pregnant ..Then she daily do blow jobs to me.And she introduced her sister who also sexually starved kaavya that i will post in my next story …

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Anandhi My Neighbor Married Girl Conceived By Me