Sex In The Kitchen During Summer Heat On The Table

Hello all this is my first time experience as a writer, i reside in Pune with a hot auty Rema (name changed). The story goes like this , i this aunty lives in my apartment, everyday whenever i used to leave to my office i was often blessed to see a very NSP sight (Nain Suk Prapt) . Rema used to come out to keep her garbage dustbin outside her door , in earlier days i had failed to notice her inner beauty , it was that pride moment which made me go for her , it all started with a good morning wish and ended up at the kitchen nude .

Well it was during the summers , i was on for my regular work just closed my door and was about to leave , then at that time i heard Reema wishing me good morning, i just looked back to wish her but to my fortune i happened to fix my eyes on to her erect nipples which was protruding out of her night gown , she caught my stare and it was a real embarrassing moment for me . Let me cut short the in between scene and come directly to the point.

Rema had some issues with her computer so she had asked my mom to send me to her to check if could fix the problem, so after returning from work i was relaxing on the couch that is when my mom told me that Rema aunt wants u to fix her comp prob , i was in a state of despair as to accept the thing and go or not to , but i took my chance . I reached to her door which is just opp to my flat , she greeted me well and thanked for coming . She directed me to her master bed room and told me the prob , meanwhile she slipped into the kitchen to get some refreshment for me .

I realized that there existed not any problem which she mentioned , when i realized that i was little confused as to why did she call then , i just wanted to call for aunty and to my surprise what i found was aunt was just near the gas stove with her left hand under her saree and was rubbing it over her love area wildly . This was a moment that i couldnt resist , it gave me a quick erection and giving me some courage to advance .

I saw this as a welcoming note from her and advanced my step , i walked very cautiously until i reached aunt and was just so close enough that my heavy breath made her realize tat he activity of rubbing her love hole was caught red handed , she stayed calm, i touched my face on to her bare neck visible after the blouse area , it gave a goosebumps to me and her as well , i adjusted my cock into her ass crack and stayed glued to her with my right hand over her massive 36D boob and left hand in participation of her rubbing action.

I pushed ,my dick over he ass crack over the saree and squeezed her boobs and kissed he neck and sucked her ear lobes , uuuuu what a feeling it was , as she was quite an experienced women she knew the want of a man , she immediately lowered her hand under my pant stroked the length of my cock , i flipped her on to my side so that i could take a clear look on her boob the sight her boobs made me run for her head over heals , i couldnt wait anymore , i attacked her like a wild animal and sucked her boob, i could see that she was enjoying it thoroughly as he moan was increasing saying aaaa….. yes suck it suck it u ass ….her words were making more horny and nasty .

I undone her blouse and her saree and laid her on the dinning table , she has a very beautiful cunt , with hair trimmed properly and cleaned , her pussy was so welcoming that i had not time to waste , as she laid on the table i went in between her thighs to tick my face to her pussy , i was so god damn turned on by the smell that i started licking her over the underwear and bit her to tease her .

She was pushing my face hard on to her cunt and asked e to bit it with lips i followed her order as i sucked i fingered her too , inserted my index finger and then one more , i finger fucked her till i could feel her warm liquid oozing out . She had reached her orgasm , she begged me to stick my face i her cunt and den she wrapped her leg around my head , believe me its the most beautiful thing that had happened .

She sat on her knees and gulped down my shaft stroked it, she seems to be a pro in it , she stroked my shaft with ample amount of saliva which made my shaft slip through her hand easily , she continued it with great pleasure , she even gave deep throat which was mind blowing after some time i cummed in her mouth , she drank all of them without dripping even a drop .

Owing to the the constraint i immediately pulled her up smooched her and her made her lye on the table , after a lil more foreplay my shaft was ready for the second round , on realizing that i asked aunt if she had any condom , she slapped my ass and said you dirty nasty ass why do u need a condom , i want to feel the warmth of your shaft to every end of my pussy , her words really turned me on .

For this i reciprocated by a bite on her boobs which she welcomed, she then carefully guided my shaft to the tip of her opening , she took her index finger and out in my mouth and then later inserted in her pussy , that sight was getting me more hotter and hornier i just removed her finger and pushed my shaft right into her pussy, ufff it was a moment of pleasure, as the shaft entered her pussy it made slurpy noise and crated more lubrication , i fucked her like a mad dog in the missionary position , then took my dick out and made her suck it again , i the bend her in doggie positioned and entered from behind .

During this i rested y body onto her body and fingered her pussy with one hand grabbed her one boob, as i did so she started shouting in ecstasy for the pleasure she had and abusing me for not fucking her early , i continued to fuck her in that positioned until i was to cum , knowing that i told aunt that i am about to come come suck my cock , she was little bitch she just grabbed my ass and did not allow me to remove my dick out , i cummed in her pussy and that was something i had never experienced it was awesome and mind blowing .

She then took my dick in her mouth and cleaned the sperms over the dick head and smooched me like a hungry bitch . And then later i hurried back home , after this session we had it many more times with unconditional pleasure. Please comment on my encounter i will be happy to read it , and aunties in need for friendship or any other benefit can feel free to reach on my mail ID / /

Sex In The Kitchen During Summer Heat On The Table