The Fantasy Of A Lover

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One more time I went through the same dream.

I feel relaxed sitting in her cozy lap. Lovingly, she strokes my hairs and keeps humming a song. With closed eyes, I enjoy every single moment being with her. Suddenly she moves a bit and the humming stops. I open my eyes to find her lying beside me on bed. Our eyes meet so as the hands. Her face comes on mine and I close my eyes again.

Slowly her lips wraps mine and I feel the warmth of hers into me. Her tongue fights with mine to win the battle of domination and mine give up finally. Her hands moves on my neck and makes me more excited. Her nails engrave into my neck and make me groan. Her heavy breath goes into my body and engrosses my heart. It feels like everything around us has freeze and I am living the moment for which I was waiting from ages.

Finally our lips part but the body remains as such. My hand moves down to remove every shelter of clothes from her body. The top gets unzipped and move its way out. The poor inner surrenders while my finger unhooks them. My hands start moving on her unexplored beauty, slowly caressing her every bit with my trembling fingers. Satisfaction runs all over her face and the breath becomes heavier.

The hand moves further down and suddenly gets gripped by her hand. She opens her eyes and they show the hint of anger. “PATIENCE” whispers her lips into my ears. She pushes me onto bed and come over me. Her lips slowly move on my bare chest. Her tongue plays all over and the excitement inside me starts rushing into my blood. She plays with my naval making me moan with pleasure. Her teeth make impressions all over my body. I start feeling uneasy in my downside. She realizes it and moves her hand down to remove the last piece of civilization out of me.

I lay down closing my eyes. Her fingers run over my stomach and move downwards. I anticipate the intentions and take a deep breath. Her hand reaches my ribs and to my surprise, move towards my legs. The ice-cold fingers boost the sensation and my manhood starts responding to it. Enlarging slowly with layers opening all around, it makes my body shivers with excitement. She moves her head down and her fingers explore the small pubic hairs all around. I open my eyes and find something strange in her eyes.

And before I utter anything, her head moves down and touch it there. Her lips wrap around the grown up part and I cries in pleasure. The warmth of her mouth starts working on my body, so as her tongue all over the foreskin of my hood. Her strokes matches rhythm with my heart beat and my body starts shivering. I feel my mind getting numb and the heart weak enough to respond to anything going right now. All sorrows and grief starts getting vanished from my soul. Every time she breathes, it takes the breath out of me.

Slowly I feel losing control over myself. Deep inside myself, I feel something eager to leave me and come out. I try to get some control onto myself but every attempt of mine fails. The passion takes place of consciousness. The strokes of her start increasing. It feels like a life coming to its last spring. I try last time to say her that I can’t hold it more.

She gets the word of my heart without me uttering a single word but it hardly makes any difference onto her. And finally it all comes out with a tear rolling on my left cheek and a lot more from somewhere other side. A loud moan comes out of me and the body collapse with eyes getting closed again with heaviness inside them. She comes on top of me again and lay on my chest. Her eyes show the never ending affection towards me.

Now it was my turn to shower all my passion on her. I pushed her down and came on top of her. Her eyes glittering with passion. I took hold of her face and kissed her forehead, then her nose…..moving down to her lips…..our lips were inches apart and hot breath striking with one another. She moved and lip locked me with a push. Her tongue playing inside my mouth and our saliva mixing together. We kissed and kissed for what seemed like eternity till we both were out of breath.

I moved downward and took her left breast in my mouth while cupping the other one. They were firm. I squeezed it and she moaned. That made me more excited. I started licking her one nipple, making circles with my tongue and squeezing the other one with my fingers.

I moved further down and licked her navel. Her whole body was shaking. My fingers run down in her pussy. It was all wet and her love juices were flowing all over. I rubbed her clit and moved my finger inside her pussy. It was damn hot. I put another one inside and she cried with pleasure. I put my lips on her love hole and started flicking the pussy lips along with stroking insides. Her whole body became stiff and she came with a loud moan on my face and fingers. My whole face was dripping with her love juices.

She moved up and started sucking my lips. My tool was throbbing now. She came on top of me and adjusted herself on top of my dick, slowly guiding it in her love hole. Once it slowly started entering, she moved down till whole length got inside her. She relaxed a little and then started moving up and down stroking my dick. Her melons were bouncing making it an amazing scene to watch.

Her cunt lips were gripping my dick tightly. It was so hot inside. She was literally jumping on me now and i was reaching near my climax. I hold her by waist and started humping her hard and fast. Her body contracted and she started cumming on my dick. That was all needed and i came with a loud moan, shooting loads of cum deep inside her pussy. we both were exhausted now. We cleaned up and dozed off.

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The Fantasy Of A Lover