Outdoor Sex With My Wild Girlfriend

I guys Im vivek just completed my graduation as well as my girlfriend. Me and my girlfriend are both of Ranchi. We both are in relationships for around more then five years. My girlfriend is 5″5′, dark complex, black hair with a hot figure of measure 34-28-36.

This incident is about 2 years back summer times.

My girlfriend parents where out of town to attain someones marriage ceremony in chattisgarh. So we planned to have some wild sex at my girlfriends house. But everything changes when her mom called her cousin to stay with her. Like our plan was fully spoiled. We cant have sex at her house because of her cousin. So we planned to stay still and wait until her cousin went somewhere or gone to visit someone else. Like this two days passed nothing happens.

Suddenly on third day my girlfriend called me and told me that we can go out for dinner she had talked with her cousin and her cousin promise her that she will not discuss about this with her parents. There was a resort kind of restro just outside the town. My girlfriend wear a exotic dress that I gifted her a long time back. It was a black mini-dress. She was looking hot and sexy in that dress. Her cleavage was visible and her exposed thigh and legs where making her look more hot in that dress. It was a dinner plan so we reached there around 9p.m. in my dads car.

We took a closed cabin to get naughty. As we sat in the cabin we gave our orders to the waiter and as he received our orders he leave the room. We had a chit chat then suddenly I noticed that my girlfriend wasnt wearing any bra. I smiled asked my girlfriend “youre not wearing bra?” she reply “no”. I just cant control my hand I put my hand inside her dress and hold her soft amazing boobs and start squeezing it. She moves my lips and smooched me whole I was continuously squeezing her boobs. We did it for around 10mins then I suddenly feels her hand near my jeans zip. She was trying to open my zip. I stopped once and looked at her she said “open your zip..bring out your dick. Wanna play with it.”

As she completed her sentence dhekte opened my zip and put her hand inside my boxer and grab my dick and she said “its so hard.” In response I said “just for you baby.” She look into my eyes and said she wanna sure my dick. I stopped her from doing that and told her tha the we can continue after checking out from here. We had our dinner there and we moved towards town.

As we are in our way to town she again put her hand inside my jeans and said “can we spend some alone time anywhere no one can disturb us. There a dam in our way. That was a since place no one usually comes there at night and it was already 10:30 pm. I asked my girlfriend did she got time before reaching home. She said she can manage her cousin. So I drive get to that dam it was like a island kinda place with long tress and surrounded my water only one way direction to main road.

As we reach there my girlfriend asked me just one thing is this place safe and I just nodded yes and grab her Im my arms and start kissing her with my hands all over her boobs. She unhook my jeans, bring out my dick and start jerking my dick gently which smooching me. In front seat it was like uncomfortable so we moved to back seat. As I moved to back seat my girlfriend undress herself and I was like hell ya. Beside that dress she was only wearing her panty. Her boobs looking so soft I hold those boobs with my both hands and she sat on me and we start kissing each other meanwhile she was jerking my dick and I was like fingerings her pussy.

She suddenly moves a bit and get on her knees and swallow my dick like a ice-cream and she start such it like a real professional. I hold her hair and told her to suck it hard and nicely make me cum. She didnt stop and I wont stop her. It was like I was in heaven at the moment. Though it was not our first time getting physical outdoor but was get more sensual at that time. She suck my dick for around 45mins.

Those 45min where the awesome 45mins of my life. I cant control myself and I cum inside her mouth. I filled her mouth with my clumsy warm sperm. She swallow the whole sperm and looked at me and said “are you done now.” I just pause for a minute and look on her face and told her to seat properly and spread her legs. She looked exciting towards me and she came on middle of the back seat and spread her legs. I just kissed her in her lips hold her left leg and pushed it upwards and slowly put my dick inside her pussy as my dick was totally inside her pussy I just hold her another legs and pushed it upwards as in this position her pussy was wide open I start drilling her pussy with my dick. I start smoothly but within few minutes I was like in full energy mode.

I start fucking her like a animal and she even cant stop her moaning. I release her right leg and put my hand back of her neck and pulled it towards me and start smooching her so that she can stop moaning. We did it for around 15-20mins in the same position after that I stop fucking her bring my dick out of her pussy and I start licking her pussy with my tongue. After that she even sucks my dick and we change our Porto doggy style.

I was planning to getting bit rough by having anal sex. I didnt say a word and put my dick directly in her ass as she just know I love having anal sex I fuck her ass like a mad dog. She was repeatedly saying to slow down but I didnt. I just fucked her ass much until I got satisfied and cum inside her big soft ass. As I put out my dick from her ass he lay down for few minutes in the back seat and she accept that it was really one of the best sex we ever did. She came close to me hold my dick and she again swallow my dick and such it for minutes until the left over sperm comes out in her mouth.

Its was one of the best outdoor sex me and my girlfriend ever had at night.

See you guys after sometimes with another hot sex stories of me and my girlfriend.

Outdoor Sex With My Wild Girlfriend