Sex With The Best Friend

Hello ISS readers.. I am fond of ISS especially the maid section.. but I never had sex with any of my maid till now.. anyway.. Let me tell you about myself. My name is Rocky (name changed) I am 19 years old and I live in Delhi and I am new to writing stories so please dont mind any mistakes as this is my first story.. coming to the story.. I have a best friend named Priya (name changed). We are best friends since last year.. we met through a common friend… About Priya, she is a sex goddess. her figure status is 34c-26-35. Thats what she told me once… On her birthday we were at her place..

Both of her parents are working. So she stays all alone everyday… On her birthday first she celebrated it with her old friends.. and then when they left she called me at her place for the treat.. so here comes the best moment of my life.. when I went to her place she asked me to sit on the bed and she said that shell come in a moment. I waited for her and then she came with the cake and coke… I wished her and hugged her..

Then we ate the cake and she ordered food from the market.. As her friends ate everything.. now there was much time for the food to come.. Till then we started having alcohol.. Then I came to know she was already drunk but she said that she would like to have some pegs with me as well.. I was okay with that.. So I made 2 pegs the heavy one was for me and light one was for her.. We had our drinks.. Then she switched on the tv.. We were watching the tv and talking then she came close to me leaned her head on my shoulders and thanked me for coming on her birthday… she was little upset as her parents were not there on her birthday.. Thats why she called me to be with her whole day…

Then I kissed her on her forehead and hugged her she hugged me too… Then we starting talking about random stuffs and then came the delivery guy.. then we ate the food and again started watching the tv. A Hollywood movie was broadcasting on the television.. I dont remember the name of the movie though. But is was very romantic.. A scene came in the movie where the hero was kissing the girl and was squeezing her waist…

Then I realised that Priya was holding my hand.. and she was looking at me as if she was asking me to kiss like the same way… I dont know what happened to me maybe it was because of the alcohol.. I went near her and there was no reaction from her side so I kissed her on her lips.. she kissed me back and then were hugging and kissing each other… we both got turned on by this and we were kissing and exploring each other like crazy… we got so wild at that time…

Then I removed her top and I was kissing her neck and shoulders and then she removed my shirts and she was on top of me now.. I removed her bra and started licking her nipples.. her boobs were so big and juicy I was biting and licking her nipples.. she was moaning and then I came on the top…. I started kissing her tummy and then I started licking her navel she went crazy after that..

I opened the button of her shorts and then lowered the zip and removed her shorts.. she was wearing pink coloured panties and I could see the wet spot clearly… I removed her panties and I was shocked to see that smooth and sexy vagina with no hair.. It seemed to be like she shaved in the morning.. then I started kissing her legs and thighs she kept on moaning and then I kissed her vagina she moved like as if she got an electric shock.. I started licking her vagina and even started fingering her as well.. after about 10 mins she came.. Then was my turn. I lied on the bed she came on me ans started kissing me..

Then she went to my neck kissing continuously then to my chest then she opened up my jeans and removed my jeans and underwear in a fraction of second. Then she held my penis and started stroking it I was already very hard and then she started sucking my penis I was in seventh cloud while she was sucking my cock.. I cant even express that feeling to you… After 5 mins I came in her mouth she drank it all.. we were very exhausted after that and then we lied hugging each other… Then I started it again as I didnt want to miss the chance. I started sucking her boobs and fingering her vagina.. She held my cock and started stroking it to make it hard… and then I was hard again… I then came on top of her and started pushing my cock in her pussy… Her pussy was tight but she was surely not a virgin…

Then After few little strokes my penis went completely inside her vagina… she was having pain and so was I but no one cared during that moment. and then I started to and fro motion and she started moaning… Her moaning was making me mad… I increased my pace and she started shouting.. Then after few minutes we changed our position and now she was on top of me like the cow girl position… she started jumping up and down and her boobs were swinging..

I held them and started squeezing them.. and then thup thup thup sound was coming because of the contact of our skin.. and then after few minutes i asked her to come in doggy position and then i fucked her in doggy position I liked it so did she… and then I was about to come and I asked her to suck my cock she did it and drank all my juices.. we lied for sometime hugging each other and then I got dressed because i had to leave because her parents could come anytime.. and while I was leaving she said that it was her best birthday and her best birthday gift as well and she said that I am a good kisser and i can make any girl come while licking..

Now we have sex sometimes but not regularly… But I would love to have sex with girls and aunties and bhabhis.. So any bhabhi or girl can message me.. on my ID and I would to have comments on my story as well… Thank you.

Sex With The Best Friend