First Sex Experience With Girlfriend

First let me say a hello to all the readers and let me admit that I have been a reader of sex stories for quite a long time now. Firstly let me introduce myself as JAMIE from Punjab. I am a Engg. Student by profession. As a guy I am 5 11’ with a good physique . Now this is true story of mine with my girl friend SARA (name changed), she is from Punjab too.I was involved with her for at least 2 years and we were very close to one another. Now this was the first of experiences what I am narrating and is a true one.

It happened in 2011, we both were living in Chandigarh at that time. we used to meet and sit across in the park , we used to spend some good hot time. One fine day it so happened that I was all alone in the flat.My girl friend just called me and I told her that I am alone in the room and she could come over to my flat and she can stay with me at night for which she agreed after bit of requesting . Now it was around 7 in the evening when she came to my place..

So she came over and I asked her to change over to a very comfortable attire so I gave her my t shirt and shorts to wear.So we had a TV in our bedroom were I took her and made her sit just between my legs so that I could hug her from behind now she basically has a vital stats of 34 28 36 with real good boobs and fleshy thighs. She is not very tall jst 5’3’ but has a very attractive body. Alot of boys die on her in my college.

As we were watching TV i hugged her and started touching her boobs over the t-shirt but she stopped me and turned her face towards me and gave me a signal to kiss her. I started kissing her on her lips and she also started responding by kissing me back. She used to close her eyes while kissing and i was biting her lips hard . In between she used to move her tongue inside my mouth and our saliva’s were mixing up. We keep on kissing for about 15-20 mins.

By the mean time my hands were already holding her two big boobs and she didnot stopped me this time. I was scratching and pinching her nipples over the t-shirt very slowly which she was loving. Now with the pass of time she came over me started kissing me hard and was biting me sometimes on my ears cheeks and on neck. My dick was rock hard and was touching her pussy and she was also feeling it and was shaking his legs and hips. I know she was hot by now so i asked her to remove her clothes but she hesitated as we were never completely naked before.

But she agreed as i insisted, she removed her t-shirt and asked if to remove shorts also and i said yes. Now she was in her bra and panty only. She asked me to remove my clothes also and so did i. We both again started kissing each other and i was cupping her boobs over her bra and my dick was rubbing over her pussy over her panty and my underwear. I asked her to remove her undergarments too but she doesn’t accepted and told me not to go so far. So i accepted as i donot want to show her that i only want to have a sex.

By the time i started touching her pussy with my hands and put her hand over my dick, she was enjoying my touch over her pussy. So i moved forward and put my hand inside her panty and started touching her pussy lips, she had some hairs on her area around the pussy. She moaned ‘issssss ahhhhhh’ as i touched her pussy with my hands and i started massaging her clitoris.

Her pussy was so wet because of the foreplay that we were having from more than half an hour. I asked her that i want to see her pussy so after bit of pressure she removed her panty and i bend down to see her pussy and she put her hands on her eyes as she was very shy. As i parted her pussy lips there was a lot of white fluid at the entrance of her pussy and smell of that was very seducing that i was willing to lick that but somehow controlled my urges as i was my first time so i was also bit of shy at that time.

Even though i touched that fluid with my finger and licked my finger. It tasted so good that i was willing to suck her pussy even more now. I put her hand on my dick inside my shorts and started kissing her by hugging her and while this i unhooked her bra and she was completely naked now. Moving my next step, i started kissing down on her neck and in next moment her left boob was in my mouth. I was sucking her hard nipple and with other hand i was pressing her right boob. She was loving my actions and was moaning quietly. She was moving her hand around my dick and as i was biting her boob she used to press my dick hard. I know she was horny now.

So i keep switching between her boobs and in between i used to bite her nipples hard and my right hand was on her pussy. She was in pleasure and was loving my actions and she started shacking my dick hard. My dick was enjoying the feel of her soft hands.

I was rubbing her clitoris and suddenly she moved my hand bit down and instantly i put my middle finger in her fuck hole which was lubricated due to her juices and she moaned loudly ‘ahhh ohhhh ahhhhh’ as i was finger fucking her i found a rough area inside her vagina i think that was the g-spot and as i touched their her moans increased and she started screaming loudly and in pleasure she started shacking my penis so hard that i was feeling little pain also but as i was also horny that pain changes into pleasure and i also started finger fucking her hard and with two fingers. Within a minute she started screaming and vibrating and hold my dick so hard in her hand and shacked so fast that i cum on her hand. we both had our first orgasm. We both lied for some time and as i checked time it was around 9 so i asked her to get ready to go out for a dinner.

Rest i will tell u people in my next story.

Hope you liked my story. As it is my first story so comments are most welcome, waiting for your responses. Will post only after getting your views. You can also mail me at / / . Please feel free to post your thoughts.

First Sex Experience With Girlfriend