Wonderful Wet Experience With My Lady Colleague In Mumbai City

I was seating in my hotel room and waiting for a call from my colleague, who was supposed to check-in at the same hotel and we had plan to go for dinner together. She was new to the city and I told her to give me a call when she will be about 10 minute away from hotel, so that I can give direction to the cab driver. Suddenly I heard some sound through the window of the hotel room and found that it started pouring like anything. Now I was bit worried as the area where the hotel is, kind of a basin, where waterlogging is very common. Also, the city traffic goes kind of out of control if it rains heavily.

Now, it’s about 7 PM and it’s raining very heavily for last 1 hour and I am yet to receive a call from my colleague. I got little worried to find out where she is – so I decided to give her a call. First couple of instance, her cell phone seems to be out of coverage area, however, in third chance I got her. She asked her driver when I questioned her how far is she from the area where our hotel is and the driver told because of rain, it may take 20 / 25 min more. I told her to give me a call when she will be about 10 min away from the hotel. Also I told her to inform the cab driver that the road in front of the hotel is not motorable by now and she need to get down from cab about 500 meters away from the hotel in main highway and I shall be there to take her to the hotel.

Once I disconnected the call, I was thinking what to wear to go down and finally decided to go as I am in (a blue denim shorts and a green t-shirt), all I need is to put an undee before starting. Once I just thought all these (hardly 5 min after I have disconnected the call) she called again and with my surprise, she told that her car is already in the junction of the highway where she needs to get down and asking me for direction. I jumped up from my bed, told her not to get out from cab and wait in the cab, made a note of the car registration number and also informed her that I am coming, but without my phone, so she cannot reach me from now until I reach there, so better you stay calm in the car itself. Then I hanged the phone and started running down and then realized that I don’t have umbrella with me and also worst is – forgot to put my undee below my shorts.

But when I reached out of the hotel building thought it is ok, as we know each other for years and still the rain is pouring like anything and worst – as my fear, the road already got about knee deep water logged. As I approached towards the place where her car is waiting, in one section, the road goes downward and water reaches upto my waist. My shorts and t-shirt was saturated and seems like I just came out of a pool.

Once I reach to the car, knocked at the window, she opened the door and I was shocked to see her!!! She was wearing a white synthetic formal shirt tucked inside white formal trouser. The first thing came to my mind is – she is going to walk wearing all these (hopefully without umbrella) with me for next 500 meters in this torrential rain and wading through knee and waist deep water! She has a very attractive body and I got very excited and with my shame my hardness increases with that thought, somehow, I could hide that behind the open door of the car. Then I asked her if she has an umbrella or not, she said “no”, my heart missed two bits!!

Next, asked her what all the luggage she has? She shown a small bag which can be carried on shoulder and her purse. Then I told her to put her cell in her purse and then get down. She did that, I took her bag on my shoulder and started walking towards the hotel wading through water. It was still raining very heavily – we were having small talk as below.

She: I am sorry, because of me, you had to come in such rain all the way here to pick me up.

Me: It’s my pleasure, don’t feel sorry, as you know, I like rain and I love to get wet. But I am actually feeling bad as you had to walk in rain as I do not have umbrella with me.

She: Oh! That’s fine. You know, I also love rain, so no worry at all.

Me: still, you are in your formal wear and getting all wet in rain and also the street water which is not really clean.

She was holding my hand while walking so far, but suddenly she stopped, then she made her left palm free from my palm, put that hand round my waist, pushed her left front side of her body on my back, her face on my right shoulder. I could feel her body, left breast being pressed against my body and my erection was difficult to ignore. Then she told “you know, walking with you in the rain is so good. I am feeling great and its very romantic. It was my dream to walk with you in the rain like this, in wet clothes since I met you few years back”. I was stunned and the same increased with her next line and action. She said again “hold me tight” and then took my right hand around her body, rubbed my palm against her wet soggy right breast couple of times, pressed there a bit and placed my palm right below her breast firmly. I could feel that her nipples are so hard and erect by now.

Then she asked “how am I looking?” I looked at her in street light, (I was actually looking at her earlier also through the corner of my eyes), front side of her white shirt is completely wet and gone see through, which made every curve of her body very much prominent. My right hand is now placed just under her right breast or rather her breast is actually resting on my hand. I can see that she is wearing a thin white half cup bra and the upper part of her beautiful breast is sticking below the thin white wet now transparent shirt and clearly visible along with cleavage. Her nipple is also got erect from the touch effect just now and the same is also visible clearly and poking out through her wet shirt as her bra cups are not thick enough to hide her excitement. Her shirt is also plastered on her well-shaped belly and clearly visible.

Through the wet material of her shirt, on her shoulder, thin strap of her bra is clearly visible! Her pony tailed hair is all wet and stick on her head and side of her face, entire face has droplet of water! She is looking very beautiful and sexy. So, I responded – “you are looking great, to be honest you are looking very hot and sexy!” while saying that with my right hand, I pressed her breast gently and she loved that as the nipple got even harder and clearly stand out through the thin bra cup and shirt. She smiled at me – what a sweet and sexy smile and kissed on my right chick. By now, my hard rock solid shaft was almost standing through my shorts and it was very difficult for me to control the excitement.

Then we started walking again. Very soon we reached at the deeper section of the water, where it rose upto my waist and for her just below her breast. Now my hand below her breast is submerged and the bottom of her purse which was also rested on my arm, touched water. So, to protect water getting inside the purse, she pulled my hand over her breast and put my palm on her right breast firmly.

In other word, I am now holding her breast in my right hand and her purse is rested on my hand. My dick got very hot and hard by now. Suddenly there was a lightning and thunder sound. She got scared and came to my arms pushing her beautiful soft and wet chest on mine. Her lower part of belly actually pressed my hard big shaft and that is when she realized my erection. I was in a strange situation, very aroused in one side and from other side kind of ashamed.

She then whispered in my ears. “You are not wearing undee!”. I was shocked in shame, but again next word, changed the mood. “it is so big, hard and it gives a fantastic feeling! I cannot wait to touch and hold it in my hand! Let’s go to hotel first”. My hands were at her back and realized that back of her shirt is not fully wet. She also realized that as through water from my wet hand made the shirt damped fresh. She gave her purse in my hand, then with her hand holding my waist and slowly goes down in water, until water comes below her chin! Then she stood up!! I was almost unable to take it further! She was looking as a wet sexy dream for me.

We walked to the hotel, decided that she will first come to my room, as we do not want reception people see her in such great sexy state while doing check-in formality. We thought that she will come to my room straight (there is a separate path through fire exit staircase from outside avoiding peeping toms to see her), take bath, get changed and then go to the reception for doing the formalities.

Once she reached in my room, I kept her bag down and she also kept her purse, then she stood straight in light, dripping wet, water droplets falling all around her face, wet hair all around her face, wearing white shirt, white trouser, both are soaking wet. You can see her naval, upper part of the breast clearly through her transparent shirt. You can even clearly see the dark circle around her erected nipple through transparent shirt and thin material of her bra. Her knees and even white panty are also clearly visible through wet white trouser!! What a sight.

She now turned her attention towards my hard and erected private part which is standing straight through my wet denim shorts. She took it in her hand, hold tight and started rubbing slowly and whispered – “wao, it so big, so hard and so hot!! You are so sexy”. I could not stand it – I just hold her beautiful wet breasts in my hand and started pressing, fondling and caressing them and in no time we got embarrassed and started kissing each other passionately. After may be couple of minutes, we realized that we have actually created a small puddle on the floor.

I told her to go to the bath and take a shower, get changed. She was still sticking on my chest holding me tight with my hands at her back. She responded – “sure, let’s have the shower together. I cannot leave you now!! Need to be with you and want you with me”. I again missed my heart beat and also got bit worried.

Though we know each other for few years now, but in India, having sex with colleague is not that common and may lead to lot of complication in future. So, I carefully responded “will that be right? I mean, showering together.. now!!!”. She said with her sexiest smile “well, we are not going to be naked under shower and have sex, but surely we can do some more patting and caressing to each other and enjoy each other’s company. Can’t we”? I did not have any other word to say, other than “oh yes, sure” with utmost agreement.

We moved into the bath, stood together – she stood in my front, placing her back in my front, adjusted my rock solid rod between her two legs, I hold both of her wet beautiful breasts in my two hands, then she opened the shower. Very soon, we had indulged into patting and kissing each other.

After sometime, she had suddenly inserted her hand inside by shorts to hold my equipment in her hand directly, sat in front of me and put the equipment in her mouth (through the shorts only) and started sucking!! Ohhhhh… few seconds later we are back in tight hugging position, my hands were roving at her back – feeling the strap of her bra through the transparent white shirt, she whispered again – “open the bloody hook!”. I had to oblige her, she opened first 3 buttons of her shirt, asked me to remove the cups of the bra, I surely was more than happy to do so and she removed my t-shirt and again pressed her ripe body against my naked chest. She told now – both of our clothes are dirty because dirty water in the road. Let’s clean it up.

Saying that she separated herself from me a bit, stopped the shower, took the shower gel in her hand and started applying that on my chest. Then her hands worked towards my back while pressing her chest against mine. In couple of minutes, she was done with my back and then bent forward to started applying the soap on my shorts and let thoroughly.

During that process, she again took my still rock solid part in her hands and rubbed gently. I could not take it more!! I closed her shirt buttons and took some gel in my hands and started applying on her ripe breasts, which are completely visible through her see through white shirt.

Then gradually I was going down to apply soap on her trouser throughout and can feel her underwear below the white wet see through trouser as well. Once done, I pulled her up and she embraced me again while I was cleaning her back side. In no time, both our bodies were full of foam.

Then holding her tight against my chest I opened shower and started cleaning each other. Once the foam has gone from our body, her white wet shirt and trouser were whiter and more see through. I could not stop but started kissing and licking on her breasts through the wet material of her shirt.

She was so aroused that she started groaning and all of a sudden she put her hand inside my shorts and pulled my shaft out from the shorts and leaned down to put that inside her mouth and started licking and sucking. In no time, I had to say “I am coming!!”, then she pulled that out from her mouth and the entire load was shot on her white dress. I put my equipment back in my shorts, closed the shower and sat down. She sat on my lap and using the hand shower, I started to cleaning her clothes while giving good rub on her sexy wet body.

I suddenly felt that – now it is kind of going out of control, I have lost my t-shirt, below her shirt no bra, I do not have underwear below my shorts and she had already taken my equipment out and sucked it once!! One more spark and we might get into “That”. So, time to be cautious!! I slowly kissed her gently while she was seating on my lap (to be precise, she was seating on my rock solid shaft), hold her breasts in my palms and carcasses them gently. Then slowly we have moved out from shower cubicle, took the towel and start wiping each other.

Then we took our dry clothes, she changed inside the bath and I have changed inside the room and sat together on a sofa. This time she wore one of her T-shirt without bra and I wore another shorts still without anything below it. She sat on my lap hold my hands around her waist and I took her breasts in my palms, kissed on her ear, sat like that for endless time and cherished the filling.

Next day morning again, we met in restaurant for break-fast. There she asked “I guess there is couple of beautiful beaches in this city. Am I correct”. “Yes, you are”, I replied. Then she asked, “I had never been to a beach, today being Saturday and we are not working, shall we go to beach today?”. “Oh, yes, we can. The best part is – one beach is not too far from here, so we can easily walk down there” I replied. “Great, will meet in your room in 15 min” she said while we were getting into the lift.

After 15 minute or so, there was a knock in my door and I opened the door and found she is there as promised. Now, I must give a quick description of her clothing. She loves white. This time she was wearing a white plain cotton thin T-shirt and a white shorts. She was looking awesome in the dress. The T-shirt is bit tight and showing her beautiful ample breast, through the thin cotton material you can see the outline of the bra cups, contour of her cleavage. The white shorts were also looking nice.

After entering the room, she hugged me tightly, pressing her nice boobs onto my chest, which gave me instant erection, however, this time, I had underwear under my pants. She asked me “What? You are not yet ready to go to the beach yet?”. I told, yes, will get ready, but how about you? She instantly replied, “I am ready”. I asked “Are you not getting into the water?” “Yes, of course, I will” was her reply. “What?” I screamed, “Are you getting into the water wearing this?” Well, here, before proceed further, wanted to inform that, in India, people get into sea for bathing wearing their regular clothes, so usually you can see lots of wet look. “Yes, what’s the problem?”, she replied playfully. “this will be completely see through when wet. Don’t you know that?” I explained. “Yes, and if people tries to stare at me, you will protect me like this”, with staying this, she again hugged me tight and continued “no one can see my front side and you put your arm and hands at my back to cover my back as well”. I was so excited thinking about her wet body pressed onto mine.

I changed quickly to my yesterday’s blue denim shorts and green t-shirt, which was still little moist. This time, I did not forget to put my undies under. Told her to tuck her t-shirt inside her shorts, else with wave, it may goes up, which she did instantly. Then we headed to beach, which was about 15 minutes’ walk from our hotel through a not so known and not crowded lane. When we reached the beach, it was about 11 AM and the sand was already hot. We had taken one towel in a bag and kept that bag with towel and sandal in one corner of the beach.

She was at my right hold my waist using her left hand and I hold her on her shoulder and proceed toward the water line. Very soon, with waves coming in, the water level started rising, from our feet to ankle to knee height and then suddenly with a bigger wave, the water touched both of our shorts and the lower part of our shorts got wet.

We started laughing like anything and asked her, if she is enjoying it. “Yes, very much and let’s go ahead and little deeper into the water”. So, our walk continues, but for some time, due to unknown reason the waves were smaller and it was not even reaching our knees. We must have walked at least 15 steps down and suddenly I have found one wave is being formed, it’s big, sorry, it’s actually huge. I told her quickly to turn towards me, keep her legs apart and hold my hand tightly. I also did the same thing.

It took hardly 2 seconds and then a huge wave hits us and the water level rose upto our chest. Both of us somehow managed to retain balance. When the water level goes down, I was really happy to see what the water had made to her white t-shirt and shorts. Both gone completely transparent and you can see her naval and even her upper knee and white pantie under shorts clearly through wet white clothes.

But I did not get much time to relish the view as the next wave was also big and was in formation. She suddenly asked “I want to go down in the next wave”, “sure, hold me tight and once the water comes just fold your knees and go down”. Immediately the next big one hits us again – same height and she hold my waist tight and fold her knees and gone down, I was holding her through her arm-pits. Once she stands up – wao – what a sight!! She is now completely wet from her head to toe. Every curve of her body is clearly visible through wet material of her dress. Her breasts, cleavage, naval, shoulder, bra straps across the shoulder all. What’s more is – now her nipples are hard and got erected and poked out through the thin material of her white bra and can even see the pink area around the nipple too.

For me, it was really hard to resist and I was about to pull her into my arms, she looked at herself down and said “cover me please” and then literally jumped into my arms and both hugged each other tightly. Now, I can see her back through her dripping wet white t-shirt, her bra straps and through her shorts her beautiful butts as well. My dick was hard as stone and erected through my shorts, I hold her tight through the lower part of her body, so that her special area gets pressed against my hard dick. I started breathing fast. Remember readers, we are in India and you are not supposed to kiss or do other PDA things openly. So we spend some more time like that and then started moving out.

Once we are back in shallow water, she asked “can’t we seat here for some time?” with my approval, she asked me to seat first and then she sat on my lap warping her beautiful legs around my waist, facing myself. I was holding her tight when waves coming and hitting us and that time with the waves our faces were touching each other and we are having a quick small kiss on each other’s lip.

After some time, she said “I need to pee, what shall I do?” I said, even I also need to do the same and we should get up and go back to hotel, for which we need to hold our pee for at least 20-25 min. She said, no I don’t want to leave now.

Then I said, second option is do it here! She got red and said what? Just like this? I answered, why not? We are anyways wet, so no one can see what we are doing and secondly, water will wash everything within minute! She understood and almost immediately I felt warm water on my coach area, with that I got more hardened and released my pee as well. it was so erotic feeling. She got very aroused with that and hold me very tightly. We released our stock and she gave me a sexy smile, still holding me very tight. Suddenly, I saw the time, it was almost 1PM, so we decided to get up, walked till the place where we had kept our towel etc.

She hold me tight while I started wiping her hair and her back with the towel getting fantastic feeling of her soft wet breasts pressed on my chest. Then it was her turn, she wiped my head and back and then pushed back a bit and started wiping water from the front side of my T-shirt and then worked out the same with my shorts rubbing by hard erected organ nicely. I had no option other than wetting my pants there with excitement.

Then it was my turn, I worked on her beautiful ample breasts, rubbed the towel and then lower part of her shorts too. She was shivering in excitement and joy. After these, sat on the sand for next 15 minutes so that our clothes gets bit dried off and people do not see all beauty spots of her body! Then at about 1.30 we reached hotel, as decided earlier, we both came in my room, I was about the allow her to get her cleaned first, but she suddenly said, “why are you leaving me alone? Come on in and help me to clean all the salt water and sand from my clothes and I shall also do the same for you” with a wink.

So, we both went inside. She first stood in shower area pulling my hand and hugged me tight. I opened the shower, the water started flowing through our warm, excited bodies.

We started cleaning up each other standing in that position, first with water then we stopped the shower and took shampoo and applied to both of our hair and then again cleaned. Next she took shower gel, started applying on my body, first back side, then front of my t-shirt and then her hand worked down to my shorts. Suddenly, she put her hands inside my shorts and underwear and rubbing her hand with shower gel on my hard shaft, what a feeling!!

Then it was my turn. I now took the gel and started applying on her back side of the dress, she pressed her body with me and I could feel that she is shivering in joy and excitement. Once I am done with her back, started the front side of her dress, took both her beautiful wet breasts into my hands and pressed gently while applying gel there and then onto her shorts on special area.

I too put my hand inside her shorts and white panty and reached to her spot and applied gel gently around her clit. We got embraced and had a long passionate kiss as both of us were unable to take the excitement anymore! Then after opening the shower again, she removed my t-shirt and whispered again on my ear – “please remove the hooks of my bra please!!” I was not in a position to do anything other than following her command.

She then took that out and throw herself in my arms again. I could not stop myself from holding her tight onto my chest, her soft breasts were stuck to my body, my hands were roving on her back vigorously. I can see her back clearly through her soaking wet white t-shirt which is plastered on her body like her second skin.

We again started kissing each other passionately. She could clearly feel the huge bulge through my shorts and she again pushed her hand inside my shorts. We slowly sat on the bath area, she was on my lap, I took her beautiful breasts, which was completely been see through her wet white material in my hand and started caressing them gently and her hand was inside my shorts on my dick and she was playing with it. In no time, I again busted in her hand and she smiled at me. I put my finger gently inside her shorts and found her lips very moist.

We indulged with kissing again. Suddenly she pulled my shorts down and took my hard shaft out in her hand and started kissing it and then placed to her special area over her shorts and started pushing it through her shorts. Now, it was an electrifying moment. But slowly after few seconds we composed our scenes and decided to move out. She pushed back my equipment back to my shorts again, we embraced each other, kissed on her beautiful breasts and then left her in the bath to change.

But she decided not to change and came out in a minute or so, just after wiping the extra water from her clothes. This time, I can see that she had removed her panties as well. she then asked me to remove my undies, I was little hesitant to do it in front of her. Understanding that, she took charge, slowly pulled down my shorts and undies, my dick is just standing straight, she kissed on that gently and then put just the shorts back.

Then, I sat on a chair, still in my wet clothes and she sat on my lap, took my hands on her breasts and started kissing each other and enjoying the moment. . after 10/15 minute, we realized that we both are very hungry and need some food.

On the other hand, we liked our interaction so much; none of us were ready to change to a decent clothing to go for lunch. Finally, we decided to order room service. Once room service came and knocked the door, she swiftly went to the bath room and gave the bathrobe for me, which I wrapped around and received the food.

The moment the room service guy left the room, I came out from bathrobe and she from bathroom. I sat in the chair again, she on my lap again but this time both facing each other. We started feeding each other. Once some Indian gravy fall onto our clothes, (both our clothes in wrong place – for her on one of her breast and rest on my dick). We decided to lick from each others body – both our dresses are still very wet – I licked the gravy from her breast and then she liked from my shorts just over my dick. When we are almost done with lunch, she suddenly asked “Do you know swimming?”. I said “Yes”. Then she said, let’s go for a swim.

But I don’t have costume with me, I complained. “I also don’t have, but let me see if we can manage” she replied. Then she picked up the telephone in the room, dialed the number and asked “Do you allow swimming in regular clothes?” I could hear the answer from other side “yes, we do, as special cases”. Then she asked again – “can I book the pool for an hour, when no one else will be there?” again, the answer was Yes.

Once this conversation ended, she stood up and pulled me up and said “let’s go, but before that I need to pee again and I liked the previous peeing episode very much, it’s so sexy!” I was really shocked – but she pulled me back to the bathroom, force me to seat on the floor of the bath area, then she sat on my lap, exactly over my hard erected cock, which was hitting her pushy area, then took the hand shower and made both of our dresses dripping wet again. I hold her beautiful breasts in my hands, our lips locked, tongues started exploring inside our mouth and we both were peeing in full force! Once we are done, we washed ourselves with hand shower again.

Then she pulled me up and said – let’s go for next session – which is swimming! I am shocked again and asked her “we need to change at least”. “Why? Are you expected to be dry in swimming pool? Why waste one more set of clothes by making them wet again?” I had to reply “well, I understand, but we need to go through the public area before reaching to pool and your wet white clothes will attract lot of people”. “Don’t worry, both of us will hide our wet clothes under bathrobe, so no one will understand our wet state”, was her reply.

Stating that she picked up one more bathrobe (one was lying in the room already) and wrapped around her and handed over the other one to me. I then first rubbed my hand all over her body to sock the dripping water from her clothes. I asked “will you not bother to wear your underwear?” “No need at all, that’s why I have reserved the pool only for us”.

We went down together, hiding our wet clothes without underwear under the bathrobe into the pool area. As she told, the pool was reserved for us. We took two pool towels and went inside the pool area. This was an indoor pool, water was blue and inviting. I removed my bathrobe and went inside the water, she also removed her bathrobe but sat next to the water, putting her legs inside water. I called her to come in, but in response, she just extended her hands towards me and asked me to carry her on my arm. I came close to her, she wrapped her arms around my neck, put her legs around my waist and embrace me.

To support her, I put my palms below her hips. Her white t-shirt is still dripping wet, clearly showing her beautiful breasts and her shorts were also dripping and I could see every curve of her lower body through the transparent material of white shorts. Her breasts now again stuck against my chests. I started moving into deeper side of the water like this slowly. She moved herself down a bit slowly, so that her special area gets good press against my again erected hard dick. Gradually the water level increased and raised upto our shoulder. She suddenly increased her pressure onto my dick and my chest and kissed me deeply.

Then slowly she moved down and stood in the water and asked me to support her, I extended my arms, she lies on my arm in the water, just putting her breast on my palm and started paddling. What an erotic feeling, you can clearly see her back and hip through her thin white wet material of t-shirt and shorts, breasts on your hand and the beautiful sexy young woman is with you.

After couple of minutes, she stood straight and embraced me tightly, before that, I could clearly see her nipples got really hard and erected. It was very clear how much she was enjoying. We again kissed deeply.

Again she repeated the paddling exercise and this time, she stood keeping her back to my side, so I do not miss the chance of holding her breasts in my palm and started fondling with them. I was so aroused that my dick was standing almost straight 90 degree and she then turned towards me, hold my waist took deep breath and slowly went inside the water, then pulled my shorts down took my throbbing hard dick inside her mouth and licking it. Not sure how she could do it under water, but in no time I just busted inside her mouth and she came out and opened her mouth with full of my load smiling and then just swallowed it.

Now this was my turn, I also took deep breath, went down, pulled her shorts down, she opened her legs wide, my mouth could reach to her beautiful lips and just kissed there, but I lost breath quickly and had to come out. I again took deep breath and went down to rub my face and mouth on her breast which is completely visible through her dress. My poor dick is still hanging under water outside my shorts, so she first took that and pushed against her special area, but for a short while and then took good care of putting it back to my shorts and I returned the favor by pulling her shorts up.

Then again she jumped on my lap again, wrapping her legs around my waist in such a way that my dick press hard against the very special area of hers. Her breast was pressed against my body again and we started moving out to shallow water and had a very long passionate kiss.

Once we are out from the pool area, we took the towels and started drying each other with utmost care, by rubbing our hands in each others special areas and then sat there for about 5 minute, just to hide my erection (it was so obvious that even the bathrobe cannot hide that). Then hide our wet transparent state under bathrobe to come back to my room.

Once we are back in our room, we just throw the bathrobes and embrace each other very tightly pressing my dick against her shorts and her big, soft breasts pressed against my body. After that we went to the bathroom again together to take a good shower in our clothes and enjoyed the good time there.

Wonderful Wet Experience With My Lady Colleague In Mumbai City