The Tales Of Distance

The tales of distance :

I was 18 and out of a boys school. I was at that stage in life where I could be tagged as a “pervert”. I found girls on orkut and talked to them just to find a girlfriend from another state. She went to a different school but joined a college that was 2 hours away from my place . We met once in a month and we go to movies . Her college was in a village and the theatres were almost empty on weekdays. We gradually started getting physical from making out to me trying to put my hand inside her top. I would constantly touch her boobs over her top and see her blush. This went on for few meets. Since it was a village , I could not get a room or any other place for us to get more physical. Theatres was our best shot as they were empty mostly.

Once we had a big fight and to console her , I had to go and meet her. She was happy to meet me and we went to a movie and got tickets for the box only to know it was just the two if us in there. As soon as the lights went off , we started making out and because we had fought, the passion was more. I slowly slid my hand inside her top and grabbed her left boob. I loved holding it and I started squeezing it. I went to grab the other boob and squeezed it to my heart’s content. It was uncomfortable to sit next to her and do it and also I wanted to see her boobs. So I lifted her top and bra , saw her boobs , made her turn towards me and started sucking those boobs. She loved it and she wanted me to go on. I slid my fingers into her pants and found her panty really wet. I put my fingers inside and started rubbing her wet pussy.

She put her hand in my pants and started feeling my cock. I wanted to lick her pussy. So I let her sit on the chair, I got down pulled her pants down and went down on her licking her wet pussy. She loved it till she got an orgasm. She was embarrassed and I had to get back to my chair. Then I wanted her to suck my cock. I pulled my cock out, pulled my skin down for her to see my tip. She went on and kissed it followed by licking my tip. I wanted her to take it in her mouth and she did the same. She started sucking it and after a while I came in her mouth. The first half of the movie was over. Our movie too.

The second half started and I wanted to have sex with her. So I got her horny by sucking her boobs but never touched her pussy. She was really horny , she started rubbing my cock and asked me to rub her pussy for her to cum. But then I told her I want her to lie down on the floor so that I could see her naked completely. She lied down, pulled her top and bra up, jean and panty down. I got down too and slowly touched her pussy while I started sucking her boobs. She was very horny and I made her pull down my jean and she took my cock in her hand and started stroking it. I took off her pants and the underwear and mine too. I wanted to put my fingers in first and she was wide enough for four fingers.

Then I lied down above her ,held her legs and tried sliding my cock in. It was a great feeling as I got inside her. There were moans from the both of us as I started fucking her going from slow movements to hard deep penetrations. She did not want me to cum inside her and when I got the urge I pulled my cock out, made her sit and put my cock in her mouth. I was finger fucking her the same time for her to cum at the same time. She drank my cum and also got her orgasm. We sat on the chair, dressed up and after a while I started being naughty again. I grabbed her boob and started squeezing it over her top. She gave me a look which meant “Seriously ? Again ?” but did not stop me. I wanted to fuck her again.

After making her horny and wet , I pulled down her pants and panty and made her sit on me on the chair. I had my dick out already and she sat on me taking my dick into her pussy . She gradually increased the pace of jumping and all this while I was squeezing both her boobs from behind.

Finally she came but I had more in me. So I asked her if I could go anal. She was worried if it would pain but I assured her that I would come soon. So I put the wetness of her pussy over her asshole and then slid my cock in which was extremely difficult and painful, nevertheless once I was in, I started fucking her and came in a while. We made out for a while and then I wanted to go about it again. There were stairs leading upto the box .They were inside the theatre and dark too.

I took her there, took off her pants once again, made her sit on the stairs and lay back, spread her legs and put my tongue over her pussy and started licking it. She held my head and brought it closer making me lick more and more. When I was too hard , I made her turn around and entered her from behind and fucked her like crazy. I was pretty sure that its going to be my last for the day and I did not want to waste it. I fucked her so hard and finally poured my cum over her ass. She was too tired to get up and she laid there for a while. We got up and sat on our chairs and she laid her head over my shoulder and we watched the credits of the movie roll.

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The Tales Of Distance