The Hot Rainy Day With Friends Married Cousin Sister

Hi To all my dear Iss friends this is Manish from Delhi. Today I would like to narrate my true experience which was happened with me just 15 Days ago with my friends cousin sister Mita. It happened suddenly without any bad intention on her. She is really one of the beautiful lady with accurate stuff on accurate place which I get in notice while incident took place. She is 29 years old married one year back

Coming to the story without delay this happen on 15 th of July when there was a marriage ceremony in my friend’s home just engagement only of my friends elder bro. all are busy in their respective works including me day before engagement day. Actually I know her from my school days because she visits to my friend’s home like daily because her home is near at that time. But after marriage she moved to different place of delhi which is actually 2 hrs journey from friends place.

No more delay lets have some fun get ready to shake and finger friends. Incident happened like this all r busy in the arrangement I don’t have any bad feeling for her till that day because I to treat her as my sis. Suddenly my friend asked me a favor that I have to with her cousin sis in-laws home because she forget to take some of her jewellary and he is quite busy and her hubby was in office and will join us only in the night so he told me. I said no problems and get ready with my bike. It was 3 pm. So v started our journey after get out from more than all the red lights and heavy jam its suddenly getting dark in 4 pm I got it that soon v have to face rain including red lights.

Suddenly rain drops started and soon it was converted into heavy rain. We both get wets and too I didnt found any place to get shelter soon after 10 minutes I found one place. There already so many people were there. I stopped my bike there v two get off. Because of rain v both were totally wet I found that she was a owner of a great body but no bad intention. Soon I realize all the men there were only watching her boob which was covered with red colour bra and it is clearly visible in her yellow suit.

I got frustrated because of this and I told her v have to leave this place. Because her home was just 30 minutes drive from here. She was not interested but with some force she agreed and we drove off to her home and I can feel her boobs which were of 32 d which I got to now later was touching my back And I was not feeling comfortable. Soon v reached our destination.

After reaching there she had given me a towel to get dry and told me to go to the wash room to change with her hubby’s dress. I forget to tell u it was only one bhk and her in-laws were not staying with there and they are having only one attached bathroom. I get in to her bedroom where I removed my watch my wallet and mobile and kept on her dressing table and gone to change my dress. after about ten minutes I changed the dress came out of the bath room and found mita waiting for me to get out. Again I had seen her boobs which made me crazy which was wet. But I diverted my mind and came to dining room. And sit on sofa.

After about 10 minutes I realize that I have to call my friend and tell the situation to him. And I thought mita might be in washroom. So s soon I opened the door of the bedroom I found her nude and getting dry with towel.

She didnt notice me but I was in 7th heaven after seeing her nude fully. What a body she has I lost in my mind thinking about her. There she noticed me and wrapped the towel and shouted on me then I get back into my sense and said her sorry and said I thought you were be in washroom thats why I came to take my cell phone. She said nothing and I took my cell and came back to dining room after calling to my friend I remember what was just happened I lost my mind and again my steps going forward to the bed room it was automatically I don’t know what happened to me I just open the door till It was unlock and again I seen her in just pink panty which she was wearing and nude from top.

Soon she realized that I was there and again she shouted on me that what the hell m doing here again but I lost in my mind and ignored what she was saying and just watching her she wrapped the towel again and started shouting again. I didnt said anything to her just started to move forward she shouted loudly than I realize what I was doing and stopped there and said sorry to her and again said I was lost in mind after seeing u nude don’t know what was happened to me. I said to her she is so beautiful and all the stuff to her after listening she started to cry then and there felt I like ashamed that what I had done its wrong she is also like sister to me. And get back to dining room. but how can I forget all the stuffs after all I am a man I felt that my manhood is on his top erection so again I move forwards to her room and left behind that she is my friends cousin.

As soon I opened the room again she was fully dressed and some tears r in her eyes than I step forward and said sorry for what I had done so she said I am sorry because she forget to lock the door and started crying I moved forward wipe out her tears and said don’t cry it’s not your fault not even my its only suddenly happened. don’t know what happened to me I hugged her very tight but she resist me and said what I am doing but I didnt lose her soon she release me and said what I m doing its wrong I didnt said to her anything just pull her towards the wall and started kissing her all over her face but she was resisting me but I overcome her and she was not able to resist me and started crying and saying this is wrong we can’t do this but I am not listening to her just put my lips on her and started kissing her and moved my one hand and put over her salwar over her pussy and started massaging her she was crying and resisting me but she was not able to do anything. Soon I was totally over her and kissing all over her face, neck, than to her boobs over her suit and licked her made her suit wet of my saliva and with one hand I was massaging her pussy over her salwar.

Then I little lift her suit and licked her navel deeply which made a sudden current in her and slightly stopped resisting me then I untied her salwar with my teeth In sudden flow It fell down she realized it and again started resisting me but with a sec move I placed my mouth on her pink pussy and started licking which made her feel like heaven and totally stopped resisting me and soon I removed her panty with my hands and started licking her pussy it was wet and the smell made me crazy and I started licking her with my full force.

After about 5 minutes she discharged her all liquid on my face which I licked and cleaned her then I see her face which was like double meaning tears in eyes and smile of satisfaction than I stand up and grabbed her and pull her on bed than I removed my dress stretched her legs and placed my dick over her pussy soon she realized that I m going to enter her till than she was in another world with closed eyes but after feeling my dick on her pussy she open her eyes and lift her leg and pulled me and said not to do this please I can’t show my face to any one after this but there was devil in my mind any how I have to fuck her so without listening her I again grabbed her and stretched her leg and with full force I penetrated her in one go it was in but she was little bit tight and she was in pain. ahahah ahahah and started crying again I didnt listen anything and started pumping her she was tough to fuck but because of her first discharge I was able to fuck her slowly and soon I fucked her with full speed and she too started moaning and started lifting her hips to match with my speed and crying too soon again she discharged and after her hot fluid touch to my penis I felt like 7th heaven and lost my all control and with full speed I came in her. And fell on her.

After 5 minutes I get off from her and realized what I had done with my friend’s cousin she too was crying for the same than I tell her sorry and said to her that after seeing u nude I lost my mind and control. And said sorry and get my dress and left her room after about half an hour she came from her room with well dress and she said we have to leave now with mo expression on her face and till than it was 7 and rain was almost stopped. I m feeling shame and guilty to for what I had done and frighten that if she may tell this to any one than my life will be spoiled. I was very nervous and not able to walk she understood my feeling and said to me it’s not our fault what was happened it was sudden so leave it don’t remember what was happened between us and don’t worry I will not reveal this to any one and u too please not to tell this any one otherwise her life will spoil.

Then I feel relaxed and move towards my bike and started going back to friends home.

One more thing friends she told me that she too enjoyed it very much and first time licked by someone and m the first man after her hubby and she loved what I did with her. What happen next while on the way and how I again fucked her in my cousins home will be in next story because its already too long story and each and every thing is true ……please give your feed back at / / i am waiting for your replies… till then enjoy……

The Hot Rainy Day With Friends Married Cousin Sister