My Colleague Is My Angel

I am a executive in a office and a forced bachelor in the city. Two ladies are working in my section. One of the ladies is very beautiful and they used to come to my room for discussion.

The beautiful lady entered my room for some discussion. The room is air conditioned and the door closed automatically as she entered the room. Her bra strap was visible outside slipping out from her blouse. I was staring at it . She corrected it looking at me smilingly.

She came close to me and standing by the side of me and discussing. The abdomen is about to touch my cheek and the aroma coming from her body aroused me. I pulled her holding her butts and kissed her at the abdomen. She said “not here, come home my hubby has gone abroad”.

She left the office first and after sometime, I started. I phoned her “I am coming to her home “and she asked to bring two beer bottles. I was astonished. Along with beer bottles, I took jasmine ,a honey bottle and some snacks.

After reaching home, I knocked the door and she opened the door and welcomed. She was in t-shirt and a skirt. She introduced a lady as her mother who was looking like her sister. In the hall we were talking for sometime and the mother brought coffee. She said”you are staying tonight here ” It was doubly ok for me. She took me to her bedroom. She asked her mother to bring glasses. I asked “do you drink?” She said “yah, on like this occasions” She smiled. We started taking drinks.

She hugged me and kissed biting my lips. I held her breasts and pressed. She told” remove my dresses” I removed hers and she mine. She is so beautiful and glittering like golden doll. I held the breasts and put my mouth and sucked the pink nipples. She hugged and kissing me violently. I pushed her on bed, spread her legs , poured the honey on her pussy tips and I started licking. She shut her eyes and held my head against her pussy. I kissed her from head to toe. I poured honey on her navel and licked it.

She again pressed me against her pussy and I licked deep , fingered her pussy sucking her breasts Then she sucked my cock and it enlarged. She said ” you are my hubby today, taste me as you like”. I kissed her lips, chewed them and sucked her alternately

Then I spread her legs and pushed my cock inside her pussy. She was enjoying. I started driving fast and fast. She was lifting her butts up and down in pace with my bang. I was sucking her boobs and fucking wilder. She said not to release water inside but on her face. She attained orgasm first and I was about to release the sperms. I pulled out my cock and facialized her. She licked the sperms and tasted.

I pushed my cock in her mouth and she sucked and cleaned swallowing the cum. She was happy and she said she had a good dick and thanked for quelling her sexual thirst and wanted me to visit every week and try her in different positions till his husband returns.

After dinner, She said “you sleep tonight with my mother so that she will not reveal our affair to anybody” I readily accepted.

She went to bed and I went to her mothers bed room. The room was perfumed well and the old was expecting a good and hard dick. As soon as I entered, she locked the room. She removed her nighty and undressed me. We hugged each other. Her body was in tact. Her breasts were larger than her daughters. She pushed her breasts in my mouth and I started sucking them. She sat down and kissed tip of my cock. She was licking around the tip with her tongue and sucked so gently that I became exotic. I pushed her on bed and spread her legs and pushed my cock in her pussy. i started fucking her wilder ans she was giving good company. She wanted to release my hot cum in her mouth.

After sucking her breasts and fucking her pussy for about half an hour, I pulled out my cock and released my liquid in her mouth. She enjoyed drinking the sperms. She held my cock and sucked cleanly. I kissed her. She said “You are fucking better than my son-in law, I need you hereafter regularly, come here, taste my food and pussy” I whispered in her ears ” can we have threesome fuck myself, you and your daughter”. She laughed “you naughty”. Her Face brightened. She said “ we shall go to her daughter bed room” She was asleep covering a bedsheet The mother removed the bedsheet Daughter was sleeping naked on the bed. The mother spread the legs and started licking pussy.

I started sucking her boobs She wondered what are You doing The mother whispered “we shall have threesome fu it will be interesting” When mother was licking the pussy of her daughter, I pushed my cock in daughter’s mouth She was sucking it gently first and fiercely then. Daughter became exotic and she wanted my dick. I inserted my cock and fucked her wilder. The mother was kissing her daughter and massaging her boobs The daughter was enjoying my fuck murmuring “ I never had such a fuck, You are my real hubby, pour all your cum inside pussy this time”.

When I released my cum, she held me firm by putting her legs on my back and firmly tightening My cock felt going deep one inch further in her pussy and I released all my cum inside and I got up The cum was flowing out of her pussy The mother kneeled down and licked the flowing cum and kissed her daughter for getting fully satisfying fuck The mother turned to me kissing me all over my body and wanted me to fuck her in ass. I was thrilled as it is going to be different experience.

She bowed down showing her back to me positioning her legs suitably I did not find difficult in inserting my cock inside her ass Holding her jumping breasts I fucked hard and hard and released hot cum on the back of her ass. She turned and put my cock inside her moth and sucked. Then she kissed me and thanked for giving different experience that day. Of the two, dicking the mother was more enjoyable and decided to stay there in the day and explore differently when the daughter left for work.

My Colleague Is My Angel