Girlfriend Shared By Best Friend

I have a girlfriend named Shalini. She is not really a regular type of girl. Cute and innocent buts thats all before this incident took place. Thanks to fucking me!

Shalini was a hot bomb. She was extremely hot with a figure of 36-24-36 and her boobs! Good God! They were amazing! Boobalacious I say they were soft huge and well curved with small pink nipples. I used to suck on them whenever I got a free time I used to call her in my paying guest room which was far away from the coaching campus. And it was like my own personal home up here.

Now jumping back to the story. I have a best friend named Hritick. He has always spoke to me like , Dude wish I could fondle and suck on Shalinis tits as you do every evening”. Actually u used to get aroused a lot thinking of that. So I made a plan.

I told Shalini that I would not be at my pg for the half of the day and will return at night so she can stay at my pg and take care of my flowerpots by watering them during the afternoon as its quite hot in kota. She agreed.

I asked Hritik to just go to my pg just after I leave and ask if there was me and when she tells no then just go inside and have some chat among yourself.

I actually had put a hidden camera inside my american tourister and made a hole on the bag that revealed the lens so I thought this could be quite great! Hritik did the same I told him to do. Shalini was wearing a blue t shirt round neck and a tight half pants.

She asked Hritik if he wants some tea. He accepted and shalini made themselves some tea. They drank and they talked and talked and then they started to study together. Hritik was still not losing his grip over the situation. He asked Shalini that if she would mind of he takes off his t shirt because it was hot inside there. She smiled and agreed. Hritik has a real physique I must say to which Shalini stared for quite some time.

Then Hritick was so obsessed that he even took off his pants. Now he was sweating like hell. Shalini breathed heavily and she asked hritik that she wants to open her T too. There it goes baby! Her huge melons popped out like two fucking balls of sponge inside her bra. Her navel was so great too. She has got an hourglass figure.

Hritik was so turned on that he tried to stop his erection by concentrating on the books. But he looked towards shalini and said,”dear you have got such a nice cleavage wish I was your boyfriend so that I could have seen the whole of it.” The moment he said that Shalini jumped at him and laid him over the bed and kissed him like her long time lust. Hritik was so amazed to this. Hritick then tore up her bra and put the huge boobs on his mouth and sucked them like hell. The video recorded and sounds came like “mmmm ahmmm great boobs Shalini Oh your nipples so small and so hard! Mmmm ammmmm mmm chuk chuk chuk chuk chuk chuk..”

He then turned shalini down and went on her and started to press her boobs and suck them like a mad person. He kept on sucking them and the boobs were growing so much apparently they seemed to have reached a size of 37 or 38.

Now Shalini said ” Hritik I always dreamt of getting my boobs sucked by you baby, common more suck it more drink my milk as much as you want my boobs are all yours baby”.

Hritik sucked both the boobs at the same time and it was amazing he was literally sucking them so hard it was one hour passed but still he was pressing and sucking her huge soft tits.

Now he asked her if he can have sex with her. She kept quiet for a moment after that she asked if he has condoms? He smiled and said condoms for life baby! Then he took out a dozen of Kamasutra condoms. Shalini was amazed. She bit her lips and crawled her legs inside and said are you going to fuck me like an animal?

Hritck jumped on her and kissed her lips and gave her a tongue bath. They smooched and finally Shalini asked him to fuck her hard!

Hritick fucked her in a missionary position and it was so fast and so hard the sound was so huge of thumping while shalini made noises like ohh ahhh ohh hritik babyy yesss fuck me yesss fuck me more harder more faster ohhh babbby.

Then he fucked her in doggy style now before I proceed I want you all to know that shalini has the ass that meant to be fucked and splatted hardly so huge so round shiny ass goddd.He fucked her ass out he splatted on her ass and she cried in pain. He fucked her for 15 mins my god he lasted so much then he came inside her obviously inside the condom.

Then shalini asked him to lay down as she would suck his cock my god she had never sucked mine and later I found that he had a 8 inch cock and without pubes god! She sucked them like a slut god! She rolled her tongue on his balls and every possible flesh of his cock he was feeling the most great moment of his life as he was fucking his lust.

Shalini then laid him down and sat on his dick and took her boobs with her hands pressing and made them sucked by hritik while she fucked hritik. What a moment! Hritik was sucking the huge melons with sweet juices pouring like milk and was fucking my girlfriend simultaneously! Oh god there was noises like ohhh suck them babyyy ohhh ohhhh ohhh ahhh yesss yesss like that yeaaa yeaay eaaah ohhhh mmm yessss yess ohh more suck my tits my milk is all yours yeaaaa wet yourself by my milk on ur face yeaaaa babby fuckkmm fuckkk fucmmm!

It was wonderful god I wished I could be there for a threesome.

Then they took pictures of them with hritick holding her boobs and kissing them and shalini asked hritik to stay there but hritik had to go as I was the next to fuck that slut.

Sex for life baby.

Girlfriend Shared By Best Friend