Plan Succeeded With The Aunt

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Let us come to the incident which happened few days ago. It was my real life incident. After reading many stories I like to try this but got very much fear if anybody know means what happen. But with confidence I decided to try it. I am searching for an BEAUTY to try with her.I got the beauty.

Her name is Keerthi (name changed for secret ) She lives in our colony with her husband.Husband is working in exporting company. She had 2 year son. She looks like a less than 25. She was damn beauty.I many times sites her.but not talk to her much.Now I decided to seduce her.

So I purposely talk to her and play with her son always. She think that I like her son so I am going there but my thinking to seduce her.It going 4-5 months. Then I liberally talk to her. Asking about her family, schooling etc…Today her son was taken by her mother to her home. Today I asked her whether she loved anyone before marriage. She told NO.Then I asked how many love letters u received up today. She said NOTHING. But I compelled her to tell. For purpose of compelling I pressed her hands.

she -I not received any love letter.

Me-I repeatedly asking her

She -how u tel that I received love letters

Me-you looks so beautiful. Every boy will like to have a wife like you.

She-ho ho. Smiled

Me -tell I will not tell to anyone please

At the time I am touching her hands

She -I will tell you dont tell to anyone

Me -Ya. Sure

She -two letters I received. I not love anyone


She-not interested so only

Me -they two are unlucky your husband is lucky

She-for what he is lucky?

Me -nothing

She -tell
Me -if I want to tell I WANT A FAVOR FROM YOU

She-What favor

Me-If say ok only I tell that

She-ok. Tell that why he is lucky

Me -he has beautiful wife like you. You are so sexy. If I had wife like I will come out from bedroom.

She -I think you is small. You become so matured

Me -I told know give me that favor

She -Wat favor you want

Me -must tel ok. Dont cheat

She -Ya. Sure

Me -my long time wish is to TOUCH ONE BEAUTIFUL WOMENS NAVEL. U are only lady I seen. Please allow me only one to touch your NAVEL.

She-r u playing. be serious

Me-Its real. Only once. You are only the beautiful lady which I had seen. U have very sexy NAVEL. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ALLOW ME ONLY ONCE

I repeatedly asking her, At one stage gave permission only one touch hesitatingly

She-ok. Only one time touch told hesitatingly

Me -I said ok

I closed the doors and windows.I opened the saree in NAVEL area. Wow WAT A SEXY LADY SHE IS. I not touched it immediately. I moved hands upper from navel without touching it.she told soon done it. But I not touched. I kept my mouth in the NAVEL. My mouth moved very very slowly kissing her navel TOP BOTTOM RIGHT LEFT in the NAVEL. She got horny.she closed her eyes. Her body slightly swearing with pleasure. Then I moved upper and kissed her Ears same slowly.then I kissed her cheeks and forehead and eye.

Then kissed on her lips. She first resisted but she not able to control it. Then she given good response to the kiss. At the same time I pressed her boobs. I went down and sucking her right boobs with the jacket.

Then I removed her jacket. She wore black bra. Here Bra only blank her body I full white. Without no time I sucked two boobs by changing each minute. She gives sounds like sssaaaa ssaaa ssssaaa. Then I removed her bra. WOW WAT A BEAUTIFUL VOLLEYBALLS. I pressed that sucking that for MILK. Milk not came. I continuously doing it for it. She was half nude. I removed my t-shirt and jeans. I am only jatty.

I moved down start from her legs finger. I moved slowly up with my mouth. She started moaning very very very very much sexy. She dont resist me and not telling anything to do. She just enjoying the work I am doing. I think her husband not given entire pleasure like me. She is very traditional girl how could she allows me because of entire pleasure to each and every part of the body.

At this time she looks like a porn star. Very very very very very very very very very very very sexy heroine….

I opened her panty It was cleanly shaved perfect place for it. I kissed her pussy. Touching it by tough repeatedly. Then gets opening opening opening. Then I went up I kissed her lips continuously for an 15 to 20 minutes. Then I kissed her boobs and navel. I kissed all over her face continues. I kissed her hair and her back from top to bottom.

Then I decided to enter my bro into her pussy. But I dont had any condom. I decided to take the risk because I dont have a chance like this another time I want to utilize it. So I try to enter into her pussy. She seen my tool by opening her bigger.she seen it. Then I trying to enter it into her pussy she seen it but didnt tell anything or to stop for without condom.

After many times it enters into her pussy. I giving strokes she moved front and back again and again in bed. After some time she moaned heavily and louder with pain and pleasure. I repeatedly try it. I think it should not happen more because she may pregnant. So I went out from her. Then I kissing her lips face each and every where. I dressed up from there. Then she went inside the restroom. Came back sat at specific distance. Sitting silently for some time. Then she told how it happened. How could I allow you to do this

Then I said I happened accidentally. Its not your fault. Its all happened forget. If you like this means I will help. If you tell not need this means keep in distance.

Then I came from her home. She not anything.I not disturbing her. Calling and non calling is her decision. HOWEVER MY PLAN SUCCEEDED.

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Plan Succeeded With The Aunt