Neel And Nicky In The Shillong Trip

Hi guys, I am (Neel) back with the next encounter here. I am sure all of you read all my previous stories “Enjoyed with Nicky the Online friend”, “My Story with Nickey Part-2”, “The Train Journey with Nicky”and “After Train Journey Effect with Nickey” and who hasn’t read that, I would request you to read it. So guys, here I am with one of the next encounters.

After we left for our respective homes, we started planning for the next meeting or should I say sex escapes. But we were not lucky enough to get that chance. And we starting living our life and managed with phone sex. And after a few months I somehow managed to get a plan to go to Shillong for a day and night stay. My mind was totally working on how to get her to bed. So we talked about it, and I somehow managed to take her to Shillong.

On the specified date, we started our journey and took a cab for Shillong. As soon as we got into the cab, the sex hungry animal woke up and I hugged her. She signaled me about the cab driver, I said forget about it. But she was not comfortable, so I hold myself to holding hands and staff. And kissed her hands in the middle of the journey.

Upon reaching Shillong, we searched for a hotel and found a nice hotel in just no times. We got into the room after the formalities and now you can guess what happened next. Yes, the moment we got into the room, I hugged her from behind. And started kissing her like there is no tomorrow. She was responding to it very well, as we both were hungry for that for a long time. I pushed her on the bed and we started kissing each other as much as possible. And then we realized that kissing is not the only thing that can be done here.

I started removing her cloths one by one, she did not even resist once. That was a clear signal that she wanted that too, so I kept removing her cloths. And I removed her cloths just like the old times. Removed it an inch and then kissed on the art of the body, whose cloth was removed. I removed her top first and then started kissing her boobs over her bra, which was to my surprise a red one and was looking very sexy on her boobs. I kept kissing her boobs over her bra and started my old habit which she likes a lot.

I started biting her boobs and nipples in between my kisses. Her breathings were getting faster and faster with every bite on her boobs. She was gasping in between and humming. I was getting crazy with all that and started biting her stomach now after biting and sucking her boobs as much as possible. I was rolling and licking her navel area a lot and making it slippery like hell.

Now, I moved to her bottom and started opening her pants. I tried opening with my mouth, coz I knew she likes that act a lot, as it gives her small bites on her lower abdomen while pulling her pants down. After a little help from her, I opened her pants and now started kissing her legs and pussy. I licked it hard over her panties, she moaned a little. I did it again, I kissed, licked and bit her pussy as much as I wanted. Now she was so hot that she wanted me to fuck her but I was not even opening her panty. I just kept licking and biting her pussy over her panty.

Now she was begging me to fuck her. So I pulled her panty down, but to her surprise I started licking it and tasting her juice and started biting her pussy lips hard. She moaned hard and couldn’t control this time and cum. But I did not want to wait for her subside, I pushed my two fingers in her pussy, she went crazy with that act and tried holding my hands, but was unable to do so, as she was cumming too. I started finger fucking her as fast as possible. Her orgasm subsided, and she said, “Why are so bad? Why did you do that? It almost took my life.” I replied, “Didn’t it feel good?” She just smiled, and pulled my face up and kissed on face. She could taste her cum on my face. But when you are too much into this sex act, you forget about all this disguise. All you want to do is feel the love and act. All this while only my shirt was removed so, I asked her to remove my other cloths too, she helped me on that. And I guided her hands to dick, she understood that I wanted to fuck her now.

She guided my cock to it’s mate. And the moment I felt the entrance, I pushed, she gasped a little and closed her eyes in satisfaction and hummed. I started with slow to and fro fucking action and gradually started to increase my speed. She was loving it and after some 20 mins of hard fucking session, I cummed. I cummed outside her pussy in the fear of she getting pregnant. Then we stayed in each other’s arms for some time and then she said, “You rest, let me get fresh.” I did not say anything, just let her go.

When she came out of the bath room, she was just wearing a towel. She wore it over her boobs, which just covering her pussy. With her hair wet and open and water drops on her body, she was looking damn sexy. I hold her hands and pulled her close to me, pushed her on the bed and started kissing her again. I opened her towel and started kissing her. She stopped me somehow, and said, “We need to go out and have some food. We both are hungry, remember?” I said, “I know we are and that is I feeding both of us.” She smiled on my naughty comment and pushed me to the bath room. I took bath and came out with a towel around my waist.

She smiled looking at my bare body and said, “Should open it now?” I said, “Why not?” And I myself opened the towel. She laughed at my action and said, “Not now, lets go for food. I am hungry.” I said, “Ok, but do not ware inners.” She was shocked to hear what I said, but she was naughty enough to smile and say, “OK.” We went out and I was intentionally touching her ass cheeks, and making sure that she knows and I am doing it, but also making sure to be careful and do that in such a way, that even if she say anything to me, I can say like, it was not intentional, it is touching accidentally.

So this way, having a naughty walk on the road, we reached to restaurant. We seated close to each other and ordered the food, while sitting I was looking at her boobs. She was like, why are acting like you never had sex before. I said I can’t control when she you and specially when I know that you were not wearing inners. She smiled, and the moment I saw her smiling, I checked the people sitting around us.

When I noticed that no one is looking or noticing us, I pinched her boobs lightly. She shouted a little and laughed and started hitting me for my act and said, “Wait for sometimes. Do whatever you want once we are in the room.” I said, “Ok” and got up from the seat near her and sat on the opposite side. She thought that I felt bad about what she said, but I had different plan in my mind. The moment I sat on the other side, she started saying, “Please don’t feel bad. Ok come near and do whatever you feel like” I said, “It’s ok.” And saying that raised my leg and kept on her chair in between her legs. She was wearing a short skirt, so I didn’t have any problem keeping it in between her bare legs.

She then understood why I sat there. She smiled and pulled her chair near the table. I got the signal and pulled my chair close the table too and pushed my legs near her pussy and started teasing her pussy with my toe. She was biting her lips a bit and smiling and trying to control her emotion. But my teasing was not letting her do that. And to increase her problem, I was constantly talking to her about some or the other thing, which was not letting her concentrate on the pussy rubbing by my toe.

And in the mean time the waiter arrived with the food. And by this time my toe was on the opening of her pussy lips, it kept her pussy lips open and kept it like that and started eating. She was signaling me to take it out, as she was not able to concentrate on her food, but just acted like I was not understanding anything kept eating my food.

When she understood that I am not going to take that toe out, she started eating keeping my toe in her pussy lips. Once we are done eating there, we moved to our hotel and we moved faster, as we both were by now. We wanted to have sex as soon as possible after the hotel act.

The moment we were back into the hotel, I hugged her from her back and started kissing her on her neck and ears, which was sending waves of current into her body and as she was not wearing any inner wears, I was pressing her boobs freely from back. Her breathing got faster, I pushed her into the bed and got on top of her.

Started kissing her like mad. We lip locked after sometime and she responded to the smooches very well. She hugged me tight and started opening her top. I pulled her skirt up, and went down to her pussy and thought of licking, but I saw her pussy was already leaking, so straight away started biting it.

She liked it like always, and started humming to it and her soft moanings were driving me crazy and started biting her pussy like I want to tear it apart. She got the pain of her life and shouted a little, I said, “No Sweety, don’t shout. People will through us out.” She replied, “Then stop biting it like that.” and smiled. Now I started licking it well and giving her the pleasure she was wanting. She pulled me closer and I understood, she was cumming, so I didn’t go up.

Instead, I pushed one finger into her pussy while licking it. She couldn’t hold it anymore and orgasmed. I kept finger fucking her while her orgasm was subsiding. Once she was done, I went up and started kissing her again, so that she can taste her own juices. When all her juices on my face were licked clean by her, I asked her to suck mine and make it hard so that we can get into the fucking act. She happily agreed to that and pushed me down and went down on me to suck my dick.

Now after so many fucking session, she became a pro in sucking and she sucked it really well. Oh My God! Guys I can’t explain how sexy she was looking when I saw her face sucking my cock. She looked at me and smiled and gave me light bite on my cock and started sucking it again.

When I looked at her while she was sucking me, it was looking amazing, the sight of my cock going in her mouth and then coming out was magnificent. That sight gave me a hard on immediately. And pulled her up and asked her sit on my cock and asked her to fuck herself. She that and guys tell you what.. It is the best position you can ever have, you can see her face and all the reaction on her face and hold her boobs while fucking her.This is only possible in this position. We fucked like this for sometime and then I rolled her down and started fucking her with full speed. After closed to 45 min, I said I am cumming, she said, “Why the fuck are you talking then, fuck me hard and cum. I am cumming too.” I fucked her as hard as possible and cummed in her.

We both lay down like that for sometimes to catch our breath. Once we are done, we kissed each other for sometimes and slept for sometimes. We did it couple of times more that night. And one round after waking up in the morning. Then we had some sightseeing and came back home. This is how the journey to Shillong ended. Hope you liked it, please write to me on / / if you like the story and leave your comments. It’s your comments that inspire me to write all these again and again.

Thank you all. It was not the end of my sex escapades. I had many more after that with other girls and it was the last time we had sex. I never thought that it will be the last sex trip, but it was the last trip. That I will narrate in my next episodes. Till then keep writing to on email. Girls: Keep getting fucked in your pussies and Boys: Keep the fucking on.

Neel And Nicky In The Shillong Trip