One Night Stand In Durga Puja

Hello readers. This is Justin, once again here with another story to rape your mind and satisfy your wild concealed urges (especially the women… Im straight!) . ;) This was a recent incident during one of the days of Durga Puja. What was merely an outing for pandal hopping turned out to be an eventful night. Readers may email their feedback to / /


I was pretty lost as I had no one to accompany me to pandal hopping as it had been years since I could remember the last one. Nevertheless, I decided to get dressed up and embark on a solo adventure. Along the way I would strike up conversations with people just to enquire about beautiful pandals that were available in the vicinity. Up to a certain point, I reached one which was somewhat empty save for the two security guards dozing off at the entrance.

As soon as I went past the pandal threshold there was a group of saree and salwar clad women in their late 20s or probably early 30s. They were taking turns clicking group photographs of themselves. After watching them for a brief moment, I walked up to them and offered them my assistance to which they readily accepted.

They went on and on, and the camera flashes were unending. “One more… One more… Please one more”, they went on with their requests. But I had all the spare time so I acknowledged without any hesitation. In the midst of the photography frenzy, two exceptional beauties caught my attention. One was in a saree and one was in a salwar. I was invisibly swooning and mesmerized by their beauty. They too, noticed me and coyly returned smiles to which I did the same. They were absolutely stunning, especially with the dim neon lights cascading on them.

Fast-forwarding the story (things happened in here but its lame)

We managed to strike a conversation. Of the two, the slimmer one in the salwar was with me. We had a nice conversation over several cups of coffee at a temporary road-side eatery. Her eyes ogled at me and so was mine ogling at her. Mutually, we both knew what was cooking between us.

As our comfort seeped in, our ogling turned into direct eye contact. Her salwar was thin and her boobs were firm, perfectly shaped and a little more than average. I could sense her arousal. Droplets of sweat were visible on her brow and her boobs had their nipples erect and poking through her clothes. I believe she was wet between her thighs as her legs were constantly squeezing on each other. Watching her I had a hard on myself for my bulge in my jeans didnt escape her sight as well. She began biting her own lips and playing with her hair as we looked in the eyes and conversed.

Finally, we broke the ice and asked each other what our plans were for the remainder of the night. I had no clue so I calmly suggested that I could hang around her her alone if she wanted. She thought for a bit and then spoke to her friends over the phone saying she was going home as she wasnt feeling well. Her home was nearby and they were all staying together so no one would be home till morning. I looked at her a smiled mischievously and she too smiled with a burning lust in her eyes. We walked along the empty raid towards her home and I boldly held my arm around her waist as we took our steps. She didnt retaliate rather she walked closer and allowed me to feel her waist and back. I felt her tremble now and then with the touches.

We walked up to the first floor and I stood behind her while she fiddled with her keys. I was having a nice view of her from behind. She knew and just smiled coyly. As soon as she closed the door I held her slowly wrapping my arms around her torso from behind and began showering kisses on her neck and shoulders, pressing my body on her against the door.

She closed her eyes and lifted her hands high against the door. Intuitively, my hands were feeling her curvy body and reached up to her soft warm boobs. “ssss… Aaaaahh….”, was all she could say. I was kneading her boobs and playing with her nipples when one hand of mine went down between her thighs. I was right she was already tremendously dripping with her womanly juice. I carefully slid my palm into her pants and panty and felt her clean shaven pussy. The wetness was far beyond my comprehension. She had a lovely camel toe. One which could milk my penis vigorously. As I played with her pussy the wet squishy sounds were so loud. It was as if her pussy was continuously leaking with her juice.

We then slowly made our way to the dining table in the hall and sat her down on it. Our lips met and we kissed wildly. Gradually, I began to lift up her salwar to disrobe her. Her belly… Her naval… Her boobs… They were so clean and hairless. She cooperated throughout my task of stripping her… Her boobs were larger than I perceived. They were caged in her black bra. Waiting no time I went for the hooks and opened it. There they were, two large and really firm boobs hanging before me.

I stood between her and resumed kissing her and gradually went down on her naked boobs. The nipples are hardened and enlarged. I sucked on them…. Licked them… Pulled them… Made her moan and twitch crazily.

She was totally drowned in her lust and ecstasy. She had my head held in her hands and was trying to press my gave harder on her boobs, and I responded with equal vigour. Our bodies were rocking back and forth with the intensity of the foreplay and it was exquisite. After sometime I went down to her belly… Kissed and licked her waist and naval while she leaned backwards on the table on her palms. It was a beautiful view from where I was. Her belly was shaking with the touches of my lips and tongue. It was at this time that I proceeded to take her salwar pants off.

Once done I held her legs up and kissed her inner thighs. She was totally lost in the sensation that was making her lose her mind. I moved inwards and reached her pussy over her panty. It had a wide and drenched wet patch by then. So drenched that I could literally suck out the juice from her panty itself. Her panty took the shape of her lovely camel toe. The lips were clearly visible.

I wanted to look at her naked pussy so I pulled her panty off. Not even a strand of hair was visible. This lady really maintained herself well, I thought to myself. Enchanted by her pretty camel toe I plunged right at it and began licking and sucking all over it, and digging my tongue deep between the lips. She reacted instantly with louder moans, deep sighs and shrieks. “aaahhh …. eeee ….. Sssss…”, her voice filled the hall. She began yanking at my hair all the more and locked my head with her legs. Her juice was oozing out uncontrollably. This went on for quite a bit till she had a earth shattering orgasm that made her squirt all over my face. It was splendid.

After her orgasm I stood up between her legs again. I didnt have a condom as I wasnt prepared. After a bit of consultation we convinced each other that were were clean. She was eager to have me in her but before that she requested for another pussy licking. I went down again and this time it was even more intense, wild and longer. During this time she had two more orgasm and her squirting was very intense. She looked tired but definitely not done. She used her legs and pulled me closer pressing my dick into her swollen camel toe. Aaahhh it felt so nice and warm. I began grinding my dick on her pussy and the wet squishy sounds filled the hall once again.

As I did I kneaded her boobs and kissed her lips. She was enjoying it thoroughly when all of a sudden I located her hole a trusted myself deep into her. She let out a loud shriek of pain and ecstasy. “aaahh aaah ooooo Ssss….”, came through her partly parted lips in the midst of our kisses. I bucked my hips back and forth and pierced my rod deeply in and out of her sending her jerking back and forth with the smashing of our groins together. In a while I held her legs and plucked them wide open to ram into the deepest corner of her pussy, but it was a bit difficult as she was kind of tight. I could see her swollen lips milking my penis…. And she knew the drill too. She contracted her pussy muscles to grip my dick harder. The feeling was excitingly unbearable.

A little while later I pulled her down and made her lean onto the dining table and raised her hips. I stood behind her and used my dick to tease her pussy. She was really aroused and was pushing backwards grinding her pussy on me. Next I held her tight around the waist and again penetrate her deep from behind. She loved it from behind. She was pushing herself backwards onto me and lifting her hips higher for me to ram into her.

She even used her own palms to spread her as cheeks to expose more of the pussy. I just held her by her waist and kept ramming into her like a piston. Her voice turned sharper and I knew she was nearing another orgasm. “ooooo…. Sssss…. Aaaaahh”, she cried out as I felt her gripping my dick tighter. I was nearing mine as well… Finally, she jerked and shook violently and once again squirted with all her might down out legs and onto the floor. I followed with my orgasm and shot a great deal of sperm into her. She was so spent after 5 heavy orgasm that she could barely stand anymore.

I held her in my arms and carried her to the room which she said was hers. We laid in bed naked under the sheets and cuddled each other. She loved the cuddling part. She said this was her third time having sex and the guys usually just leave after theyre done. She admired the fact that I remained and cuddled her for hours. Later we had a few more sessions that same night. She was totally exhausted that I had to leave without waking her. I left a note expressing my gratitude. Im sure she had a wide smile when she woke up to read it.

One Night Stand In Durga Puja