Savita Bhabhi Episode 39

The wedding preparations were going on in the village and Savita and Shobha were both helping out…

Savita asked Shobha “I had a lot of fun at the temple, Shobha. What did you do while I was away?”

Shobha hesitated to reply “Nothing bhabhi… I just went to sleep very soon.”

Shobha had guilt inside her and she thought to herself “I cant tell bhabhi that I betrayed her trust by fucking Ashok last night.

We might share many lovers, but doing something like this behind her back was wrong.”

She remembered her conversation with Ashok “I’m sorry for what we did last night bhaiya. You must promise me never to tell bhabhi about this.

Ashok had assured “Alright Shobha… It will be our secret.”

So she replied “Nothing bhabhi.. I just went to sleep very soon.”

Savita handed the ladle to Shobha and said “Why don’t you handle the cooking for a while? I just remembered that Kunal Uncle wanted to see me about something.”

Savita sat on Kunal uncle’s lap and kissed him “Thanks for all the hot loving that you gave me last night Uncleji” “Are you in the mood for some more right now?”

Kunal kissed her back and muttered “Mmm… I’d love to fuck you but it will be too risky at the home.”

Savita was confused at his refusal “If you didn’t want to fuck the why did you invite me to your room.”

Kunal handed a few gold bangles in her hand “These are our ancestral bangles; I want you to go to the brides house and give them to her so that she can wear them during the ceremony.”

“Alright, but you better come up with a place for us to fuck soon.”-“Because your bahu is crazy about her sasurji’s cock.”

Kunal smiled and said “Haha… don’t worry. I’ll figure out a way to fuck you again.”

Savita wrapped the bangles in red cloth and thought “Hmmm.. Shobha is busy with the cooking so I’d better go and deliver the bangles myself. The brides house is just a few streets away.”

As she reached, she clasped her hands together and smiled and told a fat woman “Namastey, I’ve got a gift for the bride for her in-laws.”

“A gift, she’ll love that. Her room is the first door to the left on the first floor.” “You should go give them to her yourself.”

Savita opened the door of the room and saw the bride sobbing. She looked surprised and questioned “Pooja, look at what your sasurji sent… Ohh… Why are you crying?”

Pooja looked pretty and even prettier with her big boobs. She wore a green salwar kameez.

Savita sat on side of the bed with her, lifted her chin and asked “What happened? Why are you crying?”

Pooja said “you must be Savita bhabhi. Ayush has told me so much about you” “I’m sorry but I can’t tell anyone about this.”

“Yes, I’m Savita. Don’t cry, you can trust me. What’s the matter?”

The girl said “Since you are not of this village, I can tell you.”-“I…sniff… my ex-boyfriend, Kishan is blackmailing me.”

Savita had a consoling look on her face while she said “What!!! Tell me everything?”

“Even though I only kissed him once, he’s saying that he will tell everyone that we had sex.”-“He wants me to have sex with him once before the wedding or else he’ll ruin my reputation.”

Savita said “Give me his address. I’ll go and have a talk with him and find out if we can solve this problem amicably.”

Savita headed to Kishan’s house, she had her eyes open when she saw him “Is that him? He looks like a village pehalwan.”

Kishan was bare chested, wore just a lungi while he exercised big weights.

Savita left her mouth open “Look at those bulging muscles. He’s got a great body.”

Kishan got a perverted look as soon as he saw Savita’s big breasts.

Savita noticed and got irritated “Are you Kishan?”

“Ummm… yes..” he said while he thought “Damn.. who is this hot bhabhi.. She’s showing off her sexy breasts in that small blouse.”

With a serious expression, Savita said “Inside the house.. I’m more interested in the melons that she has hidden inside that blouse.”

Soon they had a heated debate which got Savita angry “Why would anyone believe what you say? I could convince everyone that this is a ploy to break up the marriage.”

He smiled “Ha ha… I have the letters that she wrote to me. That will prove that we were dating.”-“Then if I make up a lie about us having sex then no one will doubt us.”

Savita thought “I need to get those letters from him or else an innocent girl’s reputation will be ruined.”-“And I think I know just the right way to get them.”

Savita went close to him and pressed her breasts against his chest. She smiled and said “You don’t love her, do you? You are just mad at her for breaking up with you when you tried to have sex with her.”

“So… so what? I … I dated her just because she was the hottest girl in the village.” – “All my friends have lost their virginity but me… they make fun of me…”

Savita had got her seductive expression on her face while she smiled naughtily and said “So this is all just so you can lose your virginity. What if I told you I could provide a substitute for Pooja?”

He said “A substitute? What do you mean bhabhi?”

Savita’s hand was on his cock, she gripped it through the cloth of his lungi while she thought “Wow, I can feel that you have a really big cock.”

What is Savita trying to do with a man she has hardly met? Or is she just trying to tease to get the letters.

Does she help him with his virginity?

Will he give back all the letters related to the bride, Pooja?

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