Her Fulfilled Sex Desire

Hi everyone, this is the story of a girl who wanted to have sex since she was a teenager. In this story, Ive brought something that youve never been through. So lets know her story in her own words.

Start :

Hi everyone my name is Gurpreet Singh, Im 19 years old. My skin colour is bright, my height is 59 and my figure is 28 32 26.

I live in Noida. My story begun when I was 18.i was in class 12th. In school I had many female friends and some guy friends. My friends usually told me about their romance with their boyfriend and having sex with their boyfriends.

I always wanted to do such things like them but I was always afraid. One day I joined a ballet class. I was really passionate with dancing. My teacher was a young handsome man of 23 years old.

He used to teach me dance and touched me while dancing. He had no bad intentions but I really felt an electricity when he touched me. He was a tall, white skinned and handsome man, his name was varun.

My hunger for sex had increased a lot and I really wanted to have sex with varun.

One day it was raining very hard when I reached my dance class and found that only varun was there and no other students had came today. I really felt good as I could spend time with him and I would try to have romance with him.

We danced that day alone in the hall but varun didnt seem to have any intentions of romance.

When it was time for me to go home, it was still raining hard so varun offered me to drop me home in his car.

I agreed and then he drove me and we reached my home. I asked him to come inside and have coffee and he agreed.

As I reached the door, I found a note of my parents. In the note it was written that they were going to the hospital because of their friends accident. Varun said he should go because no one is at home and I will have trouble.

I refused, I said please varun sir come in theres no problem at all.

He came into my house. I made two mugs of coffee for us and sat on the couch next to varun sir

While varun sir was having his coffee I said Ill be back in a minute as I need to change. I went to my room and came back wearing mini skirt and sleeveless top and looked damn sexy. I wanted to turn varun on.

Varun was looking at me as if I was an angel because I was looking really cute and sexy. I sat next to him and started to talk. I noticed him staring at my boobs twice. Then he finally said, “gurpreet mujhe tumse bohot din se ek bat kehni thi, Mai tumse bohot pyaar karta hu gurpreet, I cant live without you please accept my proposal gurpreet please”

I was really very happy because I was near my goal.

I said “varun sir Mai bhi apse bohot pyaar karti hu bas Kabhi keh nhi pai”

As I said this, he hugged me very tightly, I was really turned on.

Then he held me gently by my face and brought near to his lips and kissed me for very long. I was also holding his head and playing with his hair while he was kissing me.

He kissed me on the neck then on the cheeks then on lips again. Then he laid over me on the couch and started to put his hands over my boobs and pressed them.

I held his hands and said “kya Kar rahe ho varun”

He said kya ab Mai itna bhi nhi kar sakta?

I felt shy and gave a smile and he slipped his hands under my top and found that I wasnt wearing bra. He started to kiss me and press my boobs.

Then he said “could we go to the bedroom?”

I got up and held his hand and took him to my bedroom.

He held me from behind and started playing with my pussy. I felt so good that I cant tell. He kissed my neck and turned my face towards his and then removed my top.

He could see my bright boobs with pink nipples. He laid me down on bed and removed my skirt. I wasnt wearing panty. I had no hair on my pussy. He pulled my legs apart and started to suck my pussy. He put his tongue deep in my pussy pulling my clut. I was putting hands on his head and forcing him to lick more and more.

After some time my juice came out and he started to drink it. I was exhausted but he wasnt done. He removed his T shirt and I saw his muscular body with sexy abs. The he removed his jeans and underwear and u saw his 7 inches long cock.

He laid down next to me. I got up and went down to his Cock and started to pull the foreskin down and put the cock in my mouth. He was really delighted.

I licked his cock and his testicles and he started to moan in enjoyment. He shot his cum in my mouth. What a warm and sticky cum it was, wow.

He was exhausted but didnt stop. He laid me down and came upon me and kissed me on lips .

Then he separated my legs and begun to put his cock in but my pussy was really tight.

He applied more force and it started to break in through my pussy.

I shouted out loud “Aaaahh ….. aaahhh varun.” he took his cock out and saw blood. My seal was broken.

I was In deep pain. He again put his cock in my pussy, this time less pain. And then he started to push gently and slowly.

I began to moan “aah …. Aaaahh ….. Aaahhh ….. Oh varun ….. Aaahhh”

He started to push with more power and began pushing at a really high speed. I was enjoying now but moaning gave me a really sexy feel so I continued it.

After some time he began to pant loudly. I knew he was going to cum and at last he pulled his cock out and cummed over my pussy.

Your juice also came out.

I was really relieved and happy. At last varun fulfilled my hunger. We laid down kissing or hugging each other.

So guys, this was the story of Gurpreet who had sex for the first time and fulfilled her desire. Please feedback me on my email and tell me your views about this story, my email id is / /

Thank you and have a sexy day ahead