Unforgettable Fun In Godavari 2 Tier AC

Hello People, Im a regular reader of Indian sex stories and would love to share my personal experience here.

Im Shekar (Name changed) aged 27, working as Software employee in Hyd. I am a frequent traveler between Hyd & Vizag. In one of my train journeys, I met this sexy girl named Radha (Name changed) who is very tall and has a very long hair. Her stats are 34-28-38. YES! Her butt is the best part of her body. Any guy would not leave a chance to take a second look at it. Since Im good at talking with girls (especially in train journey ;) ), I started casually and spoke to her about her whereabouts and all. She is wearing jeans and low neck Tee which is revealing an awesome cleavage for me. I couldnt control myself taking my looks away from her assets and she too knew it. We both became very close and shared numbers as well before we depart.

Calls and chats were commonly happened between us from then. Slowly we started sexting as well. She always enjoy the adult jokes I send but never shared her personal sexual feelings with me. But Im confident that she is sexually aroused whenever we talk about sex and all.

Once during festive season, I havent got reservation done as Im a lazy asshole. I asked her whether she got it, my luck favored me very well and she got herself a confirmed berth in Godavari 2nd AC. I requested her that I will also travel with her, she told me that she will agree only if I promise not to do any naughty things with her. This gave me a double confidence that I should try some naughty things with her in this journey. I told her that I wont if she come is some dull chudidhar dress(which make her look less attractive), told her that her attire shouldnt make me aroused. I made her a fake promise like this.

On the day, When we boarded the train, she was in her tight jeans and Tee which reveals much more cleavage than earlier. She is looking too much sexy in that dress. I was looking at her tits and not taking my eyes off. She said “Chudindhi Chaallu, inka moham chudu”(Enough of looks at them, now look at my face). I said “idhena nee less attractive dress” (is this your less attractive dress) and winked. She said(with a naughty smile) she forgot that and wore it casually. But I knew her plans. My luck again favored me as she got a side upper berth.

We both went into that berth and sitting opposite to each other with our legs stretched. We very cracking jokes and pinching each other with our leg fingers

I laid myself much more so that my leg fingers were exactly next to her boobs and slowly started tickling her boobs occasionally. Time is around 10:00pm, Since its 2nd AC, we closed our curtain. She said she is having light headache and i asked her to sleep on my lap and I will give a nice massage to her head. I was sitting and she kept her head on my lap and and slowly I started my techniques as Im a massage expert.

I kept my finger on her head and started massaging, she started enjoying and i slowly moved my fingers towards her neck(as i knew girls will get aroused easily when a guy touches their neck and i being an expert in massage I am master in that area). she became very happy and said “nuvvu eppudu chepthunte emo anukunna kaani nuvvu ee vishyam nijam ga thopuve” (I thought you were bluffing when you said you are expert in massage. But now i can feel it.) She slowly place her hand on my thigh and started pressing it. I got the signal required. I bent my head towards her and slowly planted a kiss on her forehead while massaging her neck. She let out a slight moan. Then I went towards her lips and got hold of her lower lip with my teeth. Slowly started biting it.

I started kissing her lower lip and she too caught my lower lip at the same time. (As per kamasutra, this is one of the finest kiss ever, where both the partners lower lips will be embraced in others lips).

At the same time, my right hand went inside her tee and bra caught her bare boobs and pinching her nipples, while my left hand still massaging her neck. She was fully aroused and started moving her hand towards my tool and started pinching it over my jeans. As my 6 inch cock is already grown hard and I was having a tough time in my jeans without letting it free.

I asked her to get up and We both started sleeping in 69 position as it is train berth. I started unzipping her jeans and she started mine. I slowly slid my hands into her panty and she is already too wet over there. Slowly inserted my middle finger into her pussy and she couldnt concentrate on taking my dick out as she is feeling heavenly happiness.

I started drawing different shapes inside her pussy walls and she couldnt control herself and took my hand out. She stood and came to my face and said ” Naaku picchekkuthndhi nuvvala chesthunte, thattukoleka arichesthanemo ani aapesaa” (Im going mad when you do that, Im afraid I might moan load. So I stopped). I said ” appude emaindhi, inka mundhundhi assalu technique,(This is nothing yet, wait for the best yet to come) try to control yourself as much as you can”.

Then without even listening to her, I started kissing her lips hard and we had a deep french kiss. I made her sleep again and inserted two fingers this time into her pussy and started making my fingers dance inside her pussy. She is going wild and started biting my leg fingers and I parllely did the same to her. In the meantime, She somehow succeeded in taking my dick out and started stocking it hard with her hands.

And in no time, she took my hand out again and took my dick into her pussy. Now the real action starts, I told she has the best ass ever. I placed both my hands on her ass and pulled her towards me. My dick went deep into her pussy in one go and she let out a bit load moan and I can hear it as well.

I pinched her on her butt as a signal to keep silence and started my action. Lucky that we are train and my strokes movement got mixed with train movement. She was unable to control herself and she started crushing her boobs towards my legs and caught legs very tight. Also parallely, biting my leg fingers hard. I was continuing my action and pinching her buttocks as well. She has the softest butt ever.

After 15 mins, I was about to cum and about to remove my dick out, she got to know that and she didnt let me do that and I cummed inside her pussy. Even after that she didnt let me go, we stood in the same position for fee more mins and we both were sweating heavily.

After a while we came into normal position and she took out scarf and cleaned my dick and her pussy as well. And we dressed ourselves properly and she straight away came to my face and kissed me hard and said “This is her best ever journey and thanks for making it an awesome one”. The time is around 11:30pm and train is about to reach Vijayawada. We both got down at Vijayawada and had a coffee. Once the train started moving again, we both had another best session. ;)

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