Savita Bhabhi Episode 44

Savita & Ashok were on the street in front of their house and a packers -N movers truck was stationed by the house next door. Savita, who wore a beautiful golden sari asked Ashok “Whats going on there?” .

“Looks like we have new neighbors”, replied Ashok.

“We should drop by and welcome them to the neighborhood” said Savita.

They walk towards the new neighbors door and knocks “Hello?” and they find the door open. When they opened they found a couple inviting them.

Ashok introduced “Hello, Im Ashok. This is my wife Savita.” But thought “Whoa!! That woman is gorgeous.

The couple introduced themselves “Hi, Im Alex”; “And Im his wife, Annie”

The man was in awe of Savitas figure “Man, this woman is hot!”

Savita welcomed them” Welcome to the neighborhood!” while she had her eyes on the man “Such a handsome hunk”

Soon they started mingling with each other.

Savita asked Annie “Need some help in moving in?” While Alex responded “Thanks that would be great!”

So Savita began flirting with Alex every chance she got.

Sometimes she bent down to tie his lace while showing her cleavage and sometimes bending in front of his face to show off her butt. Or sometimes she fell from the stool while Alex caught her in his arms.

Alex didnt regret any moment he spent which got him aroused. He came inside bathroom and wanted to jerk off “I better jerk off now” while Savita entered from behind “Need some help big boy? Only one washroom is available? I guess well have to share”

Savita walked in and holds his dick in her hand and helps him jerk off.

At first Alex seems shocked “Hey! What are you doing?”

“Looks like someone wants to say Hi

Savita holds his cock from behind and starts to jerk him off while Alex started to moan loudly “Yes! Jerk it off Savita.”

Savita teased him “Only if you say please!”


“Yes faster faster”

Savita changed her position “I better suck your dick dry or else itll get messy in here”

“Aahhh! Thats it. Take it all in in” And Savita took it all in her mouth.

Savita got herself thinking “This is so hot, my Ashok is just outside and Im sucking a cock here”

Alex pulled her head towards his dick for her to take it all in again and again.

While Savita thought to herself about how long has it been to Since she tasted a white cock and licks his balls.

But She doesnt stop there, to tease him more she removed her sari and blouse “Lets spice up things”

She took his cock in between her big boobs and teased “Do you like my tits?”

“Oh god yes! Savita, Im going to cum!” and Alex cums on Savitas tits and mouth.

Savita licked his cum from her mouth and said “We better go back out now, but my pussy will need your cock soon.”

After sometime.. Ashok and Alex planned out go out “Savita, Im going out to show Alex around why dont you stay here with Annie”

“Oh, okay!” Said Savita.

But Savita was still horny from earlier and she has young and sexy Annie with her.

What plans does Savita think to satisfy herself?

How does Annie react to Savitas tricks?

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