Massage Leads To Get Closer With Aunt

Hi friends this is Ajay 29 years old fare looking from Bangalore and this is my first story. Please bear my errors. I had a pleasant experience with my aunt Anuradha who is fare in colour but a bit heavy with very nice skin tone. She is 38 years old.You aunties, couples, girls can contact me for a relaxing massage particularly for people sitting before system for long hours. I can assure great relaxation on your spine and you can pay me as per your satisfaction level. My mail id: / /


Coming to the story my aunt had some spinal issues and taking physiotherapy. Therapist used to attend my aunts house regularly. They are our neighbors and I am very familiar with their family. Uncle will be busy in his business and their son lives in vijayawada for his plus two and IIT coaching. They are from andhra and she knows only telugu. I used to help her with therapist for their communication. I used to observe how he is doing and touch her daily in the name of helping.

After a week every thing was fine and my aunt recovered and the doctor informed her that she can stop taking the physiotherapy. So I have informed the same to the therapist. He showed me how to give reliving massage on his last visit. Things were going normal and I am missing the fun.

Now starts the main story:

One day my aunt asked me to help her as she is feeling some pain on her back. I called the therapist and he suggested to give some massage. I am the happiest person as I have another chance to touch my aunt in private as my uncle only comes after 9 pm.

She slept on her stomach and I am slowly moving the hot water bag on her back for some time and started to apply pain relief gel with my hands. While applying I am touching the folds in her hip they are soft and puffy. I have gone till the saree fold. Nothing happened on that day.

Next day again I repeated the same process and aunt was bit comfortable than previous day and she started to discuss the routine stuff and its already 30 mins we started our massage and taking some advantage I moved my hands little down by pushing the saree and also bit more higher and inserted two fingers into her blouse from back. I also started to massage on both sides of her stomach. But I am scared to proceed further.

Same thing happened for two more days. On the third day I feel some change in her dressing. Her blouse was little bit shorter on her back and I am able to see more of her back than regular. I started with the massage and I am unable to control my self after seeing the beauty like this. I told her that she is looking different in this saree.

Aunt:(avuna) really..?

Me:(avunu aunty) yes aunty

Aunt:(emi kanipincindi difference neeku) what kind of difference do you see…?

Me:(hesitatingly) you look great in this saree.

Aunt:((blushing) ninatiki ivaltiki emi difference ledhe) there is no change in me for yesterday and today.

Me:(mee back motham oil tho massage cheyana) aunty shall I massage till your shoulder

Aunt: (after some thinking) ok

I started massaging on her upper spine leaving the obstructing blouse.Slowly I have reached her shoulders and started massaging. After some time aunt started to moan slightly saying that I am doing good and feels relaxing. I am working on her shoulder and side of her neck with very slow and gentle strokes. Nothing more happened that day and she asked me come early next day.

I felt something fishy and waited till next day afternoon and went to her house. She was about to bath by that time and told me that she is about to have head bath and asked me to wait for some time.

Me:(mee talaki kuda oil tho mardhana chestanu tarvata mee back massage ayipoyina tarvats snanam cheyandi)shall I apply oil to your head and after completing of your back massage you can have your bath.

Aunt:(idhi bane vundhi) that is also a better idea.

I started applying oil to her head and after some 10-15 mins I started working on her neck and shoulder. This continued for some more time and I am working on her shoulder in front portion above her chest.

After that I asked her to lay on her stomach and continued my massage. This time I am moving my hands more freely on her back and sides. In between I am pushing her saree little bit down.

After some time I started massaging her entire spine and her blouse keeps on disturbing. So I started inserting my hand into the blouse from back and massaging.

After some time I told her that her blouse is disturbing and asked her to loosen it. She removed the front hooks of the blouse without turning front. I started to move my hands all over her back more freely and at times I used to press the sides of her boobs which are crushed on the bed.

Observing zero resistance from her I started to work more on her boobs by increasing pressure and frequency of touching.I heard her moaning and hear breathing got heavy.

By this time my dick was in its swing and touching her hip from left side and she would definitely sense that. I have started to massage her under arms and pressing her boobs from sides and by now her nipple is slightly visible which is brown in colour and erected.

Now I started working on her legs by lifting the saree till her thighs.

By seeing her milky thighs I have gone mad and started pressing inner thighs and slowly moving towards love hole.I pretended that I have touched it accidental and waited for her reaction. Her pussy was clean shaved and inviting me to suck it madly. Same happened for three four times and I can clearly hear that her moaning got increased.

After gaining some confidence I reached her pussy lips. This time with more pressure and landed my palm completely on her pussy lips.I felt they are soft and tender and oozing. I played for some time with dipping wet pussy lips. She herself turned front and I am able to see her melons. We started kissing vigorously and I started to press her boobs and they are not fitting completely in my hands. I sucked her boobs one by one her moans are increasing .

We hugged each other tightly and rolling on bed. She started to remove my dress and I also made her dress in birthday suit. We are completely naked and she is feeling shy and hiding her assets with her hands. I removed her hands and hugged her tightly and started to kiss her madly. I have finger fucked her and she cummed twice. After that we had a shower but never fucked her as I want to loose my virginity to my wife.

She respected my feelings and never forced me on that day. Later I was introduced to another lady by my aunt and will narrate it in next story.

After that encounter I have posted my details in some on-line sites and now I have total four members as my clients and some how I will serve at least one in a month. Some times it will be two and some times it will be zero.

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