Sex With Neighbor Boy

Hi this is Nisha again. Thanks for your response for my previous story. This inspired me to write more.

I am going to tell my story with young boy. This story happened 4 months back. I had sex with my neighbor. 9 month back we moved to new apartment we had a good handsome college going boy next to our house in the same floor. He used to study engineering. This story about how I made out with him and his cousin. While shifting house he helped us. So he was bit close to us and he used to come to my house and have chat and coffee. He used to share his affairs and ask few tips. I used to guide him.

Just a week before this story me and my husband had fight we didn’t talk for 3 days. I also kept him away for sex also. But next day morning I he asked sorry and we patched up. But we didn’t had anything. I was planning something big for that night. To my shock he called in the afternoon and told he had to go out of the town on business. Because one of his colleague met with accident he has to fill in for him. And he also told he has to leave in the evening. He asked me to Pack Few cloth for a week . With heavy heart I packed. He came to house in the evening took bath and had coffee.

By this time a car came to pick him up. He hugged me and left. I was very disappointed. 2 days I some how managed by watching porn. On a day before this incident Sumith came to my house in the evening. I was bit low. As usual he used to cracking jokes. My response was poor. He asked me what happened. Initially I was reluctant to say. But sumith insisted to tell.

After asking for half an hour. I said the story. I told it has been 7 days I didn’t had sex. He was shocked and consoled me. He was also not sure water to tell. After everything is done, while going he asked me.

Sumith: Bhabhi if you want I can help you.

Me: what you mean

S: if you don’t mind you can use me.

I got angry expression and asked him to go.

I said that I didn’t expect this from you.

I pleaded sorry. I was not in mood to listen and shut my door and went inside.

In the night he messaged me asking sorry. I didn’t respond to him. Meantime I started watching a porn. As coincidence a saw a milf porn. All of sudden I started thinking about sumith’s word.

A dirty plan came in my mind. I knew that he was interested in me. At the same time I got message again “Bhabhi I am sorry, this won’t happen again “.

I asked to come tomorrow morning at 11.

Next morning I knew if he agrees I can enjoy. I got ready in the morning. I finished all work. He came at 11. As soon as I opened the door he asked sorry again. I called him inside. He came, he continued asking sorry.

Me: it’s k. Why you asked me..?

S: Bhabhi I was blunt just thought to help you. I shouldn’t have asked it.

Me: so you asked just to help me, not that I was good looking.

S: no Bhabhi you are good looking and you are so sexy. Otherwise you I would have asked. But I should have controlled my feelings.

Me: No Its k. Actually I thought after you went. I felt it is not bad idea. As you know me and I know you. Just that you gave to keep this as secret.

Sumith : Bhabhi what are you saying. Are sure that we can.

Me : ya I m thinking to.

He was surprised by my words and just become silence for some time.

Me: what you say..? If you don’t want it’s k.

S: no no Bhabhi I m k with it. I used to fantasize you. Why I will reject.

Me: see this thing should be between us only. You shouldn’t tell any one.

S: k Bhabhi I promise. I won’t tell any one.

Sumith told he need drinks to have courage. He told he will take bath and get beer and come at 1. I said k. I also told even I need beer and get for me as well. I cooked food by that time.

He went home with excitement. Even I was excited. I mean having sex with younger boy for the first time. I finished cooking in half an hour. Took bath again and wore saree with deep cut sleav less blouse. Inside I was wearing nice red color white doted thong and push up bra.

I was little nervous. At 1 he rang the bell. I opened. He was shocked to see me. He came inside quickly as he was holding beer.

S: Bhabhi you are looking so hot. This would be my lucky day. You are looking damn hot.

Me: don’t butter me.

S: no Bhabhi I am telling truth. With this saree you are hot bomb.

Me : k k stop praising me.

We wen inside he kept the beer he sat on sofa and opening beer. I got few snack . He switched on TV. I came out and sat on the sofa. He opened 2 beer and I picked one and he also.
Me: sumith, you have done this before.

S: yes few times with my ex gf.

Me: how was it.

S: not that great she didn’t allow me to finish full. She is very selective in doing thing. I was just half satisfied.

Me: I laughed and don’t worry today you get every thing.

Our chat continued for half an hour he asked me what I do with my husband. I explained him a what we did and how I seduce him and all. By then we were 2 bottles down. We were little high. I was finding difficult to keep my saree on my shoulder.

Sumith : Bhabhi can you seduce me.?

I said k. And just go up turned back, pulled my hair to front to give him complete view of my back. After that I turned and just slide my saree through my boobs. He was staring at my 34D boobs..

Me: what are you staring at.

S: those two watermelons.

Me: you naughty…

I started taking off my saree.. I was moving my hips based on music. Sumith sitting on sofa, holding beer and enjoying the view.

After some time he came to me.. just hugged me from behind. I was able to feel his cock in between my ass crack. It was nice feeling. He started pushing it up and down. I was clearly sensing his hard dick. Meantime he was kissing my neck and started pressing my boobs. I was feeling good. I told him sumith do it harder.. he started biting my ears and pressing my boobs hard.

After some time I turned around and started kissing on lips. He responded well. He spanked my ass and pushed towards him. My pussy was able to feel his hard cock. After some time I took him to the room. As I was so hungry. I pushed him on the bed, pulled down his track pant. And took off his cock and started sucking it. It already had little strain of his cum. I was sucking it hard pushing it’s skin back. I took his cock deep in my mouth. I guess he felt it hard. He pulled my head back.

Sumith : Bhabhi if you take it so deep I will cum in your mouth.

Me: I will make you cum at least 5 times today.

Sumith : (laughing) I am all your Bhabhi. You can use me anyway you want.

After list to this I increased the speed. All of a sudden he splash cum inside my mouth. I went and washed it. After coming back we were lying on bed. I was in my blouse and petticoat and he was in his t shirt. I was stroking his cock. After some time we went outside to finish off the drunks. We switched on the TV and sat on sofa..

Me: you cum bit early.

S: what to do Bhabhi, you have amazing mouth.

I laughed . we went back to finish off our drinks. we were sitting on sofa started drinking

After some time he came towards me and asked me can I kiss. We started kissing deeply.

Meantime he was pressing my boobs. I was moaning.

He just lifted me and too me to the room. He hugged me from behind and started unhook my blouse. I was in front of him in my red color bra. I just untied my petticoat . My petticoat sided through my white silky thigh.

I was in front of him with just bra and panty. He jumped on me and pulled me to the bed. Starred kissing me on my boobs. He was trying to take it full in his mouth. Even I was high. I was pulling his hair and moaning like a mad girl. He spanked my ass and pulled towards his dick. It was just my panty which is between his dick and my pussy. It dick was hard by that time. He continued spanking ass. I was enjoying it. After some time he threw me on bed and went down. He pulled my red panty down.

He suddenly put his mouth on my pussy. I pressed his head to sucking my pussy. He started licking it. He continued for 10 min. I then asked him to come over and we had 69 for some time.

Then he came upward and unhooked my bra. My 34D boobs were clearly visible. He started kissing them I was enjoying it. Mean time I guide his dick into my pussy. He was pushing it deep inside me. I was feeling good. After 7 days I was having sex. He started moving it to and fro fastly.. in 10 min he too out his dick and cum med on my stomach. I cleaned it up. We slept on the bed hugging each other with his dick touching my ass crack. He tightly hugged me.

After some 2 hours I woke up. When I got up I was feeling his cock. I turned toward him and and held his dick and guide it to wards my pussy. I hugged him tight and moving my ass to wards his dick. By then he also woke up.

Sumith : Bhabhi you are such a bitch. You are not satisfied with this..

Me: 7 days of hunger it won’t be done that easily.

Sumith : Bitch I will fuck you to the core..

He just got up and turned for doggy position. And started fucking me hard. In my ears he whispered “you bitch I will tear you pussy apart. I will fucking till you beg to stop”. I was moaning loud.

Me: uffff you son of bitch, fulfill my hunger. Ummha fuck me hard. Humm uffff haaa

I m all yours.. fuck me hard.

My house was filled with our moaning. He turned me to fuck in doggy style. He pulled my ass towards him. He adjusted my ass and started fuck me.. I increased the moaning.

Come on Sumith satisfy your Bhabhi today. He stated pulling my hairs and started stroking me fastly. After some time he leaned forward and started pressing my boobs while fucking. After some time we both cum.

By this it was already 5 pm we decided to freshen up and just hang out so that we can star next session on 8. I went and took bath. I came out I asked sumith to the bath. He didn’t had cloths I gave my husbands cloths. He went to take bath.

Since I wanted to seduce him again I wore sexy dress. I was wearing jeans shorts and white top. My blue color bra was visible. I just went to kitchen to prepare coffee. He came out saw my sexy avatar he came to kitchen in towel only and hugged me from behind.

Sumith : Bhabhi you looking so hot.

Me: thanks dear.

He kissed me here and there and pressed my boobs. After some time.

Me: stop now sumith we still have time.

Sumith: Bhabhi after seeing you I decided not to wear anything. (He threw off his towel and stood naked) . I will be like this only.

I started laughing and just hit his cock and said. At least cover this.

Sumith : why to shy in front of you Bhabhi.

I started laughing and hit his dick gently couple of times. He was roaming around the house naked.

I used Hold it. I used to press it. I used to hit it gently. We took coffee and came out started watching TV. He also used to hug me, Spank me, and press my boobs. We used to cuddle with each other. I sat on him, he took me in his are and hug me bite my boobs nipple give me a love bites. After some time around 6:30 he was ready again.

Sumith : Bhabhi I am ready again. His dick was slightly hard.

I saw that pressed it and said it is still 40% ready.

Sumith : Bhabhi make it ready. You promised you will give at least 5 chances.

I laughed and came in front of him and removed my top and shorts. With in no time he jumped on me and tore my bra and pulled down panties. We both went to room. We again did 69.

After some time I came over him and started cowgirl position. Giving him nice view of my jumping boobs. We lasted for another 20 min. By then we both were tiered. We slept for 3 to 4 hours hugging each other. Touching each other’s privet parts. He sometime spanking my ass. Pinching my nipples. Pressing boobs. Over all we had good time.

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