The Crazy Lady Who Had It All

I know intros can be boring while reading some steamy hot sex story, but I gotta tell you I have had sex many times before but this lady was way to special and amazing so I had to write this story. So, Im ranjit(name changed), 24yrs old and I stay in Hyderabad work in a big MNC and this is my first story among all d good times I have had, my email Id is / / if you like the story please let me know, Im also always open to talk to pretty girls and all the beautiful ladies out there.

So this incident happened recently when I was going to Delhi for a friends wedding I had to work the whole day and take the flight in the evening so I was pretty tired, somehow reached the airport was a bit early so decided to sit in the bar and have a couple of drinks and was feeling way good after that, refreshed. Later I went towards d boarding gate found a seat where I could charge my phone and read a book peacefully. I was having a okay time but after some time I saw a girl who was sitting just in front of me and suddenly I had a huge smile on my face looking at her. She was fair and just looked amazing wearing a tight black jeans till her ankle, a red spaghetti top with was netted and a sexy black jacket with red stilettos.

She looked around 28-30, She was just so gorgeous I couldnt take my eyes of her her figure is 34-28-32(exactly came to know later), I was looking at her moving her hair behind her ears, pressing her lips constantly and just waiting there. After sometime she left and I didnt have the courage to walk and talk to her directly, so I just waited there for my flight.

Later same boring and tired mind I boarded my plane listening to some music sitting on my seat wondering when the flight will start. After some time I saw her again in d same flight and had my smile back. Later she came and sat beside me, I had the window seat and she was sitting on aisle seat. I had blood flowing all through my body talking to myself this is not a coincidence, I had to make a move this time. As soon as the flight took off I thought of a thousands of ways to start a conversation and nothing could come up, suddenly I decided to just go for it. My heart was running like bolt.

Me: Hie (the worst line to start with)

She: Hello..

Me: Im rahul, and I just couldnt stop looking at how pretty your smile is. Among all the curves you got your smile smile is d best one.

She was quite surprised but started smiling again.

Me: there you go again.

She: smiled at me and showed her wedding ring (big heart breaker)

Me: I smiled back and said to her, “Im not surprised, pretty girls are always take ”

She started smiling again and this time a lot.

She: Im reenu, and you are a very flirtatious guy (not the first time I had heard that).

I was in cloud 9 getting her to talk to me.

Slowly we started talking about her more about her and somewhat about me, I always feel listing to a girl is the best way to get close and it also feels good when they open up, they can be your bff. She is also from Hyd, At first I had no intention more then to talk to her and just go with the flow.

We talk a lot she told me about her husband her job and how her life has been. She is a very independent lady and she and her husband were staying away due to each others work commitments before the flight landed she was pretty comfortable with me and we had a good time. The flight landed we got down talking went to the baggage claim I really wanted to ask her number but was bit hesitant how will she feel, somehow I had a feeling it will make things desperate. So we said our good bye exchanged a good smile and Left. But she was the only one always on my mind.

I attended the wedding and came back still was stuck on her, regretted every moment I did ask her number. So finally I decided to track her on fb and sent a request and every second waiting for her to reply, it was very very long time I felt, and was just thinking more n more. Later in d evening she accepted my request and I was back on cloud 9 again. I waited some time and messaged her

Me: hello

Reenu: hie

Me: how have you been?

Reenu: Im good hbu?

Me : not so good.. Have missed your smile a lot thanks to FB I can see it again.

Reenu: lol (heart breaking again)

I changed the topic.. We started talking again but needed same again. Didnt ask her number. It happened a couple of times we were a bit more close now. So I just messaged her one day

“I so bad that I miss you so much always but unable to talk to you mist of the time is even more bad and FB chat is crap, why dont you give me your number so we can chat more frequently”

The long wait started again with my heart pumping. I kept waiting every time my phone vibrated I was on my toes. Finally after few hrs she directly sent me her number and I was like wohhooo that was easy (I knew what all I had been through). So finally after some time I messaged her on whatsapp to start with she had an amazing pic of her, was waiting when I could ping. At night I just randomly pinged her it was like we can talk more now and all that things. I started flirting more and she responded well (not rude but not a clear no sign as well though she never showed much flirting and all, it was just normal friends friends talk with her). I later came to know she was 34 and I refused to believe it, she never looked like that.

One day I had gone to a pub drank and lot and had the most daring part in me to just say what I like. When I reached home I saw her msg and that was the day Ill never forget, flirting at its best, I said her everything from beginning when I saw her how pretty she was and how I had a huge crush on her. I even told her she had a amazing figure and looked so sexy when we met I even commented on her FB pics. It was epic.

The next day morning when I got up, I was fucked like what did I do. Why did I have to screw things up. I got myself up gathered some courage and messaged her. I told her how sorry I was and it was inappropriate to msg her like that, I even said it was okay if she doesnt want to talk anymore, I totally understand it. I just slept on the bed thinking what had I done it was just supposed to be friendship and some flirting thats all.

I waited till evening and still no reply, I made my peace and just left my phone on top and went down sat with family and spoke, came back after dinner checked my phone and she finally replied there were more then 14-15 msg I I was relived. I saw her text and she told me she never heard me speak so much and she actually felt good, she was laughing out f her brains and just didnt want to stop. Crap I was embarrassed. She said it okay she liked to know me better as well. Felt good. Now we started talking even more, we started calling each other to talk on phone as well, double meaning jokes were a hit and we shared a good time.

One day out of a blue she texted me seriously , that she wants to ask me something. I was scared must be about her husband and maybe well have to stop talking.

I just said : yea sure ask anything you want.

She: no its fine.

So I insisted her, as I was curious what was it.

She: are you virgin?

I was surprised big time.. Immediately she replied.

Sorry I shouldnt have asked.

Me: No for the first one and yes you can ask me anything.

She: wicked smile how many girls?

Me : 4

She: woww!! Thats a big number.

Me: it just happens when it has to.

She : yea I know (and changed the topic)

I always knew things were not good between her and her hubby as long distance are always bad.

So one we were talking on phone, I always wanted to start the convo again about me and her so I just asked her.

So have been a virgin before marriage. she paused hmmm … Noo ..

Me: really.

She: ya, I always wanted to try out everything before marriage and this was one thing I didnt think will happen but I had a bf , we shared good relationship unfortunately things didnt turn out good..
I didnt want to ask her about her relationship but definitely about the sex,

Me: so how was it.

She: it was good, first time is painful, but I enjoyed a lot.

This was the first time I was horny thinking of her (not like I didnt fantasies before but this was different).

So we talked more a lot more about sex sex and sex my experience, her experience what she like and what I liked, weired things and places and all that stuff. It was really good.

Things were every more steamy between us now and was too good then before we used to share our day things and night we used to talk all about what we did, new topics always came up.

One day I got a call from her in d evening and I answered her call and she was just crying and crying. I was very worried I just told her to tell me what happened, but she didnt and cut the call. I tried a couple of times calling her messaged her also but she didnt answer, after sometime she messaged and said she was sorry to bother me like this and she shouldnt have done it. I always knew where she lived she had told me many times when we spoke. So I took my car keys immediately and Left for her home. On the way there I just messaged her

“Honey I know you feel guilty you cried in front of me , but I feel bad you think you can, I really cant stop think of you and was worried.”

I saw that she read the msg and preferred not to reply. So when I her her place I called her up, she answered the first time still sad and as if she was still crying I just told her ” she has a beautiful apartment”

she immediately asked me “where are you??”

Me : you can open d door now.. I could hear her running on d phone and then came opened the door and asked me to get in soon. I did and she was angry at me she said ” dont you know Im married, what will the neighbor think if they saw u.. What is all this.. ” I just looked and her and smiled, put my hands on her shoulder and asked her to sit down and said ” I know I was wrong, but nothing else felt right” she just could say anything. I went in bought some water made her sit and talk. She told me how difficult things have been between both of them, she loves him very much but long distance has its own problems.

After a while she was better and I had to make her smile again and started flirting again so she keeps on smiling. It was late she asked me asked me to have dinner and go. So I agreed, we got more time to spend. I used to always flirt saying Ill feed her myself and all. Today she started teasing me that were those all talks. So I did it .. I fed her, she did the same.. It was really good. We had dinner and sat down watching a movie..

Suddenly I gathered some courage and moved my little finger to touch her, she was fine with it.. I held it then.. Slowly I moved and held her hand.. I was no longer watching the movie and thinking what next. What next . what next.

Then she said “you cab keep your hands” I smiled and kept my hands behind her hugging shoulders.. She was comfortable And rested her head on me, I started ceasing her hair, moving My fingers slowly through her silky hair, she said she liked it and to keep on doing it. So I did, we started playing with our fingers and suddenly I held her hand tight lifted her chin looked at her and kissed her. She responded really well so we kept kissing.

Suddenly she stopped and said it was wrong she was married and this should not happen. I agreed,and said Im sorry and maybe I should leave, she agreed. It was really weird I wore my shoes hugger her good bye and moved towards the door. Suddenly she held my hand as if she didnt want me to leave, pulled me behind and and started kissing me really hard. I didnt stop and kept kissing, we moved on the couch without stopping it was the amazing.

She said ” I know its wrong, but nothings right”

I didnt say a word and was just kissing the most beautiful juicy lips. She held my hands took me to her bedroom I saw the wicked smile and knew this is gonna be one hell of a night…

To be continued

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