Neighbors For Benefits

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Well the events started way back in 2009 and I was just 19 years and Nithya was at that time only 18. I and Nithya are basically neighbors and we stayed almost all the time together. Nithyas family is of 2 members her mother is a govt employee who tours quit often and her father is no more, Nithya likes to spend time with me and my sister. Nithya a typical Tamil girl but as she had stayed in the north she prefers wearing all modern Dresses. Well as I said I was 19 years old I was very much interested in Sex and like any other guy I was on a look for the hot sexy women.

Nithya and I shared a very nice relation and we used to go out, Rag one another and we always liked to spend time with one another we shared a lot of things in common and I had guided her many times in her studies as she and I were doing the same course and she was just a year junior, at times when her mom went for tours she stayed with us.

I yet remember the day when I went to drop my sister and parents to the airport – who were going out of town as my sister had just then got a seat in a prestigious institution for her higher education. I was quite sad and Nithya held my hand and to cheer me she just said chill baby I am here na lets enjoy I looked at Nithya and smiled .

Me- Nithya lets go for a movie

Nithya- sure dear but baby I need to change

Me- Cool ,is Night show ok with you

Nithya- Of course

Hence I booked the ticket for a nice tamil movie , we reached home and Nithya said hey lets go to my place and soon we went .

Me – How long will you take dear?

Nithya – 15-20 mins

Me- Can I use your laptop

Nithya – Sure dear and she came and gave it to me.

Me- Oye password ????


As I opened the laptop I checked my mail and FB, as I was done I saw a folder Me I shouted Nithya How long more baby (Dear, Baby, Love, Jaan is what we commonly use to call one another and we even use this in front of our parents)

Nithya- 10 mins pls love

Me fine and I then opened the file “ME”.

What shocked me was first it asked me for a password and I typed her name to my luck it opened and when it opened it blew my brains off it had around 15 images and also had a word file. I opened the images and all I saw was nithya had taken nude selfies and this made me hard, her body was really sexy describing the hidden body I saw a dusky body with well toned ass and her Boobs were stiff and her Nipples hard, another thing that drew my attention was her well shaved pussy and her thighs. I instantly closed the pics and then the next I opened the word file . I started reading.

“Hi people this is Nithya, I am a very very hot women , I have just turned 17 but my tits are equal to my mom’s size. I am looking for a friend who understands me , I have a sexy neighbor Raj but that chootiya never understands my needs what the fuck does he wants me to do ???? I like him I want him to treat me as his girlfriend , finally his sister is going now I will try my luck to seduce him I want him to enjoy me as his girlfriend , his wife . Wattah bayendagoli (Bloody fucking coward) Ohh god he has made wet N No: of times, Nayyee wanda woth da ( dog come and come and fuck), I could not believe my eyes bloody hell she is using such language as I never heard her speak all this.

I was reading more and suddenly heard her footsteps then Nithya just walked out of her room wearing a red top and a tight jeans. She looked great but I was more interested in her tits and ass as all that was working in my mind was her nude image and her words. I knew she was gonna try to seduce me and I had decided that come what may I am gonna turn her On and Off.

We went to the theater on my bike and Nithya was busy pressing her tits on my back and I was enjoying her act but never showed it to her, in the theater she held my hand and when a hot scene came she breathed heavy , from her side she tried her best to turn me on but I never reciprocated, I could see her frustration.

After the movie was over we returned and Nithya said Raj I am not sleepy lets go to the terrace, Lets talk or how about my house. I said ok and we went to the terrace.

Nithya – Raj I want to talk to you something important

Me- Ya sure go ahead

Nithya- Raj every girl has some physical needs and wants them to be satisfied

Me- Ya we all have thats why na we masturbate

Nithya- Ya but why masturbate if you can make out.

Me- Hmmm you are right but we do not have someone na ?? then Apna haath Jagan nath!!!

Nithya – I know but …..

Me- Nithya what happened?? Feel free and speak up you know I will not tell anyone anything I swear.

Nithya – (Takes a deep breath ) Raj we have been friends but what about being friends for benefits.

Me- Whaaatt haavee yooouu lossttt iittt.

Nithya – I know it sounds weird I like you like a boyfriend and I would love to be your girlfriend. Dont act I know you like me .

Me- But Nithya….

Nithya stops and smooches me …… I smooched her for a minutes and then pushed her….

Next what happens will be Part 2.

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