Me And My Tattoo Artist

Hi to all. This is my first story to ISS so please excuse in case of any mistakes. Let me tell you about myself I am Raj (obviously not real name) I am 36 year old 6 feet tall smart and confident and doctor by profession living in Mumbai . Everything is true including the story except the character names.

This story took place last year during the ganesh visarjan festival. I and my son who is 6 year old were roaming in and around our area to see the ganesha idol and on the way we found the tattoo studio. I always wished to get the guitar tattoo on my forearm as I play on guitar but due to my profession never could dare to get it. My kid insisted me to just get in to the studio and inquire about the cost and all stuff.

The moment we entered the studio one very beautiful young girl age of approx 27 years greeted us and we started looking for the tattoo design and during the conversation I told her my choice of tattoo and my profession so as it should not look too big.

At last we selected the design of guitar. I never gave any thought about the girl and was not even bothered to ask her name and all as during all this I was just concentrating on the tattoo design. At last she told me her name is neha and by profession she is software engineer but she left the job and started with her studio and apparently I came to know that she even won the award of best tattoo designer some time back.

So I was bit relaxed knowing I m in safe hands. The time was around 7.30 in the evening and ganesh visarjan was in full swing. I sat on a chair and she brought a small stand to rest my elbow and she was adjusting my hand according to her convenience and I noticed her cleavage she was wearing a purple designer bra. It was gonna take around 2 hours for the whole procedure so I called up my wife to come and give company to my kid and she started doing the design by bending and I could see her cleavage all the time and as my elbow was stretched and she was bending time to time her breast were touching my palm but had to control my self as I knew my wife can come any time soon.

But the moment her breast brushes to my plan she had a little smile on her face. I didnt gave much importance to it as I thought that was purely an accident. The moment my wife entered I could notice change in her behavior and change in her sitting position. She and my wife had a brief chat for 10 min during that she told that she is mother of 4 year kid and her husband is in UK with some company so just to kill the time she has started her tattoo studio. As It was gonna take more time so my wife told me that she will leave for home as its time for the dinner also.

Again she started with the same movements bending more to show her cleavage and on and off brushing her breast to my palm as we both were left alone in the studio. There were very much noise of the music out side the street and even cracker sound so suddenly she got up and pulled down the shutter of the studio on asking she told me that she is getting distracted from the music.

I was happy to guess that something exciting is gonna happen now and during all these she could notice my hardness through my shorts. Now she was very bold and just rested her breast in my palm and I was just softly pressing it and during all these we never saw each other in the eyes.

But someone had to break the ice so I took the initiative and asked her I guess my hand is on your breast the immediate reply was no not your hand on my breast but my breast in on your hand and we started laughing loudly. She stood up and excused me for the break and she went to the shutter of the studio and locked from inside.

She came back and got catch hold of me from back and started kissing my ear and thats my weakness. I got catch hold of her and made her sit on my lap and we started kissing each other like never before with our tongue fighting to find the place inside each others mouth during the kissing I could manage to life her t-shirt and unhook her sexy bra.

Slowly my attention shifted from the lips to her nipples and started sucking her and she was caressing my hairs and moaning softly her breast were of perfect size 34 c just awesome milky white with sexy nipple in the centre. I was biting both the nipples one by one.

At last the final climax came she got up from my lap and made me also stand up and we removed each others remaining cloths and now we both were fully naked with full of last in each others eyes she got a bed sheet and we both slept over it and came to 69 position and started with oral it was just awesome feeling for me and we continued it for around 15 min during that she had a climax for 3 times I was about to cum so I told her to stop sucking and we rested for 5 min as she was breathing heavily with 3 intense orgasm.

After 5 min I came on top of her took her both the legs on my shoulder and entered slowly in her vagina it was so tight and hot from inside she had a pain initially but she could cop up with that and I started giving her slow thrust and she was making sounds like yeah oh come on …. PLS fuck me hard …..

After a long time I m feeling the punishment in my vagina pls dont stop I was also on cloud 9.after around 15 min I asked her I m gonna cum so where should I throw my sperms on reply to that she got up took my pens in her mouth and we started doing mouth fucking and with in 2 min I came with full load in her mouth she licked each and every drop of my cum during our love making session she again got 2 orgasm. We took rest for 5 min and got up to get dressed up and it was already 9.45pm in the clock and had to finish the tattoo also.

So we kissed each other again dressed up and hugged her very tightly. The most surprising was during all these we hardly spoke to each other it was just our eyes which were speaking. I was a great time. She went to the door open up the shutter of the studio and again got busy with tattoo making and she resting her breast on my palm. After around 25 min my wife came to check me at the studio and the moment she entered the studio suddenly we both just bursted out laughing loudly.

And then only we both realized how lucky we were to finish the thing in time. After around 20 min we finished the tattoo. She even didnt took the charges for the tattoo. And the moment I left I had a massage on my cell stating that all the time with her husband she had a sex but for the first time she had a love making session and not the mechanical sex. I was very glad and felt happy for her.

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