Sex With Friend At University

Hello people! This is Dheeraj from Bangalore. I’m pursuing my Mtech at a prestigious university in Bangalore. It is obviously a co-ed one and also both men and women hostels lie inside the single campus. But men are not allowed to enter girls hostel and vice versa. We generally be loaded with shitload of assignments by our professors. And some of our assignments are group assignments. And sometimes, actually many times a group contains both men and women. And like all engineering students do, we too work late nights. Although we are not allowed to enter each other’s hostels we can work together at a common academic block where even our classes take place at day times.

And for one such assignment I fell into a group which had the amazing Shruthi. She is a skinny woman around 5’7 tall, very fair and cute, small tits nevertheless a sexy ass. I’m around 58 and very well built. Lot of people keep complimenting my body:P . Shruthi was already a friend and pretty close to me. So we (our team) had planned to meet one day for proceeding with the assignment. Our group had 3 members another close friend of mine Rakesh being the 3rd member. We all met in the common block at around 6:00pm and sat in a class room. We worked seriously until dinner. We thought of going out for dinner that day and we went to Mc D nearby.

We had a lot of fun at the restaurant. Joked around and teased each other a lot. Unintentionally sometimes while she is beside me my hands would touch her tits but both of us would act as unnoticed. This happened twice in the restaurant. While we were at the restaurant she got a call- apparently from her boy friend. She asked rest of us to remain silent till she finished up her call. After the dinner we came back to campus and got back to work. At around 12 AM Rakesh left saying he was sleepy. We stayed back to work for more time.

Now the chemistry began between us. There were two other students at other corner of the room. We watched some comedy videos on you tube sharing a single pair of earphones and she is used to laugh by falling on my shoulder. Her body smell was simply making me horny. I dunno how this ladies maintain that. Then out of nowhere I asked her why she told us to remain silent in the Mc D. She told he would get mad at her if she went out with boys.

Then she started to talk about her relationship. She was telling me how they kept fighting from the past few weeks and how he was feeling insecure about her. She got a little sad while explaining all these. So I put my arm around her and consoled her telling that things will get better. Then she thanked me by putting her hand on my thigh. Already the current is starting to flow between us.

We finally came out of the conversation and tried to work on the assignment. She said she too was feeling a little sleepy and wanted to lie down for some time. Now the time was around 2:00 AM. By now all the other students left the room. She lied back on her chair with her legs on another chair to have a nap. Our chairs were pretty close as we were watching the videos with single pair of earphones. Now suddenly knowingly or unknowingly she leaned on my shoulder with her eyes shut. I loved that moment. Her soft silky hair was all around my neck. And her body smell was simply mesmerizing. I could see her cleavage clearly from that position. And I love small tits girls. Hormones were dancing all over my body. Now and then as I am typing I started to feel her breasts with my elbow. I just couldn’t prevent my elbows from doing that.

The next wonderful thing that happened was the power cut. The light went out and my laptop soon got powered off as my laptop’s battery was damaged. And as the fan got off she woke up asking me from when the power was off. There was very little or no light in the room. My penis was rock hard by this time. When she got up and turned her face our both cheeks met. Guys I tell you that is the perfect way to get more horny when you are already horny. Earphones were tangled with her hair on the other side and we were trying to untangle it. At least pretending to trying to untangle it. Our cheeks met once more in the dark and next time my lips were on her ears. My breathing rate became very high and hot air was coming out of me. Then suddenly she turned and our lips finally met.

It was just for a moment. I was a little nervous. I turned away. In the above process somehow her hand was on mine. Though I turned away she didnt move an inch. She was in the same position as she was when our lips met. She pressed my hands gently with desire. I went towards her and completed the kiss. It was damn romantic. We kissed kissed and kissed. For the first five minutes it was a gentle romantic French kiss. Suddenly unknowingly I got my tongue in her mouth.

Now it stated to become intense. My right hand went on her hip and left hand on her shoulder. Her hands were around my shoulders. She stuck her tongue deep into my mouth. She was so horny then and started to bite my lips. Suddenly the power came but we were in no mood to stop it. But it is not safe to continue it in the study room as someone from other rooms can see us. So we immediately got up and decided to move to pantry near restrooms which is never used. And toilets near the pantry were locked so no one would come there. We went in locked the door from inside and started the passionate kiss again. I lifted her by her waist and kept her on the table. I kissed all over her neck and tried to put hands on her breasts. But I stopped just before putting and looked at her if it was ok.

Then she took my hands and kept on her breasts. It was so good. It was like holding a tighter sponge ball. And I started squeezing her boobies as she took my tee off. She kept feeling my biceps and started kissing my chest area. Then we kissed again and I removed her tee too. Her small boobies were so cute in the bra. There was no more point on still putting the bra and I removed them in a flash. I sucked them like sucking strawberries. They were awesome with pink and red in colour. I sucked them for like 10 minutes. I was just wearing some shorts and the bulge can be clearly be seen. She jumped down the table pushed me to the wall and kept her hand on my dick. We kissed again while she rubbed my penis. She pulled down my shorts and underwear and took it by hand. She started stroking it while I kissed her boobs.

Then I slowly slid my hand into her pants. I couldn’t find the spot. She giggled while kissing me and loosened her pants. She guided me to the spot and asked me to do whatever I want. After I started fingering her she couldn’t control the moans. She started to relax and left my penis. I lifted and placed her again on the table and pulled down her pants and panties. I couldnt believe Shruthi was in front of me totally naked. It was a little hairy as she didnt expect this kind of situation. I began to insert two fingers and the moaning became more. The juices were flowing out of her vagina and I desperately wanted to lick them clean then and there. But she refused for it telling next time.

I was shocked and happy to know that this would not be for last time. After like 15 minuted I stopped and kissed slowly. She whispered saying that ‘lets go its getting morning. I put a grin and asked what about me. She said ‘sorry baby in as cuter way as possible and kissed me again and took my penis in her hands. She stroked my penis very hardly and I came within two minutes. I kept pressing her boobs all the time. They were very nice to play with. Her hands were full of my cum and my hands were full of her cum.

Then we managed to get our pants on. While she was putting on her bra I pulled her and said stay like that forever. We kissed again and she said wait until next time. We put on our tops and came out one by one. We both went to our respective rest rooms and cleaned the cum out of our hands. It was already around 4:30 AM. We then took our laptops and left for our hostels. While parting I pinched her waist and said ‘good night. She gave a million dollar smile and went away to her hostel.

Then after a few days she did the right thing by breaking up with her boy friend. Then every friday that pantry would be our sex spot and every time I pass through that pantry I would be dying for friday to come. Hope you enjoyed it guys. Please email me for any queries or feedback. Email id: / /