Three Fuckings In A Row With Raman

We had to shift from the village while my father was transferred from the block office to join at Bhubaneswar on a promotion.My transfer certificate was taken from the village school and admitted in the Govt. school.

I was excited to see the huge school building and large number of students reading in the school.The premises was wide spread.My village school was very small with thatched school rooms with very few teachers and students.

At the tiffin break I could notice that a group of boys are sitting at a remote corner near the urinal, were talking between them.While I entered the urinal the group laughed in chorus.One of them followed me into the urinal and asked me to meet Raman Bhai,He said every one loves and respects Raman Bhai.He is in senior class and is our leader.It is customary for all new entrants to meet him as a matter of courtesy.

I followed the boy.He introduced me to Raman Bhai.He was bit elder but not aged.He was not very tall and wearing the school uniform..that is black half pant and white shirt….dark complexion with big eyes…looking strong.He gravely called me near him and said….you look very shy and innocent but you have to change yourself…remember you have to obey and oblige me else you may have to leave this school.I was amazed to hear his strong words and unable to look at him straight.He asked me to come near him…

I slowly moved closer and closer…he was still sitting…when I reached him he grabbed my hand and made me sit on his lap and with arms around me his lips kissed mine.I was felt shy…submissively I kept sitting with eyes closed.There was a chorus of laughter and clapping from the group…they were enjoying my position…..then they said in chorus….Raman Bhai has a new wife…when to celebrate the first night…bhai call us while you celebrate.Raman Bhai was excited…..tightly held me in his arms…his hip jerked from bottom to stroke on my butts …loosened his a husky sensual voice whispered in my ear… attend me every day and get kissed.I looked down with innocence and nodded shyly…enthralled with the incidence my anus continued to get automatically pushed in & out in rhythm.

When I reached class after the tiffin break, a fellow student in the class whispered in my ear…did you meet Raman Bhai.I said yes.He then asked what happened.I narrated the whole thing.I inquisitively asked him did you have same experience…tell me what was your experience…I was very much eager to know his experience..

He touched my penis and said he would push his this thing into your ass hole…his finger was on my ass hole to indicate the place.A chill ran throughout my body…I asked him how do you know all this….he said this has happened to me and now also I oblige him.

He then asked me are so cute..fair you have any such…earlier.I said… Myself being cute ..fair and my village school the senior boys used to kiss me on cheeks..lips when ever they find me alone…some even push down my pant and knead the butts vigorously..kiss the butts..bite the tiny pink nipples…give their penis in my hand and ask to make to-fro motion..sometimes I used to sit on the lap of many one after the other with pants down at knee..but never fucked in the ass old tution sir every day liked to fully undress me regularly makes me sit on his bare lap…fondle my penis..slide his dick on the ass ring..of course he was not getting erection

After the first time..It became a matter of routine to attend Raman Bhai every day in the tiffin break.I got used to directly sit in his lap on my own without being asked and kiss his lips.He would push his hand inside my shirt and gently rub on the back and chest….pinch my nipples one after the other……squeeze the butts…give jerk of his hip on my butts….I could feel the his hard bone thumping on the butts.While he would do like this his group claps and laughs in chorus and ask Raman Bhai.. when and where is the honeymoon with this cute new wife…..see his fair satin smooth skin…..a real cheese ball…tell him to undress let us see his velvet body. I enjoyed hearing all comments sitting on his lap.He would leave me when the tiffin break is over.

Back in the class another friend Bitu comes near me and enquires what happened today.I narrated the whole episode of the day and expressed the comments made to me.My friend Bitu told me that Bobby now the days are numbered for you… Raman Bhai is probably set to fuck you in near future. I had past experience except ass fucking.. asked curiously… Bitu tell me in detail what is he going to do in fucking me.

Bitu told that I donot know how he is going to do with you but he carried me behind that distant bush in the tiffin break…undressed me fully…laid me on ground on my chest….applied cream on and in the ass hole with his finger…lubricated his dick with the cream….slept over my back…positioned his penis on the ass hole and slowly pushed in the penis into the hole…it was initially painful…I cried wow..ahh…ohh…please leave me..leave me Raman Bhai it pains.He consoled me saying wait a bit there will no more pain..really the pain subsided.. fully penetrated his dick and made vibrant to and fro motion to push in and out….tightened his grip on me and flushed in the load of semen into the ass hole.Now I enjoy his fucking after that first one and now willfully take in the prick.OK..Ok your turn will come very soon….Bobby get ready to be laid.

It was Tuesday.Notice came that classes are suspended in the afternoon.We were all happy.At the start of Tiffin break we carried our school bag ran to go home.When I was about to cross the gate Raman Bhai stopped me.His group was with him.They urged… Raman Bhai why do you delay the honey moon with this cute little new wife….he must be getting impatient for your first fucking…today is the opportunity for honeymoon and let him get his fast night fuck.Raman Bhai smiled and announced…yes today is the desired day….

We both are going to celebrate in the Khandagiri caves.He asked for a cycle and kept my school bag in the carrier and made me sit on the front rod…the group encircled the cycle and shouted…happy honeymoon to Raman Bhai….many of them kissed me in the lips and cheeks wishing happy first night…happy first fuck….get full satisfaction.Raman Bhai handed over money to get three pouches of coconut oil…naughtily some one said Ohh three fuckings in a row…Ok OK satisfy his small beautiful butts to the maximum.Hearing all these comments I felt extremely shy..whole of my face blushed..I know being carried to be laid for fucking…remained silent…waited for the moment for first time fucking in the ass hole.

We started for the Khandagiri caves…after CRP square the roads are bit lonely…he kissed me…pumped my butts…guided my left elbow to rest on his dick.I slowly felt his penis hardened like a bone ..he asked me to take that in tight grip.I sensed that this erect hard tool is going to enter into my anus.With the imagination a cold chill ran through my body…experienced frequent vibration & tickling deep in the ass hole..I remembered what Bitu told me about fucking..I was getting more and more enthralled

We reached and rode above the mountain in Khandagiri…he selected a small cave on top which could accommodate two of us to sleep on floor…he brought a smooth rectangular granite piece and sat on that.My bag placed in the corner.He took me in his arms and kissed on the lips passionately for some time….his and sliding down on my back…pumpimg the butts..pushing finger in the anus..asked me to undress.

I had experience of fore play much before..eager to have the fucking experience in anus. I had frequent tickling..I was beyond control….He came closer to me.. whispered in a husky breaking voice said don’t delay things…I can not wait any more..please quickly undress …p..l..e..a..s..e… p..l..e..a..s..e… p..l..e..a..s..e. I wanted to tease him a little.In his tight embrace I ran my nails on his chest…shyly said in a soft voice…Raman Bhai..I will feel ashamed to be nude before you..don’t ask me for that.He was getting more and more crazy…I can not wait any more..see I will drop my cloths first…he was fully nude now..his dark body looked strong..within the bunch of hair the erect dick standing straight & strong..when the fore skin pushed back the penis head looked bright ass itched..desire reigned for a quick penetration

I unbuttoned my shirt & pant and put down at the corner…stood with back turned to him…I was shy to be fully naked to stand in front of him.He admired my butts…ohhhh Bobby what a pair of butts….satin smooth velvet skin…you are so fair in complexion…you are really marvelous. He came near me and pumped the small hard butts…took my penis in his hand…hey it will grow more…small one.He held me from the back…. his hand moving on my chest pinching the brown nipples one after the other….I could feel his penis at the partition of butts.

Raman Bhai was hardly 5 feet tall…body fully dark,slim but strong…penis around 6 inch.He sat on his knees and opened my butts wide…ohh brown ring…virgin ass hole…started licking the hole in his tongue for some time.He then went and sat on the rectangular granite and asked me to look at him.Now I had again a full vision of his erect penis the tip of which bright red and round…bunch of black hairs at the root of the penis….it was jumping joyfully.

He opened one of the oil pouch and poured in the cupped left palm…applied oil on the full penis to lubricate….it looked more shinning…more erect…more harder…the red head looked beautiful after lubrication.Then he came to me …asked to bend and spread the legs…with the middle finger applied oil on the ass hole and his finger went deep inside to oil the passage.I knew that he will be fucking me in a moment…his lubricated penis will penetrate deep in my ass hole…again a cold chill ran through out my body…body became stiff…. nipples pointed and hardened…anus automatically vibrated in and out with frequent sense of tickling in the ass ring & hole..I was probably getting ready with mindset to take- in the hard penis of Raman Bhai in my anus.I reconciled in myself that it is better to enjoy the thrill of intercourse then to think of its pain.

Raman Bhai sat on the rectangular granite spreading his legs …his erect dick standing upwards…he called me…come on Bobby…let me give you the first time fuck in your virgin anus to celebrate our honeymoon.

I went near and sat on his thighs spreading leg to both sides of his hip…he gripped my butts with the palms and dragged close to pubic area…in the left hand took the penis and positioned the red head on my anus…placed his lips on mine and tightly held me in one arm…asked me to grab him tightly with my arms…started pushing in the penis in the ass hole….I cried out wowww …… oohhh…. .aahhh…. woooo but he went on penetrating till the entire dick upto the root was in my ass hole and waited till I stopped ohhh..Aahhh.After a while the pain subsided….I looked at his penis ..whole of it was inside my ass hole…

I was sitting right on the bunch of pubic hairs at the root of his dick….I closed my eyes and rested my head on his shoulders while he was kissing me all over.He started stroking the penis in and out for quite a long time….suddenly tightened his grip…moaned ohh—ahh..ohhhh…ahhhh and relaxed…I could feel my ass hole getting filled with his massive discharge of semen….his dick softened and came out of the anus on its own.I was getting a feeling for potty….I sat for that…curd like hot fluid oozed out for quite some time….for the first time I saw thick semen which he pumped in my ass hole in large quantity.

I was getting ready to put on my pant but Raman Bhai stopped me…no no come near me he said…I have promised to fuck you three times…he gave the penis in my hand and asked to make strokes .After some time of doing so the dick was erect and hard again.He told me to take support of walls of cave and bend as much as possible.He positioned the red tip on the anus…gripped my hip…pushed in the whole dick into the hole….there was very little pain this time…he started quick strokes…again loads of semen sprayed in the ass hole to fill it completely.

He waited for some time….he was standing…the strong dick was hanging down….he asked me to be on my knees and lick with my tongue & suck with mouth…it was testing salty but I continued licking and sucking…it was hard and erect again….told me to sleep on the floor with butts on top…poured oil in the anus which was now open and slippery with oil & semen….he rode on me and penetrated the penis in one go…absolutely no pain this time….after number of strokes released heavy load of semen in the ass hole….I positioned for potty but curd like thick creamy semen only came out which I dispensed in three four patches.

Raman Bhai was very happy with the fucking and we returned to school.His group was waiting for us…how was the honeymoon….what number of fuckings ….Raman Bhai smiled and said it was excellent …three very good fuckings…

Bobby enjoyed his first time with all that thrill.They urged Raman Bhai please…only one time for us…please…please.Raman Bhai said no not today….be sit in a line…take him in your lap and kiss.I sat on each one’s lap and took their kiss.He called me near him….you are only for one other than me fuck this sweet ass..I nodded ..asked when are we going to do again..