Impregnated Newly Wed Bengali Girl Rashmi

My Name is Vaatsayana(Name Changed). I am 35 years old now but this incident happened when I was in my first year of graduation. I am an average Telugu guy from Hyderabad having 5’10” height, 65 Kgs weight, perfect V shaped body and 6 inches long tool. This is my 3rd story on ISS. Hope you enjoyed my previous stories.

One of my elder cousins Rajni (name changed) got married to an ONGC scientist Naveen (name changed). He used to live in the ONGC colony Ahmadabad. (If Rajni was younger to me; my family could have got her married to me). Naveen had to leave shortly after marriage due to some urgent project work. As my cousin’s family is not that educated and I was in my summer holidays, they requested me to drop Rajni in Ahmadabad and I agreed.

We went to Ahmedabad by train from Hyderabad. We reached Navin’s quarter quite late in the night. We were too tired so hit the bed straight away. Next couple of days I could hear the romance of Naveen and Rajni from next room and I started feeling quite horny. After couple of days, I observed a beautiful young aunty combing her hair in the balcony of the next quarter. I was having tea in the balcony at that time. I smiled at her and she smiled as well.

As I am from Hyderabad, I could speak pretty good Hindi. So we got introduced quite easily. After that we kind of chatted for couple of days. I got to know that her name is Rashmi, She is from Calcutta and even she is recently married. Her husband and Naveen used to leave for office at the same time. As Rajni couldnt speak or understand Hindi, she couldnt understand what is happening between Rashmi and me.

After few more days, Rashmi invited me to her home for tea at around 4 PM. I asked Rajni if she wants to join me and she refused as she can’t speak Hindi. So I left alone. She was wearing a maroon colour Bengali style sari. He skin tone was very fair and slightly pinkish. I observed her figure it was a perfect 36-26-38 and she was about 5’6” height. I have decided to fuck her. She showed me her marriage album. She told me that her husband and she were childhood friends. Though they were very close, he never took advantage of it. She and her family liked that nature and when the marriage proposal came, she and her family agreed happily.

I could see a bit of sadness when she told me about her marriage. I could sense some dissatisfaction in her face. I continued talking to her about different interesting topics with good sense of humour. She laughed and laughed. She told me that she never laughed so much in last 6 months of married life. I asked her why that is. She started telling me her husband’s nature. Though he is very friendly, he is too shy for a male. I consoled her saying that the things don’t stay the same for ever.

After that day, she used to call me for tea every alternate day and she used to enjoy my company. Slowly the conversations went in to love, romance and relationships. She started speaking freely. I was shocked to know that they didnt get intimate even after one month of marriage. I jokingly told her that if I was the husband of such a beautiful girl, she would have been pregnant within one month!. She blushed she was very shy. I said sorry to her. But the conversations continued. After that day, she started looking at me differently.

One day, she called me for lunch. I asked Rajini to go with me but she refused. So I went alone Rashmi was wearing a nighie instead of her traditional sari and I observed that she wasnt wearing a bra inside as her nipples were protruding out of her nightie. She served nice Bengali dishes and sweets. I enjoyed the meal. But whenever she bent to serve, I could see her cleavage. I tool was rock hard in the first sight of that. After that I deliberately started looking at her with lust in my eyes. She kind of understood that but continued to behave in the same way.

After that, we started watching TV and due to bad signal she was trying to constantly adjust the tuning. I went to the TV and stood behind her. Then I bent over as if I am trying to help her and in the process my forearm touched her waist. She gave a lusty moan. I understood that I can start “Tuning” her instead of the TV. I kissed her on the neck and held her breasts with both hands from behind. I started to kiss her neck, earlobes and she started breathing fast. I captured her nipples with my fingers and started twisting them. She was very excited.

I turned her around and looked in to her eyes and they are full of lust and desire. I hugged her tightly and kissed her lips. She enjoyed it for a moment and then suddenly pushed me away with full force and told me that she can’t cheat on her husband. I realised that her brain started controlling her desires. I had to hurry. This time I hugged her and kissed her on her lips but with one hand started touching her pussy over the nightie. She was trying to push me away. I kind of lifted her and carried her to their bed room. I put her on the bed pulled her nightie up and kissed her pussy over her panty. She shivered once. Her panty was wet with her juices.

She started resisting again and tried to push me away from her panty. I suddenly pulled her panty down and put my tongue directly in to her pussy. She moaned once and her hands stopped pushing my head away. I parted her slightly hairy outer pussy lips and started licking her inner pussy lips from bottom to top including the clitoris. She started enjoying and her pussy started leaking musky juice.

I slid my hand under her nightie and with my left hand started pressing and creasing her boobs and rock hard erect nipples alternatively. She started moaning loudly. I started fingering her pussy simultaneously with my right hand’s index finger as I continued licking her clitoris. Her thighs were shaking and her hands were pressing me against her pussy. I continued for 10 more minutes and she had a mind-blowing orgasm. He pussy quivered and contracted for at least 10 times. Her body relaxed suddenly.

Meanwhile, I pulled her nightie up completely and removed it and she co-operated fully. Now she was completely naked in front of a man other than her husband for the first time. She was feeling shy and guilty for doing this. Her fair body and pink nipples drove me crazy. I didnt want to waste any more time and I stripped myself naked and showed her my 6 inch tool.

I slept on her and kissed her from head to toe. I bit her pink nipples and sucked her boobs with full force alternatively. Her nipples became rock hard again. As the missionary position is best for first time sex with any girl, I put my tool on her pussy and gently started rubbing the tip of my tool on her clitoris. She started moaning. I wanted her to beg me to fuck her. So I continued to tease her pussy lips and clitoris with the tip of my tool.

After 5 minutes, she asked me to put my tool inside her pussy. I slowly inserted the head of my tool in her pussy. It was tight for a married woman. I kind of understood that this pussy is hardly fucked. I managed to insert the whole tool in her pussy in the next 3 minutes and hit her cervix with the tip of my tool. I looked at her face and she closed her eyes and enjoying the feeling of full penetration.

I started giving slow deep strokes. I was carefully hitting her cervix with my tool for every stroke. She was enjoying it. Slowly increased the speed and she started making noises like Ummmm … awaaa … Ummm. She was breathing heavily. We both started sweating due to summer temperatures. As I started fucking her with full speed, she was literally started shouting my name and moaning very loudly.

After some time, I slowed down. Got off the bed, dragged her to the corner of the bed and lifted her legs and put them on my shoulder. I was in standing position and started fucking her in that position. I was trying to hit her G-Spot with every stroke. I was pinching her nipples with one and rubbing her clitoris with the other. She was moaning, shouting uncontrollably now.

I continued fucking her she had an orgasm in next 5 minutes. I could feel her pussy muscles contracting the squeezing my tool. I got super excited and fucked her with full speed. I ejaculated hot sperm and planted my seed in her womb. Both were exhausted and completely soaked in our sweat. So I asked her if we can take a bath.

She happily agreed and we got up from bed. As she started walking, my sperm and her juices started flowing down from her pussy and on her thighs. She pissed in standing position. Took a nice bath and enjoyed it. Came back to bed and slept for one hour. After we woke up, she brought some fruit juice. We were still naked. So I sipped some juice and then kissed her lips and pushed the juice in to her mouth. She drank it.

Then I sprinkled juice on her body and I licked it. She did the same. I dipped my tool in her glass and asked her to lick the juice coated tool. She did it. I then fucked her mouth. I asked her to lick my hole, Suck the tip of my tool. She sucked it with full force. I couldnt control any more and I discharged my sperm in her thirsty mouth. I then asked her to spit it in to her juice glass. She did, I then asked her to drink the juice. She did that. We played romantic sex games until 4 PM. Then I got dressed up and went back to Rajini’s home.

Next day as usual I went to Rashmi’s home for tea. She then told me about her sex life with her husband. He is very shy and he does sex in dark. He ejaculates in 2 minutes and thinks that sex is only to make kids. She had no other complaints about him but the hunger of her pussy can’t be satisfied by her husband.

So we got in to the game of sex again. We did anal sex that day. I fucked her in all her holes in every position and multiple times in a day for the next 45 days I have been there. She cleverly fucked her husband twice in the infertile time of her period. She got pregnant in the 1st month. We came to know that when she missed her period. She was very happy that she was going to become a mother of my child.

A year after that Rajni got pregnant and I had to go there to bring her home for delivery. By the time Rashmi gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Luckily, she was exactly like Rashmi so no one doubted the baby’s true father. I stayed there for 45 days again. I used to fuck Rashmi daily in multiple positions and holes.

She used to suffer from breast pain due to too much milk production. I used squeeze her boobs so that the milk flowed down her body and licked that milk. I fucked her while emptying her milk pots. I collected her milk in a cup asked her to give me a blowjob and ejaculated in the same cup.

Then I asked her to drink her own milk mixed with my sperm. She was like my sex slave during that time. She did everything that I ever asked her including licking my ass and giving a prostate orgasm to me by putting her fingers in my ass hole and massing my prostate and simultaneously sucking my tool. It was mind blowing orgasm for me. Guys try this if possible. I guaranty you that you will never feel something like this in any other way

I went there every time I got a chance to see Rajni’s family. I fucked Rashmi like a bitch and impregnated her again. This time, she gave birth to my son.

This continued until her husband got promoted and got transferred to a different place. Hope you enjoyed this story guys and girls. I would appreciate any comments.

Meanwhile, I ended up fucking Rajni and as a result one of her kids is my seed as well. I will narrate that story next time.