First Vote Experience

Hi readers, I ‘m Rahul. Im 19 going to 20 and am an engineering student. This is my first story and a real life story. I decided to share my first sex experience, (the story is true ), and is about how I got lucky with am older aunty who showed me heaven.

Girls used to say that I ‘m cute but I always loved older women,milfs,aunties,moms etc. And I always fantasized about having sex with an older woman. The concept was very erotic! One that every boy dreams of-“Have sex with am experienced woman!”. My neighbor aunty was my sexual partner in my dreams,almost every night, I masturbated thinking of mauling on her juicy boobs and pumping her full of my cum.

After my 18th birthday, I got my voters id and was eagerly waiting for my first vote. After a few months it was election time and many candidates came to us for earning our votes.

After a while, I got fed up with this routine till one day a beautiful aunty came along with 2-3 other party members. Mother welcomed them and she came to talk to me. I loved her right at the spot, she was almost 38-40 years old with sufficiently voluptuous body and nice beautiful ass. She had a nice pair of 36d breasts they were beautiful, makes you wanna stand up and beg for buttermilk. I had my eyes fixed on her her milky stomach was visible as she was wearing a saree. I wished for a chance to take her to my bed and ravage her.

I wore an underwear so my erection was not visible. My dick was struggling to pop out. She came near me an held my hand. Please vote for me and smiled as she left. My eyes were on her jerking ass, I wanted to spank it. As soon as she left I made an excuse to mom and ran to my room, pulled down my trousers and started pumping my 7 inch dick. All I could think of was using her to the max.! Sucking and milking her tits, eating her pussy and fucking her like crazy.

After a while my cock burst into orgasm, a huge one. I shot streams of cum and it was all over my stomach and chest. That night also I thought of fucking her. I wanted her.

Days passed after her visit till one day, the day that changed my life. My mom is a school teacher and she went to her school. Dad only comes home at 12pm. So that day, I was home alone, watching tv. I heard the door bell and I was never more pleased to see someone. It was her and by luck she was alone. I opened the door and let her in. Her ass was beautiful as I remember I tried to control my cock but there was a small bulge.

I made her sit down and told her that I was alone and I ran to the kitchen to give he something to drink. I came back and gave her a glass of juice as I handed it to her she saw my twitching cock and had a small faint smile. I turned immediately and sat down before I reach full erection. She asked me about myself and my studies all the while having a smirk on her face. I was blushing, and couldnt say anything.She stood up and walked towards me.

I noticed that her saree was more revealing, perfectly showing her body and I could see her blouse, she sat next to me and asked me whether I will vote for her. I replied ‘yah may be she asked me if I liked her and moved an inch closer to me And asked me ‘what do I have to do to surely get your vote? her hand was on my lap.

I lost control as I jerked suddenly and my cock was twitching very hard. I was clear what she meant and what I wanted, I didnt hesitate I put my hand oh her waist and leaned towards her she opened her mouth and we kissed. It was wet and sexy, she was very good, and well experienced her tongue was in my mouth I quickly caught up to her, making passionate kissing, I loved it. A wet dirty kiss we hugged and I was pressing her waist. She was good. May be this is how she convinced men for voting for her.She broke the kiss and I stood up took her hand and ran to my room.

I took off my shirt and we both fell on the bed kissing and sucking each other. I removed her saree and squeezed her boobs. It was soft and big and better, bigger and my girlfriends tits. I was on a frenzy and bit her boobs through her blouse. I kissed and caressed her milky stomach. She sat up and asked me whether I had sex before. I said no. ‘ill teach u my son said she!.

I said “Please do”. She pulled down my pants and took my dick in her hand. It was electrifying. I was overcome by pleasure. She was squeezing and admiring my cock. She said ” wow this is a thick cock”. It was 7 inch.

She smiled and took it in her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down. I saw stars as I held on to her hair. I closed my eyes. All I could hear is the slurping sound she was making and the immense pleasure that this woman was giving me. Not before 5 mins, I came. I shot all my creamy cum in her mouth, deep in her throat.

She then looked at me and smiled. I saw her throat go up as she swallowed my entire load ! It was very erotic. Now it was time for me to return the favour I came atop her and went down. She helped me undo her saree and within seconds, she was naked. Her boobs were beautiful, with nice brown nipples( which I love). And pussy with trimmed pubic hair. I spread her legs and stuck my face b/w her. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and gave a huge suck to her pussy. I ate it without mercy digging my tongue deep inside her. Fucking her with it. Her juices were all over my face. I loved the taste of it and wanted more. She made sounds ‘mmffff Aaaaagh ,, ummm,

And after a while, she reached her peak and squirted on my face I licked her pussy dry. She pulled me

Up and we kissed each other. Our hands running all over our bodies. Me squeezing her lemons. I was hard soon and she noticed it. She spread her legs and guided my virgin cock to her hole. Instinctively I gave a good push. As she gave a loud moan, my entire length slipped into her love hole. My god we were hi heaven. Her pussy was gripping my throbbing cock. I love the feeling of being inside a womans pussy. It was warm and wet. She then said to my ear. “Come on boy, fuck me”,

I started to come in and out of her, slowly increasing the speed. She was moaning louder as she wrapped her legs across my butt and hugged me tight. I put my arms around her and was pressing her ass to get deeper. She screamed ‘aaaaaaa. Uuuuugh aaaaww.I was pumping like hell. The whole room filled with sounds of moaning and falp-flap sounds of me ramming her. I was cheating my girlfriend and fucking another woman almost twice my age. And it felt good. She was mine

We enjoyed the position for a good 20 minutes and then she pulled me out and came to doggy style position. ‘ I am your dog, fuck me she said. Without hesitation, I pierced her and grabbed her boobs, squeezing it and started humping. I grabbed her waste and fucked her with more speed. She was moaning, saying ‘ dont stop fuck me, faster! ……. Faster I rammed her with full speed, as I looked down, her ass was doing wave like motion. She matched her movement with my thrusts to get my cock deeper.I kept at it. It was sloppy. Steamy sloppy, dirty sex. Our moans were more louder.

She decided to change position after another 30 mins. Came to the first position.(which I loved). She put her hands around my neck and pulled me close. We were consumed by passion and engaged in a wild tongue kiss. My one hand was on her breast and other on her ass. I felt my balls fill up. She sensed this and wrapped her legs around me. She wanted me to fill her pussy. After a good 10 stroked. I reached a massive orgasm, so did she, I was pumping load after load of fresh seamen into her fertile pussy. Her pussy drained my cock. I shivered with pleasure and collapsed on top of my beautiful lover aunty.

We kept kissing and rested for a bit. She had to leave. When she stood up, I saw my baby batter running down her thigh, it was very arousing to see. We dressed up and before leaving she kissed my forehead and lips. She said “Dont masturbate thinking of me and waste that cum. Ill come back soon for your cock.” and gave me her number. (that night, I masturbated like hell)

Whenever I was alone, she wound come and milk my cock. I miss her after the election. She was busy with other stuff. But I hope she will soon visit.

Hope this story is to your liking. I am available for the beautiful aunties and girls, mail me