Hard Core Sex With Neighbor

Hey guys this is santosh again this a very short story with short time this was happen last night

In my society, one aunty looking average with big boobs came with 8 year old baby boy to spend some time with his relatives from kerala to pune last week these days in pune also there is so much heat so every day aunty and his son and relatives children are sleeping on terrace every day from last week. Whenever I go to terrace I am taking to children about games movies etc stuff but yesterday aunty talk with me about movies pune culture so at the time of nearly 12.30 we found that all the childrens was in a deep sleep then aunty told that every one playing too much in heat from the morning so all are sleeping then I said that okay aunty I am going to sleep in my flat then she told why you are not sleeping here whether is soo good and tomorrow also sunday you cant wake up early also then I said that ok but I want to go once in flat and inform mother and take one pillow with bed sheet then she told that you take only one pillow not required any bed sheet here all are there

Then I came back with one pillow to terrace she arranged one bed sheet on the floor and said that you sleep there. I was sleeping there at the time my left side nobody is not sleeping but right side two childrens are sleeping then I eyes are closed automatically at around 4.00 am I observed that someone touches my body

I opened my eyes little and I was in shock that aunty is sleeping in left side of me and she up my short pant and holds my disk in his hands and doing hand pump lightly and coming to try closely so I cant say anything just close my eyes again and enjoying the movement the aunty was doing then I realized that she was giving one lip kiss to me then slowly my right hand holds her from back side then stops kissing and watching that I am in sleep are not then after 5 minutes she taken the juice of one drop from my disk, after 2 minutes she gets down and sucking my slowly after doing this very slowly for 10 minutes I realized that my cum is coming so I removed the disk casually in a body moment then she comes up and open his blouse buttons of two and his one left side of his ball is taken in his hand and trying to inserted in to my mouth but she cant do it,

So she leaves in front of my mouth I realized that nipple of his touches my mouth then I see that aunty eyes are closed so in mind what can I do then slowly I came little closer to and holds the nipple only in to my mouth then aunty wake up and holds me and forced into my mouth totally what a moment I have then immediately I started sucking and aunty also cooperates me after that I used my right leg to up the aunty saree from the bottom but I do it 80 percent only then take my right hand from back and turn little bit and inserted in to his vagina then I started very quickly for finger fucking then inserted my middle finger in to her ass hole also for nearly 5 minutes after aunty turned straightly then I removed my hands and opened my shorts fully and up the aunty saree sleeps above the body of aunty for 20 seconds

Then aunty raised his legs my disk is in full length right now so I goes straight away in to the vagina and start fucking hard and hard for 20 minutes then aunty whispered that are you enjoying then I told yeah yourself she smiled then I removed my cook from vagina and do fingering in to his ass hole for 5 minutes then I inserted my cock in to his ass hole then she holds me very tightly and whispered that oohoo it is very tight and paining please remove I never this then I said ooh it is your first time whats why it is paining after two three times you will enjoy more and more she said that,

I saw lot of anal sex in blue films I think that I can also do it but its paining I said ok then stop for 3 minutes after 3 minutes I said that I will start slowly then I do it slowly for almost 15 minutes then she said now there is no pain so I increased pressure and do it fast she also gave good support her ass hole has fully lubricated now I fuck her full speed for a long time and I whispered that my cum is coming is this ok for inside she again smiled and shake his head like yes after fucking her some more time I released my cum in to her ass hole. We both are hugged each other for 2 to 3 minutes then she said please go now if anyone see both of us.

Then I wear my short and take pillow of mine and gave one french kiss to her and finally leave the place and come back to my flat and knock the door, mother opens the door I said that there are so many mosquitoes are in terrace then mother is in sleeping mood she goes for sleep again then I go to wash room and cleaned my disk after that I was sleep for a long time. If anybody loves the real story of me so please give the comments to my mail id / / and anybody wants my friendship are sex related any questions specially for pune women. I am free for any time to giving satisfaction for unsatisfied womens around in pune.