Chubby Babe Met On Flight

It has been long time since I had a nice encounter. I dont know if any of your remember me, I am Arun, I have written my previous experience (A collegues friend Became My Fuck Buddy) this the most recent one I am sharing in ISS. I recently moved to New Delhi permanently as I got a new job and staying temporarily in a hotel in Saket near Select Citywalk. It was a hectic the day after two day event in Mumbai. I took a flight from Mumbai to Delhi and the flight was packed being an evening one I guess.

Sitting next to me was a chubby babe clad in an executive suit. I was feeling embarrassed as i was sweating all day and quite bad body odour. Our eyes crossed and i apologised for my body odour. She smiled and said its ok. We had some long talks till we reached Delhi. I invited her for a drink one day and gave her my card.

As usual my driver was taking hell a lot of time to arrive and Maya(Thats her name) offered a drop to my hotel. I requested her to come for a drink in the bar. I normally have a vodka red bull after a hectic day, it really gives you wings and she also ordered the same.

Wow that was a real testosterone kicker, I started feeling horny. I think it was the same for her. She wanted to use the washroom and came to my room ( I was wondering why the one in my room??) . As soon as I entered she started kissing, I was shocked to see this. She was breathing heavily and sweating. She almost tore my cloths and started kissing each and every part of the body. I was 25%. In shock, 25% horny, 25% excited and 25% confused. Here I am who was thinking to watch porn for the night, shag and hit the bed standing with a girl kissing my body, uh that was a jackpot.

Now it was my turn, I pulled her face and sucking her lips wild and my tongue was all over her mouth and lips enjoying her sweet taste. I took her shirt and bra. Hmmm that was seventh heaven. The smell of her perfume mixed with sweat plus red bull and vodka is doing the job very well. Meanwhile she reached for my Johnny who is almost ready. She started playing with it and looked at my face and gave a naughty smile and said hmm hairy huh… I couldnt shave for always most a week.

She went down and pulled my pants and jockey down and held my balls and started sucking. She was madly sucking it like anything. Then held the penis head in the tongue and rubbed the shaft with her hands… Hmmm that was awesome. She was a so good at it, I went to top heaven and I came in her mouth and Maya swallowed it all. Her boobs were superb and nipples were brown. I sucked it like a baby who hasnt fed for days. It made her moan like mad.

I slid her pants and panties down and I reached for her huge booty, started playing with it. That turned her on. Told me to suck her triangle. I spread her legs and started sucking her trimmed pussy. It was soaking wet. When I am writing this I can feel the mixed fragrance of cum, sweat and pussy. It was the best, its always special for a chubby babe. Then she pulled me for a 69 and started with my Johnny Bravo.

It went on for a while and switched to missionary. Started pumping her with full power and went on and on for 10 mins till I unloaded my cum in her warm pussy. Its an amazing thing to watch cum rolling down her pusssy like a creamy donut. She also got exhausted and wanted another redbull vodka. I called room service and order 4 of those as I know its gonna go for some time now.

We took a shower together by the time the drink came. We kissed and enjoyed the water together in the shower. I dried myself and sat on the couch with a cigarette. At last we got to talk to each other for sometime. We sat with the drink naked and wet. Thats when I came to know she was married and no kids, and a career woman sort of lady hardly gets time with hubby as he is overseas and she too travels often. Then she said that the smell of my sweat, perfume turned her on and of course when I apologised for that it was showing a caring attitude. Any ways that was a good one. Hope it will work next time.

This time I wanted to do anal and it was too tight for her and my penis head is like a mushroom. Maya asked me not to do it as we didnt have any lubricant. She told me about her fantasy to do cowboy style. We did that and came again inside her. That reminded me to ask her about her periods. Maya nodded its fine and not a problem. Her pussy is so captivating and went sucking again till my Johnny is ready for next. This time sh screamed to orgasm. Wow her moaning was making me horny. Hmmmm. After that we kissed each other and cuddling. Her warm breath and tightness is too good.

We went for one more rounds of sex on the rocks before we bid good bye for the day. The time was almost 3:30AM. We hugged and kissed. Hope I will meet her again. I know she is not a horny bunny types who gets to bed every now and then.

Hope you all enjoyed the story, I know it was short. The excitement which I went through was million times superb actually. Please do send me your comments to / /