Growing Year Of Desperation

This story is a continuation of my previous story “Introduction of a seven year old in the world of sex”, thanks for all your feedback. Here I will talk about how a 7 year old child grows with desperation of sex, how he explores his fantasies. This edition doesnt contain any sex story , only experience and memories of growing years, I bet most of will be able to relate to it, seat back and enjoy :).

Days went dull after maid Anitha left work at our home. Somehow I managed to bring my concentration back to studies, but the urge of having sex and knowing more about it always remains somewhere in the back of my mind.

I tried to understand the concept of sex, I tried repeating the act (hand job) Anitha used to give me , by myself, I.e. I started masturbating by the age of 10-11, without even knowing what masturbating was! It brought me close to the days I had spend with Anitha.

At the age of 12-13 I secretly started reading magazines like Womensera, Manorama and Grehshobha which enhanced my knowledge of Sex and Masturbation, that was the time I realised what I was doing was perfectly normal.

Now I started masturbating even more by watching models picture in magazines, item video songs of Bollywood, HBO Star Movies and FTV were other sources. I used to fantasise sex with aunties and di dis of our locality, it used to be great.

I was introduced to blue films when I was in class 7th, exchanging CDs DVDs of blue films and nude photos with friends was a routine! Fear of getting caught !! It was fun.

By the time I reached class 10th all the curiosity was full filled and nothing new was left. Enough of blue films, Savita Bhabi and Sex stories now I wanted to explore the real sex.

I managed to get involved with a beautiful dusky girl at our coaching, she was beautiful with thin body, small yet firm pair of breasts and awesome dressing sense. She really was a cock teaser! We get along very well from normal chats to holding hands, bike rides on rain to our first kiss.

We started sex chatting and got addicted to it so much that we started facing sleeping issues when we missed it. I used to lend her CDs of blue films and we used to discuss the same over phone. We smooched couple of times but never got a chance to get physical!! It was more of physical attraction. Next year her father got transferred and we parted on good note.

Class 11th it was hard to get over my first girlfriend but with the help and support of one of my best friend it was quick, she was a great supporter and our tuning went on very well. We became very close and started sharing everything. I proposed her on class 12th and she accepted. The relation was more of affection and care. It was something like true love. We concentrated on our studies and never thought of getting physical until one day when we were out for a group study!

It was a chilled winter day of January, we completed our studies and was chatting sharing a same blanket. Slowly all our friends slept. We got comfortable with each other, came more close and slowly started cuddling each other. Both of us were enjoying each other, when suddenly we become closer and started kissing each other on chicks and neck. The act become too noisy, so we decide to shift to balcony for our further actions :), we took a blanket and a bed sheet along with us.

Balcony was small but enough for two people to settle down. We lay down on bed sheet covering each other with blanket in that chilling temperature; we wrapped each other and started smooching like no tomorrow, we smooched for 10-15 mints. I bit her ears, kissed and licked her neck, she started making noises of pleasure which was more sexier. I came down kissing from neck kissed her cleavage, took her over me removing cloths was not an option so I just unhooked her bra from inside her T Shirt.

I bring her down pulled her boobs out and started sucking, she was enjoying it like anything, in the mean while she got hold of my dick and started squeezing it! I was sucking one of her boob and squeezing other, I sucked it like a baby for 15-20 mints and it was heaven.

I unhooked the button of her pants and squeezed her but and pulled them towards me, making her feel my hard dick. she moaning started increasing and to stop her voice i put my mouth inside hers and stared smooching deep. I came over her. Kissed her neck, sucked her nipples, bite her left boob and squeezed other. Came down to her navel licked it all wet. I brought her panties down with my teeth and kissed her love hole. Separated her legs and felt the aroma of a virgin cunt!!

I got up, opened my jeans button, brought my underwear down and got over her. Making her feel the real dick, teased her for some time, asked her if she is prepared, she was afraid and curious at the same time, i consoled her put my hand on her mouth and inserted my dick slowly inside her, she experience tremendous pain but I kissing and smooching all the time, then slowly she started feeling better and started enjoying the session.

We fucked for like 15-20 mints we were slow and I was aware of not unloading the sperm inside her. It was great we both enjoyed and no one regretted the incident. We were in relationship for two more years which was great,we had sex couple of time each time it was different and full of love. I miss her even today.

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