Banging My Aunt Next Door

Hello guys and girls. Here is my story.

Trisha, as her name was, used to live in the house next door. She was not actually my aunt, but since I have seen her since when I was teen, I simply call her aunt.

She has a really sexy figure. She has good boobs, nice, shaky booties and a beautiful face. Anyone could get crazy for one night with her. I did not have any lusty feelings for her, though sometimes I wet-dreamed about her. Normally, I would visit her house when I returned from school and sometimes when my parents are not home. Believe me,I loved going to her house.

So, it happened one day. I returned from school, as normally I do. My parents were not there. I did not know who was in my house. So, I changed my dress in the bedroom instead of the bathroom. As I was opening my pants, Trisha saw me. I was half naked from the top. She said, ‘Hey, you have got nice abs. I bet girls die for you, eh? Hehe. I noticed that she was rubbing her pussy slightly and I could hear soft moans from her red lips. I was quite surprised, but somehow tried to keep my cool and replied, ‘Yeah, heh, it is. Nah, no girls have died for me, till date. Yeah, its true that fee girls proposed me.

She said, ‘Mhm. By the way, I came to told you that your dad and mom is going to your grandmas house. She is sick. So, you will have to spend the night in my house. I replied with an affirmative.

Night came. I went to her house. Okay, I forgot to mention that she used to live alone. She was wearing a tight gown. Trust me, she was looking hot as damn. I couldnt stop imagining of fucker her. Not anymore. My tool became hard on seeing her. She told me to sit on the sofa and watch TV. I did so. But the lights went off. She switched on the inverter but the TV was not connected to it. She bought two cups of coffee for us.

Here the game begin…

She said, ‘Are not you getting bored? Or you dont get bored, haha? I said, ‘Umm, yeah, quite bored. Though it will not kill me now, right Trisha? She smiled and said, ‘You are funny, buddy! She sat close to me, putting one of her hands on my left leg, and she took out her smartphone. She rubbed her hands on my legs and proceeded near my cock. She said, ‘Take this. Think of it as your own. I asked her if it had any games, but the answer was negative.

She opened YouTube and gave it to me. I streamed some videos and watched some. I was just going through her phone when I saw the the porn app. She noticed it and told me to open the app. I did so. She whispered, ‘Let us watch porn, baby! I was shocked yet I was happy. I hoped that I could fuck her.

For the next fifteen minutes, we watched a sex short-movie. My dick grew bigger. She said, ‘Let us go to bedroom and have some fun. I replied, ‘Yeah honey, I wanna drive my dick on your booty. She smiled and gave me a flying kiss.

So, we went to the bedroom of hers. We sat near each other. I licked her lips passionately and rubbed her boobs with my hands. She moaned but in a slight manner. She started to undress in front of me. I sat on the bed. She started stripping with her gown at first. She torn open it! I looked straight into her eyes. She was biting her lips.

Then she opened her bra. And then her pantie. She half opened it and told me to open it and that too with my tongue. Ah, heaven. I opened it, but only after licking her ass. She gave a slight moan. I kissed her lips. French kiss, lip-lock, you name it. And pressed her boobs. I licked her nipples.

She told me, ‘I can not wait anymore, fuck me you shit. I opened my shirt and pant and in the next minute, we both were completely naked. I drove my dick inside her asshole. I started slowly and advanced to fast. She said, ‘Do not show mercy on me. I am a whore. A bitch. Fuck me, ah, hard, ah, ah..harder fuck me..oh fuck me. Mmmm. I dig my dick inside her. She said, ‘Oh baby, fuck my fucking ass out. Mmmm, God.

Then we were going to cum. She said,Oh shit, I am cumming, oh yeah I am cumming, ohh, ah. And then we cummed.

After ten minutes, we continued but with different sex positions. Once, she sat on me and fucked, then I drove my dick on her in the doggy style, and in many ways. It was a great experience. I said, ‘Ooh, you got tired already? Okay, we will continue later. My sexy bitch. She replied, she was panting, ‘Love you and your cock! I replied, ‘Yeah, good. You should love it. It will show you heaven every time you permit it to drive your pussy. Heh. She jumped to near me and my lips touched hers again. We kissed passionately.

Whenever she tilted her head left while kissing, I would tilt my head right. My tongue touched hers and then she stood up and we were tongue kissing! I gave her a tight hug and continued kissing. I called her bitch, fucker, etc. numerous times that night. We continued having sex but rarely we got time.

So here was my short story on how I fucked my neighbor. I hope you all liked and loved it and that it made you feel horny. For any comments, reviews, feedbacks, just email me at / / Plus, if any girls are craving for cybersex with me, just chat with me on my email.