My First Sex With A Widow

Hi. This is Koushik. Huge fan of Indian sex stories since a long period of time … I always get erected whenever I read stories here.. And finally I got the chance of posting my own story. About me age 20. Studying b tech in Visakhapatnam. Well built, smart enough to please any women. And ladies and girls in and around Visakhapatnam or vizianagaram for any kind of sexual pleasures and friendship contact me / /

Our family consists of me and my parents. And the heroin of this story is our neighbour. She is a widow. Her husband died within six months of her marriage.

Later she dint married to take care of her parents since she is the only child to them.You all know most of the widows are highly sex starved as they don’t have a man to fulfil their desires. I got to know that she had engaged with many men in the village. But we have a very good family friendship. Daily she will come to my home and chitchat with my parents.

I used to stay alone in my home as both of my parents are working. One day bujji (heroin of d story) came to our home and talking to my father.It was a casual talk. In our hall there is a cot and am sleeping on the cot and she sat on it.

After some time I woke up and saw her sitting beside me. Her ass is just in front of my cock and I don’t want to waste this opportunity. Looking at her huge ass and big boobs from the side way I got controllable and started pressing my rock hard dick on her ass crack. Wahhh what a feeling it is.

For the first time I am feeling a woman’s ass with my dick and I am sure that shetoo feeling my dick. I wanna take this advantage and do more but I can’t as my dad is present here. Later she looked towards me with a weird smile and I got blushed with shyness. And she left.Next day when both of my parents are out of home. She came into my home and I was lying on the same cot.

She came and said khanna(my nickname) my cell phone is not working properly can you please check it then I took the phone and checking it. And I repeated yesterday’s action I started forcing my cock into her ass crack. She noticed it and said “Khanna, seems you r grown up now. ” I said yes aunty seeing you any child can be grow big.She immediately caught my dick and started pressing it. Hmm … I was surprised by her move and shouted with pleasure. Later she took my cock out and she gave a nice hand job.

She said khanna you have more than enough stuff for your age. Then I said aunty its all for you

Then she naughtily smiled and took my cock into her mouth while watching straight into my eyes. Omg what a feeling it is. I can’t believe my luck that day that a woman with all right things in her sucking my newly matured young cock….

Later she pulled me up and hugged me tightly. I was in heaven. Then I planted my lips over her and she responded my sucking my whole my mouth area with her tongue.Then I starts pressing her big melons over her blouse. Wow that was the smoothest touch I have ever touched . And I am getting a pleasure of my lifetime. She rubbing her hands all over my body. And I am squeezing her melons like anything. Then I started licking her left boob and presiding her right nipple with my hand.

After licking her left boob completely I shifted to her right boob. And meanwhile she is playing with my cock..And I went down and came to her belly. I started licking her navel. I licked every inch of her belly then I loosened her petticoat knot and in no time it fell down releasing the a great view of her lovely milky thighs. And her pink panty I was aroused and started kissing her panty…. And pressing her thighs I kept my head between her thighs and she pressing my head towards her pussy.

Then I lowered her panty and I could see a lot of hair on her pussy.Then I started kissing on her private hair. Slowly entered my tongue into her pussy hole.. Wow her juices touched my tongue and I was aroused maximum to the smell of her juices. I licked her pussy for a long time and she lifted me and said. “Khanna you gave me enough pleasures with your tongue I want your dick in my hole now. Please insert your dick in me..

I pointed my dick into her pussy. First I can’t go inside her and she guided me into her pussy. And I started giving jerks to her. She is moaning with pleasure shooting to fuck her harder and harder. Then I started to and fro motion. She lifting herself up to give me more support. Wow that was a huge sight her huge ass in front of me and it is shaking like any thing… I fucked harder and harder for another 20 minutes..

Then I got up and started smooching her. Then she pushed me and took my cock into her mouth.She is sucking her juices on my cock later I said her that aunty am gonna cum she said khanna pour it in my mouth and she took all my cum into her mouth and sucking my cock like a lollipop. I was in cloud nine and can’t believe my day….. She sucking my cock so terribly that I can’t hold any more.. I pumped lots of my cum on her face and in her mouth…

And suddenly we realised someone coming into my home.. We both got scared and our faces turned red…Story continued ……Thanks for reading my story please forgive me if any mistakes occur..

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