Savita Bhabhi Episode 59

At a BnB. Ashok and Savita have just woken up at a Bed and Breakfast where they are enjoying a holiday. Ashok knows his wife is still mad at him for some reason and hope this holiday will cheer her up.

There is a knock on the door and a young lady with a tray of breakfast was at the door.

“Thank you but who are you..” Said Savita

“Kylee, I am back home from college and helping around with the chores here while my mother is away. So it is just me and my step dad” said the pretty lady.

“Do you know any spots for a romantic couple get away” asked Savita

“Why did your husband mees up with something” asked Kylee

Only if Ashok remembered what happened the previous night at the police station Savita thought to herself and especially how naughty she was.

“Well you can visit the town market and after that I suggest you 2 to enjoy the hot springs behind our house” Suggested Kylee “ there are no other guest so you will have complete privacy. So enjoy your stay here and let us know if you need anything” she said as he left the room.

The rest of the morning Savita and Ashok spent enjoying the local village and the markets

They went shopping sightseeing ate the local food.

“This was an awesome day honey” said Savita once they were back in the room. “Ya it was but lets take break in the afternoon I am still a bit drowsy from last night” said Ashok.

“Of don’t be a spoil sport, don’t you want to take hot bath with your hot wide today” asked Savita in a naughty manner

“Sure I Do Savita, but let’s take a short nap first” said ashok as he yawned and laid down on the bed. No matter what Savita said or tried to get Ashok up he refused and soon he was fast asleep.

Angry she left the room and decided to go to the springs alone. She went into the changing room. Since no one was around she stripped naked and headed for the springs. She was still thinking how sweaty the 2 officers’ had made her last night with their cocks and all the fucking and thanked god that Ashok did not remember.

As she walked into the hot springs she was at peace. The scenery was so beautiful and picturesque the water was so warm and it felt so peaceful. She wished Ashok was there with her but nonetheless she got into the bath.

As she was in the bath the warm water dripping off her body turned her on. She started to play with her tits and moan to her self.

“May be I can help you with that” said an unknown voice form behind.

“Who are you” shouted Savita “ Kylee said that there will be no one around”

“I am the owner of this house” claimed the stranger “ And the springs are closed to customers in the afternoon so I can do whatever I want”

He then dropped his towel to reveal his huge dick that was getting hard seeing Savita.

Seeing his tool. Savita’s body had already melted “He has got such a huge cock” she thought

“umm then I should probably leave you alone” Savita stammered

“Oh come on gorgeous, I would love to enjoy a soak with you and may be have a conversation” he said as he tried to tickly her boobs. Savita too had her fingers touching his giant cock “But what if my husband comes along”

“Do not worry I locked the door on my way in”

Now Savita had started stroking his huge cock in her hand and it was erect as hard a rock.

“I like chatting with wall built men” she claimed

They settled into the hot bath “ So Mr Adams do all house wives get this treatment” asked Savita with a cheeky smile. “Oh please I did not plan this I was just tired and thought of taking a bath and then saw you here”

Savita moving closer to him “ oh you poor thing, let me take care of you” She turned him around and started washing his back. Her boobs rubbed against his back and started washing it whit them. His muscular body was turning Savita on.

Savita’s nipples were rock hard and she was tracing them all over his muscular body. She was already very turned on. When suddenly Mr Adams turned to Savita to show her his huge erection.

“Look this right here, This is your fault” he said pointing to his huge dick.

“Oh Boy” Savita exclaimed

She slowly bent down and started teasing his tip. And then took his dick in her mouth slowly. It was so huge that at first it did not fit in her mouth at once. Slowly she stroked it and adjusted her mouth ti swallow it whole. She kept sucking his cock and letting him fuck her tits from time to time. His huge dick could not be hidden by her massive tits too and she was enjoying every stroke it made against her soft breasts

“ahhhh your amazing” he said again and again as he tit fucked Savita

Savita knew this was the best holiday for her as this was her fourth cock and she was enjoying every moment of it.

Suddenly Kyell entered the room and shocked he screamed “ stop it both of you” though she was turned on seeing Savita suck her dad’ huge dick she knew she had to stop it.

But Mr Adam was not going to stop. He stood up and out of the water showing his huge dick to Kylee

“Why are you jealous Kyle” He asked

“No why would I be” she answered “ Oh come on I have seen how you have looked at me ever since I married your mom” Saying this he laid a nice deep kiss on Kyle and grabbed her ass. Kyle was smitten her pussy was wet As her dad’s fingers found her pussy and took of her top Kylee was not sure what to do. Should she enjoy it or stop it know it was wrong

Soon both Savita nad Kylee were on their knees sucking of daddy’s big dick. “Your dick is so bog daddy, my boyfriend’s is not even half your size” Said Kylee as she sucked her dads dick back and forth along with Savita.

“Just keep sucking, I want to shoot my load all over you” said Mr Adams

Both girls rubbed his cock harder between their breasts. And alternated to suck his tip. 4 breasts and 2 luscious lips were nought o make Mr adam shoot his load all over their face.

“ My god I have never seen a man cum so much dady” Ths is because he is being satisfied with 2 pretty ladies one of them being his daughter” said Savita

Savita then gets Kylee on her back and notices her pussy drenched with fluids and twitching. She invites Mr Adam to fuck it hard and satisfy her.

Kyle socked covers her pussy with her hand” Are you really going to fuck me daddy” she asked shocked

What will happen next will she let her dad fuck her pussy? Will Savita get some of that cock? Where is Ashok and what will he do if he sees this?

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