Great Sex With Banaglore Girl

Hello everyone, firstly I would like thanks to Indian sex stories and admin group for maintaining such a wonderful site since long period.

I am very big fan of ISS from many years around more than 7 years. Iss is part of my daily activity though bust schedule and browsing whenever gets free time to get relaxed.I have gone through many stories and everyday waiting for new stories in all categories for feel good.

After many days, I thought of sharing my true experience which come across to me. I am was in bangalore and working for mnc company and now moved to abroad. You can reach me on

I am a married guy and looks attractive with whitish colour. I am really sorry, have given more introduction and forgive me if any mistakes.

Coming to story, we were staying in third floor and in each floor there are two portions. After two months, my next door has occupied by another family who is also a telugu family(I am also) with four members. Days were passing I couldnt see who were there due to my busy scheduled.

One fine day when I was rush to office early day I saw a girl exchanged communication with smile but doesnt know each other. I totally forgot about that and later I came to know that she is pursuing her graduation in one of the college near our house. After months passed, her mother and dad were close to our family.

They used to ask me about how the it salaries and jobs, etc.. All these. They requesting sometime help her daughter when I will be free for guidance to get into job as soon finish her graduation. I said it’s my pleasure , she can ask me any doubts and any info.

I forgot to tell you about her. Her name is shruti and age is 21. She is decent height and very attractive face with assets having 30 32 34. She wear mostly t-shirt and jeans in all the days.

One fine day I was alone in home and my family members went for marriage. They will return back after 6 days and I didnt attended due to heavy work in office.

As you might knew that how it if you want leave you wont get. I heard someone is knocking door then I put my tv mute went to door. I surprised, that was shruti.

Since she became little close and talks we happening whenever see us. She came for laptop to use internet to check her fb and mails. I said fine and you can use and then took my laptop to her home it will work with wifi.

This has continued 3 days and fourth day she just sat in my hall in home only browsing.

I have started conversation slowly and enquiring about her studies and plans. She was sitting in small stool and suddenly system got struck then called me to see.

I went to looking the issue why got hanged. I was sitting on the floor and she was on stool. Laptop on her laps and I put my hand on key board then unintentionally my l-bow was touching her right boob.

I was sensing softness of boob as well as her hand. I was controlling myself and acted nothing happen. Again, she was get into her fb browsing and I slowly put my hand on her doing some circles. So people dont feel if you do like that they might think its casual and closeness.

I was moving my hand to her l-bow and hold her then trying to touch her boobs with finger without knowing. After some time she left suddenly saying she is having some college work. I thought might she dont come again.

On next day again she came and many plans running in my mind how to fuck her. Her boobs are round shaped anyone will die for those two melons. I observed that she didnt wear bra that day. The melons were moving like anything when she is walking. I told my mind that dont want to miss and let’s try.

This time she was sitting on sofa and doing something and I am next to her so easily can see though her boobs. I took some paper and playing with her moving on her legs. This makes her more romantic.

Then I put my finger on hand slowly touching and no objection. I got green signal but somewhere had doubt if she make sound what should I do. This went for 10 mints and little went towards her put hand on her leg massaging. Acting nothing happens in romantic way but my 6 inch cock is getting hard.

I got courage and just pressed her leg moving little more up below the laptop. She is enjoying and became her face red. She said, if anyone comes then can see us like this then they feel bad. I realized and said ohh then I said I can close the door.

I locked the door and immediately came to soft put my hands on her shoulders and doing some kind of massage. She said you’re so naughty then immediately locked her lips with my lips. Then I put my hands on back grabbed her more closely. She became so hot and warm air is flowing between us.

I was kissing all-over her face and neck. Both of us hugged so tightly and enjoying warmness.

Her boobs were squeezing between us and I put my hands on waist to remove her t-shirt. Removed completely… On my god what a shaped melons… I was shocked seeing those wonderful melons. So soft and stiff ,.. Her nipples were erected. Her nipples was morning sun color.

I just softly touch her boobs and massaging like moving finger round about the boobs shape then hold the nipples. Slowly pinch her nipples and she was moaning hhh uuuu shhhh hhhh …. I have shown her my cock to her hand.

She was pressing my cock my pant. I was kissing her boobs and took nipples into mouth. It was wonderful experience…. Sucking her boobs though I am married guy.

Then she took off my cock from my pant… It was already soo hard.. She asked what is called as she dont know. I said ppl called as modda(cock). She was shacking with her hands and moving front skin back and front. I was pressing her boobs and took my cock into her mouth. I never had such great experience. She was licking like ice cream.

Hhhm mmm mmmu uuuhm

After it was so hard, I undressed her completely…. I put her down on soft.. Hold her one leg put on soft… I moved my finger slowly from toe to her tights… Her little hairs got stiff… And nipples even more. I dont know how many of you know that if lady gets more aroused then boobs size will increased. It happens here… More stiffness.

I put my hand finger on pussy top and moving down very slowly so that both of can feel……. And enjoy the erotic sense. Then moving finger on her vertical lips(pussy) way. Suddenly hold entire pussy and her pussy is so clean. Spread her legs even more and opened her pussy lips with my tongue… Was licking like anything…

Then I inserted tongue into her pussy. I like whitish and red pussy. If I like then I will bite pussy…. She was making sound .Hkkkkh gggg then put fingers in her mouth to control.

Now, I inserted one finger in her pussy….. Slowly moving inside outside… And searching for g spot… It’s in upside of pussy. I am very expert in that so got the g spot and making more rubbing g-spot she got cumming …… Flowing on sofa… Then I cleaned her pussy with cloth.

Now, she was saying durchu lopaliki inka nenu agalenu, nee modda ni durchi (please put your cock into my pussy). I came on top and folded her legs. It was first time for her told her it will be painful dont worry I will not put with force. I told her that stop me if you get pain…. She said okay.

I was opening pussy lips with cock.. Through her legs holding her boobs like supporting then came into position then rubbing pussy with cock… Now moving cock between vertical lips of pussy… 1/4 moved it was so tight… Put little pressure again again…

Now it went inside suddenly.. Asked her how it is.. She said awesome I never feel like this in my life. I asked any pain and she said as of no..

Then realized its because of that already she was full wet and pussy got enough liquids. I started moving and when removed I noticed little blood… As she was virgin. Then fucking her cunt like anything on top of her riding and digging her pussy. It was tearing … And crying slowly with pain and happiness.

After 15 minutes with full force and increased speed cummed on her pussy…. We enjoyed a lot. Later whenever we got chance used to get fucked and enjoyed till I came to onsite.

I introduced her ISS site and after she told me to put story here… This is true incident happened in my life.

I hope you people had enjoyed this story… You can reach me on / / and if clean and healthy people come across then will see…..Anything can possible.