A Hot Affair With My Friends Hot Mom

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This is a true and genuine experience of mine.I plead apology if this story is disturbing to any of you.This is a sex story of how I got an unexpected chance to enjoy my friends sexy big titted mom.

Before that let me tell you a little about me.I am an IT professional from Mumbai. Im 26 years of age. 511 feet high and yeah,I have a six pack body.I was interested in the elderly woman since a younger age. Ive always longed to seduce a married woman and this time I was successful.

This story is about my Bengali friend Chitras mom named Manjusha. This happened immediately after my degree. Chitra was my good friend at college. We have had quality time with friends.

She used to stay in a PG and once she happened to put a whatsapp dp with a sexy aunty who was a sex bomb.She looked so young. I asked who that was and I was shocked to hear that it was her mom.

Her name was Manjusha. She was 39. She had huge milk tankers, a juicy lip, a hot and sexy figure with a curved body.Ever since then I have asked Chitra to forward me her moms photos telling that I wanted to make a portrait of her mom.

I used to shag looking at her moms photos in various poses.I truly had wished to get her in real which seemed quite impossible as she lived in Kolkata.

Chitra was the only child of her parents and her dad was a contractor who once fell off a building and lost the support in his legs and also fractured his backbone.

So I was quite sure that her husband was unable to satisfy her on the bed. But this aunty was very trendy and even liked wearing western clothing. Also from Manjusha auntys facebook profile I could easily understand that she was interested in younger guys with the kind of comments and posts I saw. I used to frequently ask Chitra to forward her family pics and then fantasize on her sexy mom.

This went on for my 4 years of graduation. That aunty used to hardly visit Chitra in Mumbai as Chitra would go home during all vacations.

Now coming to the spice of my life. We had just finished our graduation and was in the hunt for jobs. Chitra shifted to a rented house and stayed alone there. Once her mom had given her a surprise by giving an unexpected visit to Mumbai. Chitra used to tell me everything that happened in her life.

And her mom had given that unexpected visit 3 days prior to Chitras birthday. I was greatly excited that I could get to see her mom on Chitras birthday. That was the first time I was going to see her mom. On Chitras birthday, she invited me as expected and there were 3 more friends of mine. I dressed up really well and sprayed kamasutra deo to impress that hot aunty.

I wore a tight t-shirt properly showing my abs and a denim and packed a makeup set as a gift for Chitra and a special Cadbury chocolate for her mom. The minute I saw her mom, my cock stood up 90 degrees. Her looks in real were much more appealing than in photos. I gave the chocolate to aunty and she was very happy.

She wore a blue salwar suit and her boobs were pointed . My mouth was literally watering at the sight of her milky tits.I told aunty a hi, and after wishing my friend Chitra I shook hand with her mom and didnt miss any opportunity to stare at her boobs.

When Chitra was cutting her bday cake, I was recording the video. My camera was focussed only on her mom and her sexy assets. I got some hot stills and clips of my sex Goddess I knew.

It was evening and my friends decided to leave and I decided to stay for a little longer and told them a bye. Then we spoke a lot. 

Manjusha aunty laughed a lot for all the jokes I cracked. I also complimented her that she was very young looking. She acknowledged everything I told. Finally, I told aunty that I couldnt find my phone and asked her to give a ring to my number. Haha.. I got her number easily.

After leaving from there, I texted my friend Chitra a thank you and also used the opportunity to text her mom and tell a thank u. Her mom was pretty happy and texted me happily. Then on we texted like friends for a week but very formally only.

Then she told me that she was leaving to Kolkata in 3 days. I felt bad as I didnt get a chance with her on the bed. But I made a good plan. Chitra used to attend a computer class every morning from 10 to 1.30 and that time I knew that this aunty would be all alone.

On one Monday at sharp 10.30, I went to Chitras room. I hadnt informed Chitra about it or her mom. Manjusha aunty opened the door and OMG, she was wearing a rose colored nighty and I could see her nipple pointed. She told me a hi and invited me inside.

Chitra had gone for the class as I planned. I knew it was the perfect chance for me to taste that hot aunty. I told her that I had gone to some place nearby and just like that came to tell her a bye. She was pleased to hear that and offered me tea. The kitchen was right opposite to the hall and so I could easily stare at her round butt while she was making tea and I recorded that on my phone.Her butt was appearing like a cupcake to me.

And while having tea,we spoke very casually and I purposely poured some tea on my pants and pretended like OH,crap,what to do now..and immediately aunty took a wet cloth and started wiping my pants. OMG..that feeling is out of the world.

My cock was erect and it raised. I was helpless and the aunty noticed that and suddenly stopped wiping. I told her a sorry. She smiled. She suddenly told me that her husband was handicapped and all that and started crying. I went close to her, held her shoulder and wiped the tears.My cock was breaking through my pants. I also placed my one hand on her lap.

I consoled her and told that she is a woman for whom any guy would go mad. She asked me what that meant. I held her shoulders and gathered courage to tell her that I was attracted to her body like crazy and showed her all the photos which I had in phone.It was close to 150 photos. She was in a state of shock and looked at me with that thirst in her lips. I immediately got courage from nowhere and kissed her on cheeks.

I was expecting a GET OUT from her. But I was wrong. She smiled and asked me for a hug. I couldnt believe my own eyes.I immediately grabbed her tits. I was so mad that I tore her nighty and then removed her black big bra and sucked her boobs.

The boobs were so sweet than that of real honey. I sucked them really hard. I could hear the aunty whisper aaahhh, ahmm. That prompted me to do more. I could feel her hands moving around and it suddenly stopped at my pant zip. She kept rubbing my dick over my pant.I quickly held her hand and dragged her to the bedroom.

Then I first unzipped my pants and she started rubbing my cock really hard. I kept sucking her tits and biting her lips. I also transferred my saliva into her mouth and she kept swallowing them nicely.

Quickly I moved my hands below and I removed her skirt inside the nighty and pulled out her blue panty and pushed my middle finger deep into her vagina. She was shouting loud and that added the force of massaging my cock.

Immediately I covered ourselves with a blanket and moved up near her face for a blowjob. She was prepared and blew me really hard. the sound it had while she was sucking my dick beyond the world feeling.

She sucked my cum really well. When I was about to ejaculate, I withdrew my cock and pushed it deep into her vagina. She kept moving up and down..and then she asked me to jump to and fro. OMG…I could feel my hard cock piercing into her vagina and we had sex for 43 minutes nonstop. Her boobs started hurting due to excess sucking..and I bit her lip and sucked the juice outta her. She kept biting my chest and licking my abs.Aunty was mad over my body.

After the sex, we spoke for a while and laughed and agreed to sex chat after she left to Kolkata. She also promised to visit Mumbai at least once in 2 months to meet her daughter and spend time with me. That experience was the best in my life.

Later that evening when Chitra texted me, I casually asked hows aunty and she told shes fine. But her lips are swollen due to cold. LOL. I knew that it happened due to my hard liplock. Even now I do sex chatting with my Manjusha aunty. Shes happy in life.

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