Fucked My Girlfriend In Park

Coming to the sex story.When I am doing my B.Tech 3rd year I had a crush on a girl and her name is Sanju.I forgot to say her figure 34-30-34.Her ass is awesome.I am a very big fan of her ass.

While she is walking her ass looks awesome every guy thinks of fucking her ass.Coming to the story I tried her very hard to accept my love after 6 months she said yes and our talks continued. Starting we used to talk normally at day time later on talks continued in nights and talks changed to sex we used to do sex chat daily.One day we decided to meet outside she came in a blue colour t-shirt and white skirt she looks sexier in that dress.

We entered the park and we selected corner place that no one will able to see us.That is the first time for me I kissed on her cheeks and she responded fastly then kissed on the chin and then kissed on earlobes and I sucked her neck took some courage and kept liplock she too cooperating me hard our saliva got exchanged we did liplock for 5 mins.

This is the first liplock I ever had in my life I enjoyed a lot of that kiss later we broke the kiss and her boobs look like stones in the t-shirt. Her boobs are hard and straight.I am pressing her boobs on her t-shirt.I kissed on her cleavage and made her t-shirt wet.

Again we started liplock we didn’t even care that anyone can see or not.I am pressing her boobs hard that no tomorrow she is in full mood and moaning ummm ahhh and kept her hand on my tool outside of my jeans and pressed hard am kissing her and pressing her boobs harder and removed her t-shirt she is in black colour bra.

Her bra only cover half part of her boobs. Her boobs are pumping outside.I started to kiss her boobs on her bra only.I removed her bra.I bought Cadbury dairy milk silk chocolate and kept half chocolate on her boobs and sucked.I sucked her nipples and biting her nipples that made her more mood.She was pushing my face to boobs hard to suck more.

After sucking her boobs one by one.I licked her armpits and I turned her back and kissed all over her back.I gave love bite on her boobs after sucking her boobs and nipples she came down to me removed my jeans and took my tool outside and she kept some chocolate on my cock kissed on my cock.I got shivered when her lips touched my cock then she kept my full cock into her mouth and sucking deeply am in cloud 9 she gave blowjob for 10 mins.She is a very good expert in giving a blowjob.While she is giving blowjob to me am moaning like baby suck me ra ahhh baby come on ahhh ohhh sanju suck fast.

She sucked my cock like an ice cream.I fucked her mouth deeply and am about to cum and she didnt listen and sucking my cock I released my into her mouth she drank all my cum and cleaned my cock.

I lifted her and said it’s my turn and raised her skirt kept my hand into her skirt and took my panty out.Already panty was wet and her pussy smells good I love sucking pussy and I kept remaining chocolate on her pussy and pushed inside started to suck her pussy deeper.Her cum taste and chocolate taste got mixed and its smells and tastes good.She is moaning loudly harish slow ra abba harishhh ahhh uuuhhh suck me harder my tongue fucking her pussy harder and she released all her cum on my face I licked all her cum.She asked me that I have tasted my cum and we lip locked.

After some time I started fingering her first 1 finger it went easily because of wet and then with 2 fingers it went for 30 mins while I am giving finger fuck and I am kissing her hard.We both are not in this world at that time.

After doing finger fuck my cock is jumping to enter into her pussy I am teasing her by placing my cock on her pussy lips she is in out of control and shouting on me to fuck her.We didn’t use any condoms because she wants me to fuck her without any condom.

I entered my cock into her pussy it is very tight to enter I kept some more pressure to enter and she is crying I am giving strokes slowly her eyes in tears and she is in pain I stopped for some time but I didn’t take my cock out after some time I pushed my cock deep in a slow manner and I kissed her to stop her moanings.

She is enjoying slowly after some time she asked me to give strokes fast. I am giving strokes faster and faster she is moaning come on baby fuck me more harder ahhhh ohhhhh ummmh harish fuck (dengu)ra fuck ahhh abba ahhhh ummhh by listening to her words I giving strokes faster.

I kept her in doggy style I kept my cock into her asshole it is very hard to enter she is crying with pain.I stopped entering into her asshole and entered into her pussy from backwards and fucking hard.I am fucking her like a horse riding and pressing her boobs from backwards she is shouting very hard.She is shouting like a bitch. I kept my fingers into her mouth.Now it’s her turn she is riding on me while riding her boobs are jumping up and down.

While she is riding on me I am sucking her boobs by one by one by changing.And we lip locked while riding.She said that she is about to cum and she released all the cum and she asked me to cum on her boobs and I took my cock out and kept my cock on her boobs and fucked her boobs and cummed there.And we continued whenever we want.While our second-time sex we used the honey bottle to suck her pussy I will tell that sex story next time.

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