My First Bisexual Encounter

This sex story starts from the year 2015. A man known to my dad makes friendship with me. He used to sit on the bench near my house at night and talk to me (I didnt have many friends as I grew up). He used to buy things and give me cash for no reason.

One day at 10 o clock, the colony is kinda isolated. He starts touching my dick and he senses an erection. He asks me some questions about sex and jerking off. I being not into penises, bid him goodbye and went back home. Not really thinking about it

A year later, I was obsessed with bisexual porn and blowjob. I had a craving to suck a dick and be dominated by a couple. But I wanted to suck a cock regardless. I was very horny so I read up about giving blowjob and taking cum.And went to meet the man who felt my penis the other day. He was named Thomas.

Thomas was a 45-year-old man, worked at customer relations near my house, so I go and ask him “Can I come over to your house for some fun ?”. He senses it and asks me to come at 9 am

I was very excited and go knock his door, he says “Come in, make yourself at home”

I told him I was horny and I wanted to give him a blowjob. He asks me to strip and come to the other room. I asked about his wife and he said. She was out and she wouldnt mind. She was well aware that Thomas were bisexual. He made me stand against the wall and smacked my ass. I didnt mind it. He was getting hornier. He started kissing me, I didnt mind it. He removes his underwear and asks me to suck it.

I start sucking it, trying to get him hard, I started liking the feeling, I kept on going for a while, then he makes me stop and tries making out with me again. Me being straight, I didnt like it. But I was so turned on. I didnt even mind doing anal.

After I make out with him. I start sucking his cock again, precum was appearing and I wanted to suck more, I deepthroated his cock, although it was only 6 inches. I felt awesome, was licking his balls too. Thomas felt great. Thomas started thrusting his cock into my mouth and I was loving the feeling.

Suddenly his wife reaches home, she opens the main door and then opens the room, she was shocked to see me, and gave a naughty smile and winked at her husband.Joselin was 39 years old, kinda chubby but her tits were beautiful. She watches me suck her husbands cock and swallow all the cum.

I lay on the bed while Joselin is making out with Thomas, and signals me to lick her pussy. I was fingering her pussy and I was licking the hell out of it, “Ahh ahhh ahhh” she loved it. She started giving a blowjob to her husband and pushed my head toward her pussy and shouted “Harder” if I wouldnt satisfy she would slap. And if I did she would kiss me.

Soon. He cums again in Joselins mouth, Joselin kisses me gives me the load to swallow. I am made to give Thomas blowjob again, Joselin was spanking my ass and was calling me a slut, I made me wear her bra, I kept sucking. She stops me and says hes mine whore. Come sleep under my pussy.”

Joselin was getting fucked by Thomas. She made me sleep under her pussy, Thomas sometimes would put his cock down, and if I wouldnt suck it, hed slap me. Joselin took her undies and shoved it into my mouth. Thomas was trying to fuck my asshole. It was painful, and he stopped after a while. Joselin kept slapping me and called me a whore, after sucking her asshole.

Joselin gave a blowjob to Thomas and I was rimming her ass. It felt great.

Thomas wanted to cum badly and came on Joselins tits. She slept on the bed, she called me and made me clean the cum using my tongue. I loved that feeling. She asked me to lick and pussy and thrust my dick in it. She was mourning, she kept saying fuck, her husband was tired and was watching us , after 4 minutes she asked me to cum on her asshole and made me give her a rimjob.

It was 11:30 am, they cuddle each other as I was made to sleep in between the pussy and the cock, sucking and licking them. I was so into it after it was over

I was addicted to couples dominating me ever since. We did so many erotic activities like when Thomas was on vacation. Joselin called her friends, and they were dominating me. It felt good.

When someone else was controlling you and its was a surreal activity, they used dildos deepthroated me called me bad words, tied me up, and gave me a safe word too.

We went clubbing, she was not happy when I told her that I had sex with a friend. For that, she made me her slave for an hour. I gave a blowjob on my birthday, we had a party, lot of cum involved. We watched banned movies and we had a threesome too

We had a lot of fun. The couple went to Trivandrum on a trip and took me along. I sucked a lot of dicks and licked pussies.

Together we watched a lot of porn and copied some of the videos.

They left Bangalore 3 months ago. I still miss them and the only thing I didnt get to do properly was anal. Well, its been a long day.

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