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Hi friends. This is Rakesh from Hyderabad. I am here to share my experience for the first time in this site. Please forgive me if there are any mistakes. Before going to story, let me introduce myself a little bit. I am 28, fair and have decent tool size of 6” to satisfy any women.

This happened last month. To kill my time I was searching for an online chat rooms where I can chat with lovely ladies. I found one chat room and started pinging all the ladies present in the chat room to try my luck. Finally, one lady replied to me. Her name is Shria.

Slowly we have started to know about each other. She told me that she is 30 years and has a 1-year-old kid. Her husband works in Dubai. She works in some private company in Hyderabad itself. Because of her job, she couldnt join her husband in Dubai.

I asked her for her Gmail id so that I can be in touch with her daily. She readily gave me her id and told me that she will available online everyday night after 9. We thought of chatting daily. As she stays alone with her 1-year-old kid in Hyderabad, I thought I can try my luck on her.

Daily we were chatting about regular stuff and the routine continued for 10 days. Slowly we started discussing our personal life. She asked me if I have any girlfriend or not. I told her if I have girlfriend why would I spend my time with her. She understood my intention.

Then I asked about her personal life. She was disappointed to tell me about her personal life with her husband. I forced her to tell me but she didnt tell me in the 1st instance.

Slowly she told me that she is unsatisfied as her husband stays in Dubai and he comes only once in 6 months. She is starving for sex from the last 1 year. I was happy by hearing that. I consolidated her and told her not to worry about that. I was flirting her daily. She was enjoying my friendship and my attention towards her which she was missing these many days.

Slowly our chats have moved to sex chats and foreplay. I was chatting on how I would fuck her if I was at her husbands place. She was really enjoying the foreplay and used to finger her pussy daily. She told me that she has 34” sized boobs and she used to press them during foreplay.

I got tempted completely by listening to that. I started asking her for a direct meet. But she refused many times. As we were doing role-plays daily she was not able to control herself. She only asked me to come to her home on next day(which is Saturday) morning. I was very happy that she invited me to her home and I can fuck her very hard.

I couldnt sleep that day night. I was thinking about my next days plan and how to fuck her fully. I woke up around 8 got up ready by 9am and started to her home. On the way, I bought flowers and silk chocolate (her favorite) to gift her. I called her after reaching her apartments. She was staying in big gated community flat.

She asked security person to allow me inside. She told her flat number and asked me to come directly. As soon as I rang the bell, she opened the door. I was damn struck by looking at her beauty. She was very fair and wore sexy red color transparent saree. She said hello and touched me to bring me back to my consciousness. I went inside her flat and then she locked the door.

I complimented her beauty and gave her beautiful flowers for the gorgeous lady. She was really happy to see the flowers. She didnt expect that I would come with flowers.

She went in to bring me some water. I was looking at her ass movement. She was very very sexy in that red transparent saree. I wanted to hug her tight on the spot but controlled myself saying the whole day is yours. While giving me water she bends little bit. I could see her cleavage clearly. I was looking at it only.

She told me, “Stop eating my cleavage, drink water first”. I was surprised by her bold talk. I drank water and then she sat next to me and started discussing casual talk. I was not in the mood to talk anything.

After some time I told her to let’s not waste time. She kept her hand on my thighs. Then I hugged her tightly and kissed her lips like there is no tomorrow. I gave her a french kiss for 10 minutes. She was responding very well. Then I lifted her and took her to the bedroom.

I kept her on the bed and started removing my dress. Then I jumped on her and removed her saree slowly.

After removing her saree I started kissing her boobs and cleavage from her jacket itself. I pinched her nipples from jacket itself. She moaned little to that.

Then I came near her navel and started kissing her navel fully. I started licking her navel. Then I removed the jacket and saw that she didnt wear any bra. I was surprised to her see her big and round boobs with brown erected nipple.Then I took her right boob into my mouth and started sucking it.

I took her nipple and licked it fully. Then I moved to her left boob and licked it fully. She was moaning heavily by that. I got full mood by listening to her moaning sound. Then I removed her petticoat and started kissing her legs and sexy thighs. I kissed her legs fully. Her panty was very wet, then I removed her panty and saw her clean shaved pussy.

I took my erected thick and hard 6” cock and kept it near her pussy lips. I kept moving it near her lips before inserting it inside.

Slowly I inserted it inside and fucked her slowly initially. Then I increased my pace and fucked her very fast. She was moaning heavily and started shouting as fuck me hard Rakesh, fuuucckk meee, treat me as your slave and tear my pussyy. I got more excited by listening to her and fucked her even more heavily. Then after some time I removed my cock and kept it near her mouth and asked her to suck it. She took my 6” cock and sucked it very well. She gave me a very good blowjob which I couldnt forget even now.

After that, I went near her pussy lips and started licking her pussy. She was very happy by that. She told me that her husband doesnt like to lick pussy. She was very happy that I am licking her pussy. I licked her pussy fully and inserted my finger in her pussy and started playing with her pussy. While playing with her pussy my other hand was on her boobs and pressed it fully.

Then I bent her and started fucking her in doggy style. Her ass was very tight. She told me she didnt try doggy style before. I inserted my cock slowly into her ass. She was shouting heavily with pain but she knows the pleasure after that.

Then I inserted my cock fully and fucked her ass completely. Then I took silk chocolate out and applied it on her boobs and pussy. I liked her boobs and pussy which had silk chocolate on it. She enjoyed it fully. I fucked her whole day. We had 4 sessions till evening. She was fully satisfied after having sex with me and asked me to come regularly whenever she is alone.

I told her, “Why would I miss golden opportunity to fuck such a gorgeous lady?? I will be always at your service…”

She was very happy after listening to that.

After fucking her fully I left for the day around 8 pm. After reaching home and having dinner, she messaged me saying that “Today was the most wonderful day I had in my life. I never forget this day. I want you to fuck me more and more” with a winking smiley. I was happy to hear that asked her shall I come back now?? She told me not now and asked me to come back again on Sunday. I fucked her fully again on Sunday.

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