How I Fucked A Hot Slutty ISS Reader

Hello guys this is sandy again back with another sex story… I didn’t expect that I would write this story this fastbefore going into the story let me introduce myself …I’m sandy from vijayawada I’m 21 studying in a reputed college in vijayawada. My dick size is 6 inch and I believe I can assure you that you will be satisfied. Anyone that would like to contact me can mail me or send a message in hangouts at / /

Let’s get into the story.. It’s a bit long story please bear with me I assure you that your dicks will get hard and your panty will be wet ☺

Recently I posted a story about how I got to fuck a lady who mailed me after reading a story of mine…. I then got a mail from a girl in the subject “awesome story” and the email says hii, na peru keerthana … 23 age… Me story chadiva super asalu… Chaduvutuntene full mood vachindi (hi, my name is keerthana …23 age… I read your story, its really super… just by reading it I got totally wet). I replied to that email and we started chatting upon her request. She is working in a software company in chennai. It didn’t take much time for us to get a little more closer and in fact we exchanged our pics too. To be frank guys, I just fell in love with her when I saw her pic. Her smile could make any man go mad. I was flattered by her beauty and she liked my style, especially my hairstyle :).

We talked a bit more and as it is getting intimate, she shared her sex experience that she had in Chennai. Trust me guys thats one hell of a story, just by listening to it got my dick super hard.

By that, I understood that she is a horny bitch who desperately needs a good fuck. As our conversation goes, she asked if I can go to Chennai and meet her.I told I may come to Chennai by end of this month (nov). She told ok and started sharing another experience of her’s and this made me uncontrollable to fuck her in and out so asked if she can meet me in Vijayawada. In no time she accepted and I was mindblown by her reaction as I never thought such a hot bitch would travel 6 long hours to get a good fuck. Our convo went on like this…

Me: I’ll book a hotel you can stay there and no one will disturb us…

She: no not hotel it will be risky

Me: I’m not talking about a lodge I’m saying about a 3 star hotel…

She: no no… is there any room

Me: yeah my friends have a room and if I ask them they will give it to me

She: that’s perfect…She said she is coming and also said that she will be staying with me for 2 days

Me: I was fully excited and was ready for that…

Then we chatted for some more time and we bid good night at 1:40 am. After that we chatted for 2 days and on 3rd day, she started to vijayawada on an early morning train from chennai and reached by afternoon. I picked her up from the station to our room, made her comfortable. Trust me guys, by looking her body I felt like ripping her clothes there itself and fucking her brains out. She is such a beautiful slut with vital stats 34c 28 34 (perfect, right?).

She went inside the room to get freshen up and I was in the other room. I couldn’t control myself and went inside the room where she was inside the bathroom taking a shower I think. I was hiding myself behind the curtains. When she came out of the bathroom, she was looking like an angel came directly from heaven. She was just wrapped in a towel which covered just half of her milky boobs and till half of the thighs.

I suddenly jumped over and grabbed her from behind. She was in shock for this act but relieved realising it was me who did this. She is still dripping water from the bath and she is smoking hot guys. I started kissing her neck by keeping my hands around her belly.

She was moaning with mmm and aaahhh sounds which got me in dangerously hot mood :). I slowly moved my hand over her left shoulder and grabbed her left boob and pressing it. It was soooo soft and firm I enjoyed a lot.

I placed another hand on her hot pussy which is soooo wet and she started moaning louder. I turned her head towards me and kissed her lips. Took her lower lip entirely into my mouth and started eating it. We smooched for a while standing in that position. My cock was throbbing inside and I asked her to remove my clothes. She gave a slutty smile which I can never forget… she unbuttoned my shirt kissing my bare chest and nipples. Slowly went down, sat on her knees.. Pulled the pants down and removed my underwear with her teeth.

My cock jumped out of the underwear and touched her forehead… aaahh it felt so so good guys. She is looking into my eyes deeply… grabbed my cock and giving a good handjob… ahh it felt heavenly. I didnt want to cum very fast without fucking this bitch hard. So asked her to stop the hj and get up. She got up, I started smooching her again and pulled her towel off. She covered her boobs with her hands with a smile.. I told why are you hiding in front of me bitch and removed her hands.. Ahhhh you must look at her boobs..

They are out of the world guys. I kissed her boobs and started sucking them. She was moaning like hell… mmmm aaahhh… those sounds made me much horny. I sucked her boobs for a long time and slowly put her on the bed. Came down towards her pussy.. Licking her entire body… I was in middle of her thighs…. Started kissing her sexy hot pussy…mmmm… she started moaning very very loud. I got to taste her precum already and it felt so good.

Then I started fucking her with my tongue she was playing with my hair… She was soo hot and dominating that she was forcing my head deep into her pussy I then kept my tongue deeper and started pressing her boobs and in the middle I was pinching her brown nipples with my fingers …every time I pinch her nipples she moans harder and digs my head deeper into her pussy after about 15 mins I kept my 2 fingers in her pussy while I was sucking her with my tongue and then after 5 more mins she asked for 69 position and we changed into it and hard core sucking is done she cummed on my face and I cummed in her mouth she drank everything without wasting a single drop and too drank a bit of her. We took a little rest. We were hungry and so ordered pizza and waiting for it..

We started talking normally but nude on the bed.. Started kissing while sleeping on the bed of sideways and she was giving me a hand job once it became hard she asked me to ram into her then I made her sleep on her right side and I came onto her back hugging her inserted my cock into her pussy from behind lifting her left leg up in the air removed my dick and she started shouting on me I slapped her ass soo hard that it became red and rammed her pussy hard without telling her and started fucking hard while pressing her boobs and kissing her she was moaning loud and scolding me in telugu

After about 15 mins I changed the position to doggy and was fucking her from behind slapping her ass and squeezing her boobs she cummed while I was still in there but I didn’t want to cum then I changed into missionary position and started fucking her by holding her legs on my shoulders and fucking her hard she was moaning like hell and was bitching me with dirty words in telugu… I said I was about to cum then she took my dick out and gave me hand job and increased the speed and landed my cum on her tits and most of it on her face…

I sat down on bed and was watching her that moment when your cum in sliding down from her face to neck going till the cleavage is a great experience …. She was sitting there we looked to the clock.. Realised we had 2 hours of complete session.

I took a boxer and wore it. She brought very less clothes in a small backpack and that modern bitch wore a loose black tanktop and small shorts in the bottom.

We went to the hall lied down on the bean bangs and she kept her head on my chest.. We were enjoying some show on the tv and pizza came.

The pizza delivery guy saw both of us in those dresses and I am sure he understood what happened till now. In fact I got wild thoughts like getting her fucked by this delivery guy but stopped as I am yet to eat and enjoy her completely.

We started eating pizza and she took the last slice.

I grabbed the slice from her kept inside my boxer rubbed it on my cock… gave that pizza to her and told to eat. She took the slice into her hands… giving me a slutty smile, ate it without any hesitation. I was soo soooo happy to find such a slut and asked her to eat the cheese on my cock. She took my cock out of the boxer and sucking my cock without wasting a second. Mmmm I must say it was heavenly getting sucked by her.

I started caressing her boobs while she sucked….. I told her I am going to cum…. She didnt care a bit and I released all my juices in her mouth. She opened her mouth and showed me the cum just like a porn star and drank it completely.

We took some rest, woke up in the evening… took her out and showed the city to her. Had a good dinner in a restaurant… came home had another session in the night where I fucked her pussy again and called it a day.

And the second day was soo much memorable I will write that in another part… hope you people liked it… Please give me your feedback at / / any ladies girls need anything from me can mail me or message me on hangouts … I will reply asap…

Thanks Keerthana for a wonderful experience… (you know what it is). Guys, Keerthana reads ISS a lot and I am going to share the link of this story to her. Please let us know how you feel and make us happy.