Night Of Horror And Pleasure For Anita

Hello, girls and guys. Shivang here with another story. This is not a real incident just a fantasy, and whats more!? It is based on a Halloween theme so it wont just arouse you but even spook you a little! ;)

Your feedback is welcome on / / . The protagonist of the story is Anita, an NRI staying in Toronto, Canada. The sex story is lengthy as most of my stories are but it is worth the wait. Enjoy..

Anita had just returned home from work. It was 9 and she was feeling a chill even after entering her warm house. It had been 3 years since she moved to Canada from India after losing her husband in a car accident! Now at 31, she had given up on relationships and just wished to live a monotonous life.

The neighborhood kids were screaming around in scary voices celebrating Halloween! There were many costume parties around her. But Anita could think of no one on this eve except her deceased husband Amar. After all, this is also a day to remember the dead. Anita baked an apple pie and packed it in gelatin. She looked at herself in the mirror.Her age didnt show much. She was fair, standing tall perfectly at 57 with a beautiful round face. She set out towards the cemetery in her work clothes.

Her husbands ashes were submerged thousands of kilometers away in the depths of the river Ganga in India but whenever Anita visited this cemetery, she would feel Amars presence around her. She reached the gates and strolled in. It was frightening but she was undeterred. She reached a secluded spot and kneeled down.

She unwrapped the apple pie and started eating bite by bite staring into nothingness. Tears welled up in her eyes as she remembered the days spent with Amar. Somehow today, she was missing their action in bed, for no particular reason. She re-lived the moment where on the wedding night, Amar made the first big push and his throbbing penis broke the hymen of Anitas pussy.

Anita felt wetness. She was surprised and embarrassed. Her black one-piece dress went well below her knees. She had a coat on to save herself from the chilly winds! She finished her apple pie. The wetness between her thighs had not subsided. Unknowing to her, Anitas hands crawled inside her one-piece into her wet blue panty! “I am a crazy idiot to finger myself in the middle of the cemetery on Halloweens at 10 in the night.” She said to herself but did not stop her moments.

Suddenly she heard a gasp behind her! She stood up in a trance and looked all around. The night was silent as ever, as the cemetery was away from the populous parts of the city. Anita collected her belongings and sprinted towards the gate. Before she could, the leaves in the nearby bush started shaking. She was at her wits end! She was turning white due to fear.

All of a sudden, a great force pushed her and she fell several feet behind on her back. Her coat flung far away from her. She sprained her ankle badly. Now she was lying in the middle of the graves! She wanted to scream but her voice had disappeared! She felt a pull in her dress and in one go her entire one-piece was pulled and separated from her body.

She attempted to get up and run but in the process twisted her other ankle and fell again with a thud. She was shivering due to cold and fear. She was lying among the graves in just a black bra and blue panty. The cold made her nipples erect and they started to ache against the bra material! She was lying down just praying to God when she felt a blow of hot air on her ankles. She rose her head to see but no one was in sight.

Yet another blow of hot air this time on her knees. She started crying bitterly. She was too stunned to even crawl out of there. Then came the stuporous moment when she felt a hot gush of air on her crotch! She immediately closed her legs but an invisible force seemed to hold them apart. She was just thinking this to be a dream and pinched herself so much that her arms began to bleed!

Suddenly she turned to a rock! The hot blowing air could now be felt on her face! It was the feeling of a human blowing air from his/her mouth. She felt someone touch her bleeding arm but still no one was around her. The hot air was now onto her ears. “Pls dont hurt my wife!” She felt she heard a whisper. AMAR! She was stunned beyond belief!

She quickly sat up to look around. She was calling out Amars name. “AMAR!! AMAR! Is that you?” She was no longer afraid of the dark or the cemetery! “Ssshhhh! Just relax and lie down quietly!” Anita smiled and lay down.While doing so, she unclasped her bra and threw it aside. She was lying almost naked on the cold grass between graves waiting for her deceased lover to make love to her!

Her 36C breasts, only a bit saggy were still very firm. They lay on her chest in full glory, her perfectly brown nipples pointing skywards. A hand twitched and twisted her left nipple. She closed her eyes and just soaked in the feeling.She felt Amar blowing air from his mouth on her right breast. She slid her panties down and flung them far away into a bush.

Anitas pussy was untouched by any other man since the death of Amar 3 years ago. There was a heavy bush on her mound and her pink pussy could hardly be seen through it. Amar cupped the wholesome boobs of Anita in his hands and pressed and pulled them hard.

“Aaahhhh yeaaa hmmm oooohhh Amaarrrrrr you know this makes me soooo hornnyy aaahhh oooooo” Anita moaned. Her pussy had already begun draining juices. They made a mini-puddle on the grass. Amar seemed to just press her breasts and move his hands over her body. Anita yearned for Amars tongue on her breasts.

“Amar plssss eat my boobs bite my nippless darlinngg plssss aaamm”. But Amar had other plans. Suddenly all the wind, feeling of hands, all humanly touch had voided their presence. Anita sat up. “Amar why did you go awaayy Amarrr come backk” she saw around her frantically!Suddenly a twig of leaves made a way between her thighs towards her pussy!

“Ooohhh hehehh ehehe noo dont it tickless Amarr hahahahaha” Anita twitched and laughed as Amar kept inserting the leafy twig inside Anitas pussy. The twig was around 2″ wide and at least 7″ long. The leaves on the twig made Anitas pussy tickle. Amar gave a sharp push. Shaaapppp

“Aaahhhhh oooohhhhh myyy myy myyyy” Anitas screams must have woken up the dead from their graves! The twig soon started going in and out of Anitas pussy. Anita lay on her back imaging Amars dick grinding her pussy and taking her to the peak of orgasms! “Aahhmm amar amar amar i love you uuuuu aaaahh more more ssshhh aaaahhhh”

She cummed in loads! Surprisingly while cumming, no noise escaped from her mouth as the feeling choked her. She was sweating in the temperature of 5°C. She lay still on the grass staring towards the sky. The twig had far disappeared just after she cummed. She could feel Amar blowing hot air on her pussy area.

She reached her hands out to attempt to hold his face but she touched nothing. “Amar what just happened? Is this some joke?” She asked aloud to no one there. She felt a hot gush of the wind on her cheeks as if Amar was giving her his goodbye kiss. There was a strong wind blow for a few seconds.

Silence again! Complete eerie silence. Anita could feel no one around her anymore. Again tears welled up in her eyes.She had no idea as to what just happened, happened for real or was it just her imagination! She took her hand to her pussy. It was wet and dripping with her cum. She touched the ground below her pussy. Her cum had formed a nail deep puddle. She took a handful of her cum from the ground and rubbed it over her cunt!

Her wetness returned in no time. She reached out her hands around her. All she could get hold of was her iPhone.Anita was horny as hell and in that state, the phone appeared as a 7″ dildo to her. In no time she put it in her pussy. Her phone was wet with her cum now. She licked the same and touched the phone all over her body!

Anitas nipples were once again playing stare-games with the stars! She again took her phone down to her pussy and jerked it inside in a strong push. She gasped! The phone was too thick but the heat of her pussy was high enough to even absorb a baseball bat! The phone began exploring the mounds of Anitas pussy. With the other hand, she began pressing her 36C boobs and her erect nipples.

“Aaahhh aamaamrr amamaaaar amar amar yess yesss s ssss sshhhh” she could just moan Amars name again and again. She felt a spasm around her crotch area as she was approaching her 3rd orgasm within an hour. She took her phone out of her pussy and put it in her mouth. She entered 4 fingers at once in her pussy and began fingering profusely!

Her nipples were paining under the strain of her left-hand fingers, her right-hand fingers were vigorously fucking her pussy while her mouth was busy tasting her own pussy off her mobile phone! Her eyes rolled up, her tongue clattered, her teeth clenched almost breaking the phones screen. Anitas body leaped up in air as she felt the biggest gush of orgasm she had ever had since Amar had taken her virginity 5 years back!

Anita lay still on the grass having no energy to do anything. After about 20 minutes, she sat up and tried standing up, but her sprained ankle and twisted leg made it impossible for her to walk. She crawled around the cemetery searching for her one-piece dress. She couldnt find it. She found her coat and wrapped it around her body. She was naked underneath, covered in blood, sweat, and cum but most importantly the weirdest night to remember.

Anita could neither locate her bra or panty. She just crawled towards the gate and sat at the gate for 40 minutes. She glanced at the time in her phone. It was near to 12:30 am.Her twisted ankle got better and she limped her way to her apartment, still in disbelief of what had occurred on her person a couple of hours back. Luckily no one saw a semi-nude lady limping towards her apartment, with her hair all messed up and her face bearing a ghastly expression!

She entered her apartment, locked the door, turned on the heater and slumped on her bed in her bedroom throwing her coat away. She switched on the light and the rest of her night was spent naked on her bed wondering what had transpired at the cemetery and if Amar was really back just to pleasure her horny pussy.

Friends this is it. I hope you all enjoyed and loved the story. This may turn into a series involving sex stories of Anita but it depends on the response I receive from you readers on this one. Mail me on / / . Or on KIK messenger my ID is vmehta_01 . Thank you, friends and Happy Masturbation! Happy Halloween too! ;)