Best Sex Drive With A Widower

This is again raj, 42 from Chennai with a different experience. First I thank you, readers, for your support in sharing through emails and your support boosts my morale. Before going into my real experience would like to share my thoughts with you:

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With this I am going to share my readers the best sex experience I had with a lady by name sunitha (name changed per her request), who is a hw living in chennai. I had an opportunity to meet her through my friend sam (name changed) who is a software engineer working in middle east. Story goes like this.

Every day night I use to check my mails and respond to all the iss readers and respect their comments, likewise I have received a mail from my close friend sam who is a software engineer. He made an request to hand over to her wifes sister parcel which will be send by him thru blue dart. I too replied him yes I can help you in this regard and requested him the exact address of the person. After a couple of days I received a mail from sam with clear contact addres of ms. Sunitha and her number (mobile).

The day next as usual I went for my office and reached late home by 10 pm as I had lots of project works to be attended. After reaching home I refreshed myself and took some fresh fruits and reached my bed. I thought of calling ms. Sunitha and want to convey her that will be visiting her home the next day morning between 8 to 8:30 while going to office. With this in mind I called her and after few calls only I could able to contact her.Conversation goes like this.

Me: hi mam, this is raj, sam’s friend. Sam requested me to hand over a parcel to you.That’s why I called you.Are you busy, I asked.

Suni: no not really.She replied with a hi and greeted me.Thanks for contacting Mr. Raj. Where you stay?

Me: I am in velachery and I askd her wher she stays? I have not revealed the address given by my friend sam.

Suni: I am staying near vadapalani (changed).Is this your contact # Mr. Raj.

Me: I replied yes.

Suni: when you plan to visit my house?

Me: on coming saturday between 8 to 8:30 am while going to office.Is that ok with you ? I asked.

Suni: no issues you can come , kindly take my address.

Me: I have received her address and was waiting to meet sunitha.That day came and I woke up early and dressed my self impressive and took my car and reached her home after struggling with traffic and managed to reach her home by 9.00 am. I was a well furnished apartment, I contacted security and based on sunitha’s permission I was allowed to enter the apartment. After 5 minutes I was standing before her apartment and pressed the door bell and await.

A much impressive lady opened the door with a smiling face (34c-32-34 5.6 ft tall very fair and nice structured). I too replied smiling and entered her apartment. I was asked to take the sofa placed in the hall and she went inside.

I was just glancing the paper placed on the tea-pa and after some time she came with a glass of water followed by fresh juice of apple.

Suni: hi raj.Hope you wont find it hard to trace my address.Am I right ?

Me: ya absolutely no issues , you guided me well in locating your house so easily. Here is your parcel.I handed the parcel to her.

Suni: received the parcel with a smile .How you are related to mr. Sam?

Me: he is my best friend sunitha.I replied.

Suni: he is my younger sister’s husband.

Me: oh.Nice to hear. Are you staying alone here?

Suni: I am a widower.

Me: oh…I am so sorry sunitha.

Suni: it’s ok.Nothing harm in that.

Me: do you mange here alone or any body for help?

Suni: my parents house is nearby only, so no problems….

Me: then that’s fine sunitha.Ok sunitha.Had a nice apple juice.Shall I take leave.

Suni: you don’t you visit during week end’s so that you can have lunch with me.

Me: let me plan one day and join you.I replied and take leave of her.

After few days of visit.

I have received a phone call from sunitha. Hi raj.How r you?

Am fine Sunitha.How about you?

Am fine raj.So what’s special at your side? Do you have skype raj?

I replied yes…

You don’t you hook up in skype she asked me and I was waiting for that opportunity.

After 10 minutes I will connect sunitha.

After 10 minutes I logged into skype and after 5 minutes she sent me a request to add and after adding we starting chatting with each other and shared about us in general and much specific after few hours of chat.

She suddenly invited me thru video call and I accepted the same.(dressed in skirt and top). Raj how I look she asked.

Hmm great sunitha.This dress suits you much sunitha, I replied.

After some time I asked her hw do I look ?

Hmm sexy she replied…

Raj.Do you wear only lungi during nights?

Yes suni only lungi and I feel that will be much comfortable to me.

After several hours of chat.

Raj shall I ask you on request , if you really don’t mind?

Yea please go ahead sunitha.

I need to see your cock.Will you please share it through cam…

I hesitated first (ofcourse I never shared thru online to any of my mates), but after several request and keeping in mind that she is a widower I finally said ok.

Then I removed my lungi and shared my real cock (8.8 inches blak color) on cam..

Hmmm yummy cock you have raj. Love to kiss it, shall I?

Go ahead Sunitha enjoy as long as you wish.

Now time is only 10 pm.

After some time sunitha asked me.Raj I cant control please visit my home right now she requested.

I don’t want to miss this opportunity and immediately started and drove my car to her apartment and reached in another 40 minutes time.

She was standing in the ball cony anticipating me. On seeing me she came much faster and opened the door.

I entered her house and she suddenly closed the door and hugged me much tightly.

Raj am sorry for this.I am starving for this for more than a year.Fortunately I could able to meet you.Thank god for that.

Nothing to worry sunitha you can use me as you like.I replied

She was much happy in hearing that from me and said hmmm. So cute you are raj.And she hugged me much tightly.When her 34 c boobys pressed my chest much hard. Reciprocating that I too hugged her much tightly and kissed her lips a lot.

We lip locked for nearly 30 minutes and exchanged saliva while my hands rubbed her softy pussy over her skirt.

Suddenly she pushed me on the sofa and came over me and rubbed her boobys over my chest.Raj. Shhhhh..

I too kissed her over her face and placed my hands over her boobs and pressed it much mard.After some time.Sunitha slowly unzipped my pant and released my black cock slowly and she took it in her hands and massaged it much gently .

Now she rubbed its head and slowly placed her tongue on the pink head and licked it gently.Yummy raj.

She played with my cock for nearly 30 minutes and after some time she whispered in my ear raj now you take the lead….

I lifted her and slowly placed her on the sofa and removed her skirt (no inner she wore) yummy pussy she had (much clean shaved cunt)

I slowly spread out her legs and placed my tongue in her pussy lips. And startd biting it at first and then slowly started licking it with my mouth.

Hmmm. Shhhh Yummy raj you do it nice. Keepon doing raj.I njoy .Oh god..

Now I placed my tongue much deeper into her pussy hole and enjoyed her pussy juice . Oh god .Shhhh ahhhh. She moaned to the core.This went for nearly 60 minutes.

Now she again started caressing my cock and started giving a bj for a while and asked me to mouth fuck.I obeyed her and did mouth fucking for 20 minutes (she enjoyed a lot having my 8.8 inches cock much deep in her mouth).

Now we become nude and I did boob fucking (placing my cock in between her boobys and rubbed my cock in between when my cock touches her mouth lips and she enjoyed licking it that way).

After some time I did doggy I asked her to lean on the table and I placed my cock from her rear (of course it was difficult initially as she did not get sex for a period of one year) and then I used my experience and managed to insert my cock from back and now she too become comfortable with that.And she enjoyed that fucking.Fuck me raj fuk me.She shouted.I was moving hard my cock into her pussy hole from back and did doggy much harder and harder.

Now we relaxed for a while and took some nutricious drink.

Then I asked her some chocolate , she asked me why raj.I requested her to bring and finally she brought come chocolate cakes and gave it to me.

I applied those choclates slowly over her boobys , nipple, waist and then over her pussy area and slowly I started licking it from top to bottom.Sunitha enjoyed that.Raj you are so creative I luv this way of sex.Keep on doing raj…

She started moaning hmmm Ahhhh Shhhhh

Come on raj I cant wait fuck me dear.

Now I placed her over the chair and fucked her in the normal missionary position.As my cock is much hard (can last for nearly 1 hour ) I drove her in that position for nearly 30 minutes.

Then she took the cowgirl position and fucked me a lot.

Now we did 69 position and enjoyed each others genitals by licking and sucking.

That night went like this till morning 6 am and we slept for nearly hours together.

After some time sunitha woke me up and served me coffee.Com on raj have coffee.

Thank you so much, Sunitha. Did you sleep well sunitha I asked?

She replied with much happiness.Ya I slept well.I can’t forget this day raj.You are so creative and I enjoyed all the positions you handled me.Thank you so much, Raj. Again I hugged her and we lip locked each other and she requested for some cum into her mouth and based on that I dropped some cum in to her mouth and we relaxed.

I left her with a vain. Excellent sex drive and co-operation she gave me.I never forget her and she too frequently drives me whenever she finds time.

Sex should be enjoyed that way it should be enjoyed. I am enjoying good sex from many of my mates.

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Thanks for your reading.