Gay park sex

Hello to all readers of ISS. Let me tell something about me I am Saleem from Hyderabad I am 40 years now. I am proud to be a gay I had my first sex encounter when I was 18 years old with my classmate from that day I am attached to man for sex. On 12th July 2008 I went to public garden in Hyderabad it is known place for gay crushing. After sunset all gays are searching for sex I went behind a tree and took out my pant and waiting to get fucked. 2 guys came near to me I was afraid because for first time I am doing in public place I was trying to wear my pant he took out his cock and came near to me other guy seeing me.

The guy who came near to me his name was Omer he put his hand on my chicks and rub the gently, then he took condom and put on his cock he was having nice cock more that 8 inchs it was thick also I was afraid to see the size and I was thinking that it will hurt my ass and make it blooding but I was in a mood to have it he ask me to take out my shirt I was afraid many peoples are there I told him that if anyone came it will be a problem he told me no one will come don’t get afraid all are gays he force me and make me naked other guy then took his cock.

Omer make me bend and he put some saliva on my ass hole and put his cock little in my ass I shout of pain it was really panning lot other guy came near to me and put his cock in my mouth than slowly Omer insert little in my ass with a smooth push again I shout nearly his half cock went in my ass other guy put his cock again in my mouth Omer is now slowly putting in and out some pain was relief I was enjoying now Omer making his speed fast fun was coming I was enjoying this one cock in my ass and one in my mouth suddenly 4 guys came and one guy took my cloths I was afraid Omer told me they will not harm u after fucking u they will give u r cloths back.

I was helpless and afraid if they don’t give my cloths how I can go to my house same time Omer told me if they want to fuck u allow them I told ok now again Omer put his cock in my ass and now he was fucking me harder I was enjoying Omer cum and suddenly other guy put his cock in my ass and he fuck me more harder I was enjoying 1 by one 7 guys fuck me I was enjoying lot and my ass was burning after that they give me my cloths I was relax and wear them and came back to my house.

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